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10 tallest players


High growth in football is welcome, especially if we are talking about goalkeepers and Central defenders.

There are a huge number of players with the growth 190-195 cm, so in our collection we will only consider those who have grown even more. These guys can score not one, but several dozen, so many we are forced to ignore.

10. Gianluigi Of Donaroma

Hope the Italian national team and successor to the great Gianluigi Buffon is already in 16 years had considerable growth and talent, which enabled him at such a young age to enter the basis.

The guy has proved that the confidence he had not in vain and it really is able to "drag" both the club and the team.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of seasons around his name too many scandals associated with his alleged desire to change the team, although in reality it's all tricks of his agent, stuffing the value of his client.Let's hope that the transfer Saga is finally over and Donaroma will continue to grow in the game plan.

As for the field players, the same height as Buffon, 196 cm, can not distinguish Artem Dzyuba, who became one of heroes of the Russian team at the last world Cup.

9. Edwin van der SAR

One of the greatest goalkeepers in the history of the Dutch national team and a legend "Manchester United" has grown to 197 see Such data allowed him to easily win a riding duel in the goalmouth, leaving no chance to the players opponents. It helped him playing "the ribbon": he easily took out "dead" balls in the farthest corners.

8. Naldo

Brazilian defender with a growth of 198 cm is not only reliable game in his own half, but is a threat to rivals in the standards. During his career he scored about 70 goals, and became one of the most productive backs in history.

Of course, most of the goals he scored with his head but not all: in addition to high growth it is famous for killer free-kicks from long range. Another defender with a similar increase in German Per Mertezaker best years played in the shirt of Arsenal and became a world champion with his team in 2014.

7. Thibaut Courtois

The Belgian, who plays for real Madrid, has a height of 199 cm and a striking or agility.

Even during the game to Chelsea, many wondered how he is able to emerge to reflect the impact at close range, because with his height it is really easy. It is noteworthy that at the time the second goalkeeper of Londoners was asmir Begovic, the growth of which 199 see also

6. Peter Crouch

An Englishman with a growth of 201 cm career spent in England (excluding short-term rental in Swedish "Hassleholm") and there was real attraction. He is not only very high, but thin (weight 75 kg), so on the field and outside it looks quite comical.

Besides, he very originally celebrates goals scored by portraying the robot dance. He is playing the position of center forward, scored more than 100 goals, more than half of which head. This is a record of APL, so it was even listed in the Guinness Book of records.

The player himself, who at the moment is 38 years, with a sense of humor about his appearance and is not afraid to seem ridiculous or funny.

5. Jan Koller

The Czech striker, who finished his career in 2011, with growth of 202 sm was also very wide, so on the field looked impressive.

During his career he played in many teams, but would like to highlight two: Borussia Dortmund, with whom Koller even took the title in 2002 (when the club reached the UEFA Cup final) and "Krylya Sovetov" from Samara.

In Russia Koller came in 2008 and played only 1 full season but still managed to score 16 goals and destroying the nerves of the defenders of the national teams. No wonder he is the best scorer in the history of the Czech national team with 55 goals.

4. As Monaco's Lacina Traore

The football team of côte d'ivoire the best years of his career spent in Russia, starting performances we have in "Kuban" in 2011. Despite his height 203 cm, he had decent speed and was good at dribbling, so that could not only score from the set pieces, but alone to carry the ball across half field.

In addition to the "Kuban", he managed to play for Anzhi, CSKA, Monaco, Everton and sporting Lisbon, after which his career rapidly began to decline.

It has lowered demands on themselves, and became lazy in training, therefore, as a free agent moved first in a weak French "Amiens", and now all play in the championship of Hungary.

3. Zharko Markovic

The name of this Serb with growth 204 cm are probably familiar to fans from Kazakhstan, as the protector of the entire 3 seasons defended the colors of "Kairat".

Spending for the club in 89 matches, he even scored 9 goals, but for some reasons the contract did not renew. Since he is a free agent now 2 years, and given that he's 32, chance to find the strong team he has little.

2. Denis Tolebaev

The goalkeeper from Kazakhstan with the growth of 205 cm supports the club "Kyran". He has failed to prove himself in a stronger League, but at home he's a celebrity. Because of the weight over 100 kg, he looks intimidating, taking up much space in the frame of the goal.

1. The players above 206 cm

As known players with such growth, we decided not to single anyone out, but just to mention a few. For example, the Danish goalkeeper Tony Brouhard with growth of 207 cm entire career spent at home, and playing in the lower divisions. For your height and appearance, he was nicknamed "gentle giant", which is consistent with.

The Belgian goalkeeper Kristof van Hout with a growth of 208 sm during his career managed to play in the Netherlands and India, although most of his career was spent in his native Belgium, speaking on, among other things, for "Genk" and "standard".

The highest professional soccer player in the world is Dane Simon Jorgensen, whose height is 211 cm in the Winter of 2019 he joined the club of the 6th division of English "Dulwich Hamlet", and told journalists about the plans to reach the Premier League.

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