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10 ways to use virtual reality


Modern computers becoming more powerful, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that virtual reality is starting to actively break into the market. This applies not only games but also many other areas.

Consider some of the most interesting applications of virtual reality.

10. Sports training

Derek Belch, American football player from Stanford, to 00-ies have proposed to create a virtual training program. However, for the technologies available in that period, this idea was still too early.

At the present time the idea Belch became a full-fledged system that is already quite actively used. During a workout, creating a three-dimensional video, and then it is applied to teaching (instructing is a step-by-step).

This method of learning is used in some video games: car racing goes behind image previous. In the new system, all very similar, but the level is completely different, three-dimensional.

9. The use of old rides anew

A few years ago some theme parks in Canada began experimenting with virtual rides on a roller coaster. For these purposes, used devices that supported smartphones. They were images that were synchronized with the real route.

After some time, Six Flags chain of amusement rides in America, fully immersed in VR. Now visitors to the many old rides to gain experience I can use VR helmets. It is much more profitable than up-to-date roller coaster.

8. Treatment of phobias

You can very effectively deal with phobias by collections of one of the wedge to others. People interact with their fears and as a result, learning to control them.

In this treatment patients usually experience a lot of stress, and many get angry. That is why many doctors believe this therapy is not effective enough (and some are dangerous for the psyche).

Modern professionals prefer to create an artificial environment using virtual reality. So it is possible to minimize all possible risks.

Special virtual programs can be used, for example, to combat fear of heights. For this person who is afraid of heights, is on the narrow VR-a bridge made of glass.

7. Virtual neurosurgical operation

The Montreal neurological Institute is actively used NeuroTouch Cranio, the newest simulator of neurosurgery. It used to inexperienced students as effectively as possible to improve their skills without the fear of causing any harm to living people.

This system was created to reduce the number of mistakes of surgeons: before the advent of simulator statistics in canadian hospitals was not entirely positive. The latest system assesses the quality of operating procedures and provides young physicians with useful tips for improving their work.

6. Help with paralysis

American naroceni Miguel Nicolelis treated suffering paralysis people with VR-helmet and exoskeleton. Due to this therapy patients with paralyzed limbs again had the feeling that I have the opportunity to move.

People were in a virtual environment and moved through the exoskeleton. It was noted that patients after such procedures have improved significantly the sensomotor activity. Their nervous system is beginning to work more actively.

5. Police training

Special simulators for training of police officers and servicemen appeared long ago, but VirTra 300 is a more efficient system, which greatly stands out against the background.

People who use this program are in an unusual virtual situations, and scenarios can be very different. All depends on the person using the system. The scenario is changing in real time.

The system is designed to minimize the use of dangerous weapons. It is also worth noting that people become more experienced – and thus not even be in real threat situations.

4. Architecture

A unique virtual reality can be retrieved using special software, different frames (special engines).

In such frames can be data about moving objects, their features, actual physical properties. Unreal Engine is one of the most malleable for updates and durable engines. Its latest version is quite widely used in the field of architecture.

3. Advertising

At the present time the advertising becomes too Intrusive. It is too much, especially on the Internet. There is nothing surprising in the fact that today there is a large number of tools that allow you to get rid of pop-up banners.

The specialists in the sphere of advertising believe that advertising can be made more useful and calling interest. It is convenient to use VR. You can, for example, to offer virtual test drives of cars, "presence" in various fashion shows.

2. Various manufacturing

Automatic virtual CAVE system is a very interesting development. There is a special square room, all the walls in the three-dimensional projection screens. People use this room a special equipment, allowing to examine virtually any object under any angle.

This technology is used by some vehicle manufacturers. Virtual models of the machines they impose on the real.

1. Criminal sphere

Representatives of the jury are not always able to attend crime scenes. For this reason, they often have to study only for photos and videos.

At the present time, there is a virtual reality system that allows to better examine the scene. In England, hopes that this technology will be actively developed: its use will greatly facilitate the investigation.

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