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10 signs of depression in children


For a long time, depression was considered an "adult" problem. This is explained by one simple reason – the psyche of children, immature, depressive disorders cannot develop. Who and when made these findings, it does not matter. In this axiom believe everything: the parents, and even doctors.

The situation has changed in the last twenty years. Was conducted a number of studies which revealed that children are also susceptible to depression. And this condition brings them much more suffering than adults.

What does a person do when he realizes that he's depressed? He's trying to cope on their own, and in case of failure refers to the expertise. He understands what it takes to fight depression and realizes the severity of the problem.

The child can't control their condition. He didn't understand what was happening to him. Most children are not in a hurry to share their experiences with their parents. So they need to be attentive to their child in time to notice that the child behaves unusually.

If you are worried about the psychological state of your child, read our article. Below are 10 signs of depression in children.

10. Constant fatigue

If your child often complains of fatigue, do not miss his words on deaf ears. For a start you can visit a doctor and be tested. If visible health problems, no, he may have depression.

Watch the sleeping child. If he gets more sleep but not feel rested, the cause of the poor sleep quality. Your child worried about something, he can't sleep, the body is not recuperating.

In any case, do not ignore the complaints of the child. Many parents start shaming son or daughter to blame: "Here we are before the parents helped, in circles I went, there was no time to deal with this nonsense". The phrase repel the child from you, he shuts down and won't talk about his health.

9. Poorer performance

Of course, it is not necessary for every low rating to worry and think that the child's depression. Academic performance may decline for a number of other reasons. If you see that the child tries, but fails, to focus on this issue. Especially if he studied well.

The child is in the doldrums with every passing day it is harder to do the homework. It seems to him that his brain stopped working. Most likely, he will never dare to share this secret with you.

If you notice that the estimates become worse, talk to him. Do it as delicately as possible, not bringing him of the claims and nothing to blame.

8. Friends are not around

Children do not know how to pretend. They will not be putting on a fake smile and pretend that all is well, at least in communication with each other. When a child is sad all the time, other kids will begin to avoid it. They want to play, to be naughty, to have fun, not to find out what happened to their comrade.

If your child spoke a lot, he had many friends, but they had disappeared, then it was something serious. Try to bring it to straight talk if it does not work, consult a psychologist.

7. The lack of plans

Everyone in life is faced with adversity, children are not excluded. The child may be in a bad mood, maybe he had a fight with a friend, got a bad grade. In this case, it is always perfectly valid conversation about the future. Kids love adventure, travel, and entertainment.

If you start to make plans, to discuss where to go on vacation or on the weekend, his bad mood quickly evaporate. He is actively involved in the conversation.

If the child has depression, he's not interested. He didn't want to think about the future, he was not pleased and the sea, or tickets to the circus. If a child refuses to make plans, pay attention to his psychological state.

6. Don't want to talk

Children's depression is difficult to recognize. The child may behave normally, but in such cases it is worse on contact, becomes nervous, irritable.

Look at their mood swings talking about the fact that a child is not all right. If he shies away or snaps at you, check if he has other symptoms of depression.

5. Feels miserable

Listen carefully to what your child says. Depression can easily recognize if a son or daughter constantly talk about their worthlessness, feel unhappy.

Many parents do not attach importance to the phrase "nobody loves Me", "I can't". They perceive them as a way of manipulation, but in most cases these words – a direct symptom of depression. To understand the situation will help a child psychologist.

4. Cries

All babies cry, so the parents do not attach much importance to the tears. They think that soon the baby will calm down and forget about their problems. Of course, the situations are different. That's only if the child had not cried, and now is upset because of every little thing, it is better to resort to professional assistance.

It has already been noted that children can not control their condition, they do not understand what is happening. They have only one way out – to cry, they hope it will become easier.

Unfortunately, tears are unlikely to cure depression. The child will Express their emotions, but the problem is not going anywhere. Need to hiccup causes depression and eliminate them.

3. Change appetite

Not every child has a good appetite, some children are very difficult to feed. You should be wary if the child began to refuse to eat. It is not pleasing to even the most favourite treats, while he looks depressed.

Not always depression betrays a lack of appetite. Some people do the opposite "seize" issue. If the child began to eat much, he had strong sugar cravings, start to worry.

Again, to begin to eliminate health problems. Do not immediately record the child to a psychologist if his eating habits have changed, there should be other signs of depression.

2. Complaints of pain

For the health of the child must follow the parents. If the child complains of pain, we must not tarry. Be sure to consult your doctor. If you have already booked an appointment, and Dr. no deviations not identified, possibly because of depression. We are talking about cases where she is hiding under the guise of somatic diseases. You may experience headache, skin rashes, shortness of breath, diarrhea.

Sometimes depression is accompanied by a toothache and even heart disease. The diagnosis in such a situation is very difficult, respectively, and to overcome the symptoms is almost impossible.

If the child had serious health problems, and treatment fails, pay attention to his mood. Perhaps the reason for the illness – depression.

1. Indifference to everything

Perhaps the surest sign of depression – indifference to everything. If you are ever faced with depression, know what it is. Nothing interesting, he has no desires, he lives "on the machine". No need to think that "self-will" if the child lost interest in school, friends, entertainment.

He does not agree on a joint family outing, he was not pleased, offer to go to the movies. Do not hesitate to visit a specialist. It will help the child to understand themselves, to overcome depression. Your child will again begin to enjoy life.

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