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10 celebrities who are addicted to fillers


Modern cosmetology has gone far ahead, today to prolong youth and to correct minor defects in appearance by using fillers is a special injection preparations.

These procedures can make the lips more plump and seductive, the cheekbones clear, smooth out wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, filling the nasolabial folds.

Very popular beauty injections are the stars, many girls from show business doing these procedures, but some are addicted to them too.

After reading this article, you will be able to know who of celebrities is abusing the introduction of fillers.

10. Victoria Lopyreva

Known Russian TV presenter, model and blogger is fine, but many viewers suspected that her beauty was not of natural origin.

Modeling career she began in 1999, and then she looked quite different than it is now. In addition to plastic surgery completely changed the nose of a movie star, look at her last photo without photoshop, a lot of people it becomes clear that she actively uses fillers.

With their help, she increased the volume of the cheekbones, did contour plastic lips, and contouring the jawline. Also a result of the injection of beauty it has become absolutely flat and smooth, like the Greek statues, the forehead of the girl.

9. ISA Dolmatova

TV presenter, journalist, designer and beauty blogger and former wife of the most successful Russian rapper Guf, ayza Dolmatova (Anokhin) actively uses fillers.

The girl herself admits to his followers that one of its favorite means to achieve beauty and preservation of youth.

If you look at the photo of the presenter that were made a few years ago, we can see that she changed many of her fans said that she lost their individuality and began to look like all the stars of show business.

8. Lubov Uspenskaya

The famous performer of Russian chanson in February of this year has been 65 years, it should be noted that the singer does not look his age. Her beauty and youth she is bound to the fillers.

But those fans who were involved in her work since the beginning of the concert activity the singer believe that she has changed and doesn't look like herself, her face sometimes resembles a frozen mask.

7. Dana Borisova

Former leader of the famous Russian program "Army shop" in the past looked quite pretty and could do without the beauty shots.

Today she looks very different, perhaps the reason lies in the fact that the TV star made the correction and gubadagsky nasolabial folds with fillers based on hyaluronic acid. In addition, on the exterior, leading adversely affected by the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

6. Daria Pynzar

Daria Pynzar known to television viewers for the project "HOUSE-2" which show on the TNT channel. The girl managed to build a strong family, to marry and have children, being a member of the TV show.

Today she became a business woman, her family owns a personal shop in the capital of our country. From Dasha a TV viewer heard that it is important for as long as possible to preserve the natural beauty, not trying to turn to plastic surgery.

However, itself eks-the participant of a reality show not once resorted to the services of beauticians, aware that she had a boob job and was doing filler injections to lips become chubbier and more tempting.

5. Anna Khilkevich

The most memorable role of Russian actress was the character of Masha Belova in the television series "Univer". Anna is well versed in cosmetology, she is the owner of a beauty salon, so willing to share with fans the secrets about what procedures should be resorted to as long as possible to stay beautiful and young.

The actress did not hesitate to tell me what makes Botox injections at the age of 25, as she is very active facial expressions, contributing to the early appearance of wrinkles, and injections help to get rid of these defects. Also, she resorted to contouring with fillers, they made her lips more sensual.

4. Victoria Romanet

Once on the TV project "DOM-2", the girl began to lag behind many other States, resorted to services of plastic surgeon.

If you look at old pics of Kim and made recently, you might think that these are two completely different girls. Victoria increased breast size, took three rhinoplasty, liposuction, adjusted cheekbones.

Also, the star of the reality show regularly doing beauty shots, with which her lips feel sexier. In addition to the above the girl resorted to the procedures of Botox to avoid wrinkles.

3. Maria Pogrebnyak

Wife of the famous Russian football player is also a media person, so a lot of attention to their appearance. The impetus to appeal to the changing face of TV stars were the consequences after the birth of their first child.

The first birth occurred in girls at the age of 19, she strongly recovered and the photographs upset her. First, Mary was very thin, and then had the breast implants, began using fillers, they changed the volume of the lips and adjusted the shape of cheekbones. The appearance of beautiful hard to call natural, it is very similar to a Barbie doll.

2. Olga Buzova

Former contestant and now presenter of the TV project "HOUSE-2" many viewers remember the fragile blonde with a far from perfect, but nice features.

After her divorce from footballer Dmitry Tarasov, the TV star has changed a lot, first she appeared on a big stage and became a singer, and secondly, radically changed appearance.

The girl dyed her hair and became a redhead, she, of course, it went good, she also did contouring cheeks and lips, filling them with fillers.

1. Nadezhda Babkina

The creative folk singer, you can admire endlessly. 67-year-old actress is not going to stop, she continues her career, leading numerous shows on TV, and trying to look young.

She does not hide from the fans that gets plastic surgery. Also, the singer does not refuse beauty shots, but viewers noted that it is clearly over the top, as her face lately looks unnatural.

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