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The top 10 scorers in the NHL in history


The national hockey League, probably one of the most spectacular sports. Participation in the games of professional players gives a special flavor, especially considering their constant transition from one team to another. The League was formed in 1917 in opposition to the national hockey organization. A hundred years of its existence, the League fought among themselves not only the team but also the players.

Legend NHL for the duration of their career have won 13 Stanley cups and firmly secured a place on the pedestal of hockey Fame. Presenting, the top 10 scorers in NHL history.

10. Mario Lemieux690 goals

The most legendary figure in the history of hockey. Style games allow you to compete with the famous Wayne Gretzky, but persistent injuries and a severe disease of the back did not allow him to rise above the tenth position.

Future great player, whose name I remember right after Gretzky, started playing hockey at the age of three. According to legends he played with his older brothers in the yard, on a makeshift rink, and sometimes in the house. For this father covered hall artificial compacted snow.

Playing in the youth League Lemieux scored 247 goals, 315 made assists and scored 562 points in three seasons, becoming the most productive player and breaking all established before him the records.

In 1984 a young player was ready to take a few of the famous clubs. Mario himself, like all canadian boys dream to join the club "Montreal Canadiens". But he had to play for the "Pittsburgh penguins". Lemieux was disappointed. Only on the terms of a two-year contract with a payment of six hundred thousand dollars and 150 thousand dollars in prize money.

Mario Lemieux has remained true to the "Pittsburgh penguins" throughout his career. Skills a leading player on the penguins brought them to the playoffs in the NHL. From 1997 to 2000, Mario was undergoing treatment because of the shaky health of the player was just chasing back problems. In 2000, Mario returned to hockey. Becoming in 2002, world champion in 2004, Lemieux moved to administrative work.

The achievements of Mario Lemieux comparable to Wayne Gretzky. It is unknown who would have won first place in the list of the best players in the NHL, you can't miss Mario around 400-450 matches because of health problems. By the way, if Gretzky was the idol of English Canada, and played at number 99, Lemieux became the idol of French Canada, with the number 66.

It Lemieux in 1987 in the match for the Canada Cup during the legendary game with the Soviet Union scored the decisive goal against the Soviet goalkeeper, snatching victory in the match.

Lemieux only played in 915 NHL games in which he scored 690 goals and made 1033 assists. Three times voted the best NHL players (1988, 1993, 1996); five times became the best scorer of the NHL (1988, 1989, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997 years); was twice the most valuable player of the playoffs NHL (1991 and 1992).

9. Steve yzerman692 washer

Unlike Lemieux, Steve yzerman was fond of many kinds of team sports – from field hockey to American football. After moving in 1975 in the town of Nepean, Steve became interested in ice hockey and at the age of fifteen years he became the best player of the season in the Junior League.

In 1983, when the draft yzerman was selected under the fourth number with the command "Detroit Red wings" and since then has not parted with the team. Becoming 21 team captain, Steve directed it until the end of his career in 2006. The main achievement is the longest period of stay team captain in the NHL. This record is still not beaten by anyone, and is unlikely to be.

Steve Iseman during his career played in the NHL 1453 games, scored 692 goals and made 1043 assists, 1755 points just earned. In addition, earned a lot of titles, and in 1990 was named the best scorer and best spiker.

In the match, which was held to mark the end of his career Igor Larionov in 2004 in Moscow, Steve yzerman played period for the national team of Russia.

8. Mark Messier694 goals

In 1979 in the third round at number 48 team "Edmonton Oilers" chose the player who brought her in the first season 12 goals and 21 assist. With this season and started the stellar career of Mark Messier, nicknamed "the Messiah." Most of the team "Edmonton Oilers" mark Messier played 851 games in which he scored 392 goals and 642 did assists.

From 1991 to 1997, mark defended the colors of "new York Rangers", which played in 421 match. Successfully sygravshie with the Brand team managed to score 157 goals and assists goal in 335 cases.

In 1997 "Messiah," lured to his club "Vancouver Canucks", which was played in 3 seasons. But even for such a short period of time mark has played 207 games and scored 52 goals and added 110 assists.

Back in 2000, "new York Rangers" Messier played in it until the end of his career, providing 67 goals in the opposition's goal and passing the puck to 106 times.

Mark Messier 6 times teams have won the Stanley Cup three times and won the Canada Cup. In 1987 he participated in the match against the national team of the USSR.

Mark Messier was the last one finished his career, starting in the 70-ies and participated in the world hockey Association, which unites players in the USA and Canada.

7. Mike Gartner, 708 goals

Your first experience of playing at international level Mike Gartner got at the age of fifteen. A team of canadian juniors held a series of friendlies in Moscow with their peers. It was after this trip Mike decided to connect his life with hockey and in 1978 already played for team Canada in the world juniors.

Gartner his career began in the world hockey Association, playing for the "Cincinnati Stingers" in 1978, which showed results slightly worse than Wayne Gretzky.

After the collapse of the WHA Gartner on the NHL draft was selected in the first round at number 4 team in the Washington capitals. And just twenty years of career in the NHL, Mike played in four clubs, in addition to the first in which he began his career: "Minnesota North stars", "new York Rangers" "Toronto maple leafs" and "Phoenix coyotes".

During the game in the NHL Mike Gartner played in 1432 games, scored 708 goals, 627 made assists and spent more than 19 hours on the bench penalty.

Finished his career Mike Gartner in 1998, having played professional hockey for 20 years.

6. Phil Esposito717 washers

The beginning of a hockey career, Phil Esposito wasn't brilliant. Coming to professional sports at the age of 21 years on the team "Chicago Blackest", the first season played 27 games, scored only 3 goals and gave 2 assists. But then the successes began to snowball. Going in 1967, "Boston Bruins", and then in 1975 in the "new York Rangers", Phil had only excellent results.

Just on account of the canadian hockey match, 1282, 717 goals and 873 assists. Phil Esposito six times was recognized as the best sniper and 5 times top scorer. In 1972 he participated in the famous super series games in Canada and the USSR, for which he was ordained as an officer of the order of Canada – the highest civil award.

After graduating from career in 1981 Phil for some time lost from professional hockey in 1992 to create a team "Tampa Bay lightning" in Florida, USA.

5. Marcel Dionne731 washer

In 1971, the "Red wings of Detroit" was chosen with the draft pick in the first round of a small, budding player. And already in the first season showed a great result, scoring 28 goals and making 49 assists.

In 1975, Marcel had to terminate the contract with Detroit because of disputes with the leadership and move to Los Angeles where he will become the first player of the local club "Los Angeles kings". Despite the performance of the famous player's team out of the playoffs.

In 1986, Marcel Dionne moves to "new York Rangers" in which after three years ends his career.

During his participation in NHL games played Marseille in 1348 games, scored 731 goal and made 1040 assists. For my gentleman's game, together with the same skill twice voted the most honest player in the NHL.

4. Brett hull741 washer

One of the best scorers the NHL has made hockey life following the example of his father, a canadian hockey player, Bobby hull. Beginning his career "calgary Flames" Brett played there only two seasons, and not very well due to misunderstandings with the coach. In 1987, Brett goes to the club "Saint Louis the Blues", in which he played 11 seasons. This was followed by "Dallas stars" "Detroit Red wings". The last season of his career, Brett hull played in the "Phoenix coyotes" in 2006, having played just 5 matches.

During his games in the NHL, he has played 1269 games, scored 741 washer and 650 times effectively made the transfer. Three times was named the best scorer of the season, in 1991, was titled as the best player in the League and as the best player according to hockey players.

Brett hull is the author of the famous "goal-a phantom" against "impenetrable" Dominik Hasek.

3. Jaromir Jagr766 washers

Czech hockey player, who began his career in the NHL thanks to the choice of Mario Lemieux "Pittsburgh penguins" is considered one of the best players in the world. He played in the National hockey League, Continental hockey League, Czech Extraliga, Alpenliga, Oberlige and the Championship of Russia. He played for various teams ranging from the "Pittsburgh penguins" and ending Omsk "Avangard".

Jaromir played for 8 different NHL clubs, it was the 1733 of the match, scored 766 goals and made 1155 assists. His achievements almost every year was marked with prizes and titles.

Jagr continues to play for the Czech hockey club Kladno Retiree.

2. Gordie Howe801 washer

Beginning his career in the NHL Gordie put it in 1946, when he began to play for the team, "Detroit Red wings". Since his arrival to the team "Wings" immediately changed the style of play. Their hockey is more violent because of manners Gordy to work elbows. For such a manner of the player nicknamed "Mr. Elbows". Nickname changed after the battered five goals. Gordy became known as "Mr. Hockey."

Up until the first breakup with hockey in 1971 Gordie Howe was loyal to only one team – the one which started playing.

In 1973, Gordy decided to get back on the ice, but returned not in the NHL and in the WHA and played there for 6 seasons. In 1979, Gordie returns to NHL club "Hartford whalers".

Only in the NHL's "Mr. Hockey" played 1767 games, 801 abandoned the puck and made 1049 assists. Gordie was awarded since 1950 to 1965, every year different prizes NHL, and in 1971 became an officer of the order of Canada.

In tribute to the famous hockey player is named in his hat-trick – goal, assist and fight in one match, and in October of 2018 has begun the construction of a bridge between the United States and Canada, which will be named after him.

1. Wayne Gretzky894 washers

Your first steps to a great career in hockey, Wayne started doing in 5 years, the team of Brentford for children. Noticing a budding young talent was invited to play in little League, and Wayne met expectations, scoring for the season with 378 goals in 68 games.

At the age of 17, Gretzky is already the player of the world hockey Association at the club, "Indianapolis, Raisers".

In 1979 he started Wayne's career in the NHL. During his participation in the games, and he played 20 years, he changed four teams – the Edmonton oilers "Los Angeles kings", "St. Louis Blues" and "new York Rangers". During this short period of time, Gretzky set 61 records and received from players the nickname "the Great".

Wayne Gretzky is an absolute leader in the number of goals in the NHL – 894, made 1963 assists and scored maximum points during the game – 2857.

None of his record in 1999, not beaten.

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