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10 strange but interesting things designers which is clearly fooling around


That's really what amazing and wonderful our time with you is limitless freedom of creativity! If you have the tendency to use innovative approaches, interesting content (or even unexpected in a particular context, objects), strange textures, unusual colour and light (why not?) combinations, etc., and is attached to all this and great sense of humour, absolutely no one can forbid you to use your excellent creativity at full capacity.

And (OOO yeah!) modern designers "rip" in this case to the fullest. We have collected for you a small collection of 10 funny and strange things, over creation of which the designers obviously worked, being in a great mood.

Laugh with us!

10. Bicycle Parking-comb

A healthy lifestyle is one of the main "chips" of the modern world. And so very many people in Europe, Asia and America (and, in fact, large cities of Russia) in recent times prefer to travel not in the cars, and on bicycles.

And even these very thin "metal horses", of course, need somewhere to Park while "riders" are in stores, offices, etc.

In fact, the bike has long been no problem almost anywhere, but they're boring! We've learned that it's just shapeless and faceless design.

So that's it? It's so much nicer to put your two-wheeled buddy into a huge comb.

9. Brutal table on the axes

Hmm... I Wonder who came up with this idea? So it seems that the company is brutal bearded lumberjacks arrived in the far Zaimka and was going there to settle down and eat, but found that from the old table there was only one table top and legs broken.

Over friendly chit-chat "over a glass of tea" were in serious jeopardy... Who wants to go into the forest right now, to cut suitable sticks and shaping them? Although... why so difficult? Take 4 ax and smash one in each corner! Here and legs, not worse than before. "A pleasure! Fill it up, bro!"

8. Tie-umbrella

And the designer of this tie, it seems, it's all right not only with a sense of humor, but also with rationality. Are you, therefore, for a business meeting, all "dressed" in a decent suit.

And you really do not want to bring anything extra to keep their hands free. And on the street, meanwhile, the sky in a suspicious frown. You also frown, because to get wet in the rain for you today does not.

And then you – oops! – not wearing his usual tie, and the tie umbrella! If you fasten buttons on the jacket, and no one will notice. But now no rain you are not afraid.

7. Cap with hair

Another rational idea. How many men in a world of complex about his baldness? Yes, a huge amount! And how many of them have a sense of humor, so not particularly upset by the fact that the "head barefoot", and even fun to beat this time? Of course there are!

For them, apparently, and was created by hat "with hair". Put it on your head and (verzuh!) get a stylish shag hairstyle. Oh, by the way! And you can even pick a color "hair" the color of the residue of their own hair, and then a stranger to you people will never guess that under the cap you have... um, nothing.

6. Kettle for a large company

Have you ever had: came to visit brought a cake and other sweet vkusnaja, and therefore urgently require tea? And you, as a hospitable host, trying to hurry the tea to brew and pour it into mugs for the number complaining.

Well even when they are no more than 3-4 people! But if 7, 8, 10, 12? And they are already talking in the next room, tell some funny stories, laughing. And you sooo want to join them right now. But you're in the kitchen, rattle the cups and spill the boiling water, trying to speed up the process.

Nuuu, my friend, what are you not prepared? Buy here's a great kettle and it's fast. By the way, a secret: he can be filled not only tea

5. "Edible" pencil case

Surely, when you were in school you had a pencil case for pens, pencils and any other office. Let me guess it was the usual, long and flat boxes with a sliding or hinged lid? Or soft and zipper? Most were just like that (Yes, sometimes it's bright and with the pictures, but is usual).

How do you like this pencil case? Yeah, the real Shawarma, delicious and appetizing. Creative? Yes! Funny? Of course! That's only after three or four steam resistant "perturbation of the brain" you really want to cling to her teeth. By the way, in online stores you can find other similar "modifications" of this useful school accessory: a slice of pizza, buns, hot dogs, etc.

4. Pillow-loaf

And one more "edible" design discovery. How about a sweet NAP on a big soft "sliced loaf"? Or on a huge donut? On a sesame seed bun? Or do you prefer more serious food?

Well then, here's you pizza and a great (very realistic!) a piece of juicy grilled meat. If you are not afraid to choke a saliva immediately after waking up, then choose a pillow in any "taste". Fortunately, in that respect, the imagination of modern creatives truly inexhaustible. (And how natural it looks! Mmm... Need to eat...)

3. Shade for the soul "Always"

Your significant other all the free time (honestly, and not free too) sticks out in social networks? And you do not even be angry about this, because long been accustomed? Well, give him (or her?) any personal the date of this curtain.

Now your fan of virtual communication will be "in touch" even in the process of soaping his own head. Again, in the case of a special need can speak with his "avatar" in the window. Eventually you will be funny, and he seemed to be in his familiar surroundings.

2. Shoes-pigeons

What do you think of when you see these shoes? Perhaps this is the most strange (if not crazy) design thing in the whole collection.

Hmm... Seems this young lady decided to sit among the pigeons. Or she just really loves those birds? Very unexpected, but... why? Where you can go IN THIS?

1. "Drawn" bag

And finally, the funny thing is, it is clearly designed for fans of animation. Don't want to feel a little "inside the movie"? How about a bright and as if "drawn" bag?

Looks a bit weird (the brain refuses to believe that this thing is material and tangible), but very interesting and attractive.

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