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10 movies that never came out, although it was announced


The production of the film, if it's not obviously successful product is a huge risk for the Studio and all involved in the shooting. Sometimes this risk is not justified and the tape fails, and sometimes the opposite shoots.

There are also a number of projects, which is not given a chance to even be born, so the world will never know what would have happened.

We offer you 10 movies that were planned but never saw the light.

10. Mortal Kombat 3

The first part of "Mortal Kombat", though the cold was well received by critics, the audience's liking. Now, after a couple of decades, this film is considered one of the best adaptations of video games, and we are talking about the first part.

The sequel, who was expected to work on the bugs, it turned out significantly worse than the original and was cursed by all without exception the press, and spectators.

The icing on the cake, or rather the final nail in the coffin, was the box office failure put an end to the third part, which was planned.

Negotiations were conducted with the actors, to look for a Director, there was even a draft of the script, but the results of all this, the world never saw.

9. Halo

In the middle of zero the hopes of fans of video games on the quality of the adaptation was at its peak, because Microsoft decided to move to the big screen his series of Halo. For this was hired a good screenwriter Alex garland, previously noted work on the film "28 days later" and the producers were listed Peter Jackson himself.

Unfortunately, the Studio failed to agree with Microsoft on the process: the latter wanted to take an active part in the shooting, while the Studio was against it.

In the end, the film has never been removed, and now the series should be the basis for a television series. Too bad, considering the level of modern TV, but still not the ultimate dream.

8. World war Z 2

The first part of the film, which is why we have something called "world War Z" was created with difficulty: he was repeatedly rewritten the script, had problems with the police on the ground filming, enormously increased the production budget.

In such circumstances, all hope was that picture well at the box office, and that's what eventually happened: 540 million with a budget of 190 though it is not a success, but still an acceptable result.

It was decided to remove the second part, which was supposed to come out in 2019, but began a series of problems: could not find writer, Director, to coordinate the shooting schedule with the lead actors, etc.

In the end, when it seems to be agreed with David Fincher, the production of the sequel and decided to cover it.

A Ghost of a chance on his output is still there, but they are very elusive.

7. The hot zone

This film had all the chances to become one of the top releases of the mid-90s: a science-fiction Thriller from Ridley Scott in the Director's chair and jodie foster and Robert Redford in the main roles what do you need for success?

The project, oddly enough, killed just star actors who constantly made changes to the script that this was written a long time and with difficulty, and when like approved the final version of jodie foster decided to leave home. It happened 2 weeks before the start of filming, but the creators have managed to negotiate with Meryl Streep, but not for long: after a couple of days, refused the role and she.

The plot had to talk about the Ebola virus that affects only monkeys and humans when infected it causes various mutations.

6. An American tragedy

Sergei Eisenstein is one of the greatest Directors in the history of world cinema: his films "the Battleship Potemkin" and "Alexander Nevsky" has gone down in history. In the first half of last century, he went on a journey across America and Europe, sharing their experiences and learning from the skills of Western masters.

In 1930 he signed a contract with Paramount on an adaptation of the novel by Theodore Dreiser "an American tragedy", but a script he's written thought leadership too depressing, so the project was never implemented.

5. Spider-man 4

Trilogy Sam Raimi about spider-Man is loved by fans of the hero is much more than subsequent restarts, but not everyone knows that movies planned, not three, but four. The Director had signed a contract with the Studio and they managed to persuade Toby Maguire once again to dress in a superhero costume, but then began production hell.

First, the Studio could not agree with the actor, then the problems started with the script, then it was impossible to negotiate with Kirsten dunst, and in the end, Sam Raimi just left the project. The Studio was nothing left but to cancel the picture.

4. Superman lives

In 1998, Tim Burton was supposed to start filming a solo Superman movie with Nicolas cage in the lead role. The project Director was carrying a year, but the Studio covered it 3 weeks before launch.

Most of all upset the cage, who from childhood is a fan of this hero (in 2005 he named his son Kal-El), but his sadness is tempered a little compensation in the amount of $ 20 million (rumored).

3. Napoleon

It was supposed to be the biggest film in the career of the great Director Stanley Kubrick, who he planned to shoot right after "a Space Odyssey".

After the story, examining the lives of Napoleon, he, unfortunately, never got the "green light" from any of the studios. Everyone knew that on such a historical epic would have to spend tens or even hundreds of millions, which could not be recouped.

2. Messenger

Sergei Bodrov Jr. has never positioned myself as an actor. Having no acting education, he always said that he is closer to the direction in which he managed to show themselves from the first attempt: the film "Sisters" was really good.

"The messenger" was supposed to be his second job, but because of the tragedy, on 20 September 2002, which claimed the life of Sergey, that never happened.

1. 900 days

Cult film Director Sergio Leone had the idea of painting about the siege of Leningrad for about 20 years, but its implementation is reached only in the second half of the 80s. Just imagine he made a deal with the Soviet Union and got permission to shoot in the present Leningrad, and the main role I wanted to call Robert De Niro.

He even found the money, as much as 100 million dollars, but fate decreed otherwise: the Director died and 2 days before the signing of the financing contract, and without it, the project was doomed.

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