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Top 10 Most expensive coins in the world


In today's world the value of the coins depends not only show those values, but sometimes it becomes many times higher because of the subtle details of the execution. And so now we will try to find out what the most expensive coin in the world and what it cost?

10. The Constantine ruble500 thousand $

The silver ruble, which was issued in 1825, is the most rare representative of the ancient coins that were used on the territory of the Russian Empire together with a penny, and is in the top 10 most expensive coins in the world. And properly is one of the most expensive coins in the world. Definitely know about the five welted, which caused the inscription, and three with a smooth edge.

This coin made of silver of 900 fineness, weight of 20.73 g. the Front side is decorated with the profile of Konstantin Pavlovich. On the reverse is an eagle surrounded by a Laurel wreath. The ruble has designed and minted in Russia are in St. Petersburg. In the history of the application of this instance was committed by a great number of attempts at making forgeries. In two thousand tenth year of this unique coin was bought for $ 500,000.

9. Gold Dinar1 mil $

The oldest gold Dinar, found in the middle East and is included in the list of copies in the world. Historians call it the Dinar Hashimi, and assume that it minted to celebrate the pilgrimage of the Caliph Umar Ibn Abd al-Aziz (in fact, the name of a settlement in Saudi Arabia). The auction price amounted to $ 1 million. Dinar is one of the most important coins minted in the Arabian Peninsula.

8. Gold doubloon the Brasher2.9 mil $

Another instance of expensive coins are the works of a notable jeweler Ephraim Brasher. Artisan minted coins of gold and silver, and decided to do a trim of copper. Master prized works of art such as coins called Gold Doubloons, which displayed the initials of the jeweler "E. V.". The value of such coins may vary around $ 2900000.

7. The head of Liberty3 mil $

Complements the 7 string the top most expensive coins of the world Head of Liberty. Initially, its price was only 5 cents. In 1913 she minted without the knowledge of the Us Mint. The last time the price was in the amount of 3,700 thousand dollars. However, if there is a sale instance of the Head of Liberty is in excellent condition, then the cost estimates of the experts, will reach more than 3000000 dollars.

6. Silver dollar Kweller3.7 mil $

Silver dollar Queller, which is included in the list of most expensive coins in the world, began to use as currency in the United States in 1834. Unique in this instance is considered to be due to the fact that the production year does not correspond to that embossed on the coin – the 1804. This is due to the fact that in that year came out the last coins are in denominations of $ 1, the production of which used the silver.

Specifically, in order to give Asian trading partners, snapped and released eight gift sets of silver dollars. As a prototype for the image on the front side used the portrait of Anna Bingham were. The last time the dollar Queller purchased for $ 3737500.

5. Coin Elizabeth II4 mil $

In 2007 the canadian mint was designed by the most unusual project gold coin, the obverse of which is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and on the reverse is a maple leaf. Weight of this coin is 100 kilograms, and its diameter is 53 cm. In the manufacturing process used gold of the highest standard. The nominal value of the coin is $ 1,000,000. Before it was sold at auction for $ 4,000,000, the coin was in the Museum.

4. A small Silver Dollar4 mil $

In the top expensive coins followed by a Small Silver Dollar minted from silver in the first half of the nineteenth century. The coin was specially minted for the great and passionate numismatist of the King of Siam. The last time the old instance was sold to unknown private collector in the amount of more than $ 4 million.

3. Florin of the time of Edward III6.8 mil $

Florin used in the Middle ages in England. Government at the time by Edward III. On the obverse side of the coin could be seen depicted the figure of the king perched on a throne, and certain elements of the Palace that can be seen in the photo on the Internet. The edges of the coins do not have clear boundaries that accurately indicates the absence of GURT. At the time of production of metal florins still in its infancy, the technology of minting.

This coin was first made of gold and were intended for permanent use. It is equal to the weight of 9.96 g, while gold has impurities of other metals, and was worth 6 shillings Florin. Third, in the list of most expensive coins in the world is $ 6800000.

2. Double eagle Saint-Gaudens7.59 mil $

Double eagle Saint-Gaudens deservedly attributed to representatives of the most valuable and rare coins. Developed and launched in minting in 1907, when this coin made of pure gold. The last time it was released in 1933 and This currency was designed in order to stabilize the economic condition of the United States of America.

After canceled and removed from use gold coins, they began to buy at a price that significantly exceeded its nominal value, to be melted into ingots. A few pieces managed to hide and later to sell the goldsmith workers of the mint. However, as a result of the intervention of the security services lost and found and returned. One Double eagle Saint-Gaudens is owned by a private collector. To become the owner, had to pay 7590020 American dollars.

1. The dollar Flowing hair7.85 mil $

The most rare and expensive coin in the world is the dollar, "Flowing hair". This currency was made by the first representative of the series of coins began to be minted from high-standard silver in the United States of America, and has been used for 1794-1804.

The draw was for two years. In circulation there were 2 thousand coins, most of them were sent to the smelter, as they have a low quality of the casting. Until today reached two hundred silver coins. The main aspect through which you can learn this example of the old monetary units, is considered to depict a woman's profile, which disbanded hair. They say that in this way the creators of this coin wished to convey a symbolic image of American freedom. To the question, how much is the most expensive coin in the world, can be answered as follows: last dollar "Flowing hair" was sold at auction for $ 7850000.

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