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10 stars who became the youngest grandmothers


Before becoming famous, some celebrities had the most ordinary life, including full of worries, bad habits and even early motherhood.

And now enough trouble, because some star kids following in the footsteps of parents and early got successors. So we have a newly minted young grandmothers in intense touring schedule to manage to cram family responsibilities.

Today we will get acquainted with ten of the star grandmothers who babysit grandchildren in the Prime of life.

10. Tatiana Ovsienko, 48 years

Few people know such a page of the biography of the singer, but in 1998 she took from the orphanage pupil, calling him Igorka. The boy needed a serious operation for a heart transplant, so familiarity with well-known singer with connections and money literally saved his life.

And here in 2015, Igor himself became a dad. He and his young hot wife from Brazil gave birth to son Alexander. Tatiana, who always loved children, I'm glad his first grandson spends him spare time. And looking for a star hard it is to recognize a young grandmother looks amazing.

9. Maria Shukshina, 47 years

The famous TV presenter became a grandmother at the age of 47-years, which in principle is quite normal for our time. In 2014, her daughter Anna, who was in a child-bearing age (25 years), gave birth to the first granddaughter Slavik. She also shared with reporters that secretly dreamed of all about her granddaughter.

Most of the actress, remember, nothing less than four children: Anna, twins boys Fock and Thomas, and son Makar. Gemini, by the way, only 9 years older than first grandson of Mary.

She says that raising children and grandchildren in severity, as was once customary in her family. For them, it works and develops, supports the image and makes everything in your life.

8. Sofia Rotaru, 46 years

In 1994 grandmother for the first time became a famous Patriotic singer Rotaru. Her son Ruslan (23) with his young wife Svetlana gave birth to an heir, calling it a simple name Anatoly.

The singer says that at home first grandson and his little sister called her "Sonia". Also Rotaru adds that doesn't have grandchildren of their Association with the image of the grandmother. As it turned out in the future, due to the vivid images and young appearance of a celebrity.

The grandson of the singer named after his grandfather, but his sister, which appeared many years later, in honor of her grandmother Sonja.

7. Svetlana Bondarchuk, 44

Bright and beautiful star the world-famous Director, part-time presenter, model and editor of fashion magazines, became a young grandma at 44. Turns out the son of the star of the family quite early presented the first granddaughter Rita, and after a couple of years have cemented the result.

6. Priscilla Presley, 44

Remember that the burning brunette, ex-wife of the king of rock-n-roll Presley? Turns out she got a granddaughter at the age of 44 years. Her daughter Lisa Marie in 1989 gave birth to the heir. She Priscilla, honestly, was not in awe of early pregnancy of the daughter, but quickly thawed.

After the birth of their daughter, Mrs. Presley was already giving interviews about how happy to be a grandmother. To celebrate Lisa Marie in the future gave the singer two more grandchildren. Presley argues that young children bring her an absolute joy and she would love to babysit them instead of going to the shooting of another film. With the children of the famous and busy woman absolutely not boring.

5. Nargiz Zakirova, 43

Nargis recently gains increasing popularity of its well-staged rock voice, outer Eastern informality, as well as extraordinary conduct.

Looking for Nargis didn't know, and does it have any personal life? There are, and what else! Diva was the stormy life of as much as 3 husband and she gave to each child. One of the daughters of the singer Sabine is also from her first husband Ruslan gave birth to a boy with the biblical name Noah. Happy event happened that turned bright Nargis and grandmother, in 2014.

4. Alena Babenko, 43

It may be hard to imagine that this modern and active woman in the 45 years already has the first two year old grandson with a bright name Theodore. Baby Theo gave Allen the eldest son of Nikita.

In spite of the demand in theater and film, the peak of his career, Babenko fun to mess around with a funny kid, not mind it denotes and at the first opportunity walks, reading stories and otherwise spoil. Not shy of the modern grandma and publish in social networks photos with grandchild, adding an entertaining tag #moiteur.

3. Irina Allegrova, 43

Known on all country "the crazy Empress" not so long ago celebrated its 65th anniversary. But did you know the fact of the biography of Irina grandmother she managed to become at the age of 43 years?

So, in 1995, her daughter with an interesting name Lala gave birth to the first grandson of the singer Sasha. The baby was named in honor of his grandfather – the father of Irina, artist operettas Alexander Allegrova. Unfortunately, the singer did not live to see the birth of a grandson. Irina, in spite of the authoritative nature always loved and pampered grandson.

2. Alla Pugacheva, 42

Her a young grandmother that it is hard to imagine, this world-famous prima Donna Alla Pugacheva. Maybe you forgot, but her daughter from the first marriage of Kristina Orbakaite gave her granddaughter at an early age – then alle Borisov was only 42 years old.

It is noteworthy that 2 years ago the first grandson Pugacheva also married, so I can safely wish her to become a great-grandmother. Itself Pugachev surprises us not only because it was a young grandma, but at the same time what is the age of the mother. Twins Galkin and Pugacheva appeared when the last was over 60 years. A true female champion!

1. Whoopi Goldberg, 34

The lead in this review, the Hollywood actress who became a grandmother at 34. She gave birth to her daughter at the age of 18 years – must've been young. Alexander went in my mother's footsteps and gave Whoopi granddaughter Amara at the age of 16 years.

For 50 years, Goldberg has managed to become a grandma of three grandchildren, and not crossing the threshold of 60 years and great-grandmother.

Here they are, our beautiful, active and young stellar grandmother. Well, the demographics in star families is maintained at a level because they are the benchmark for today's youth.

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