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10 the oldest in the history of Board games, people play still


History of Board games a thing of the past. Having originated long before the present day, they went through a painstaking path to recovery, cognition and recognition.

In on this type of holiday to have no doubt. Evolving mathematical ability, spatial reasoning, ability to work in a team, one learns to focus, develops strategic thinking.

Healthy passion, intellectual muscle makes a man more confident in the day to come. In addition, stuiver and teaches patience.

10. Mill

Logical Board game. The set includes 18 chips: 9 white and 9 black-plus Board. The first Board of this game were made of stone. It was discovered that the game became widespread in various countries. In Ireland, Sri Lanka. India.

The aim of the game is to build a line of three pieces in a row. Once this is done, the mill is built, the player can withdraw any of the opponent's chips. The game is finished when one of the players will have two chips and will be impossible to build a "mill".

The convenience of this game is that it can be played everywhere. On the street to play with the pebbles away with the buttons and the playing field is easy to outline on paper.

9. Chaupar

Traditional Indian family game. It uses chips of two colors, dice, and playing field, which is located in the center of the temple and the road leading up to it.

The aim of the game is to ignore chips on the outer edge of the Board and lead them to the temple. The number of players from 2 to 4. this game and play today in some tribes of America, India.

8. Mancala

The game is played around the world. Designed for two players. The second title game in the grain. The fact that games need a means, a large number of variants and their distribution in the world speaks in favor of the ancient roots of the game.

For "Mancala" we need a small plot of land and a handful of seeds or small pebbles. On the ground to make holes, which in turn is inoculated with stones. The aim of the game is to capture as many opponent's stones.

7. The mansion of happiness

The birthplace of this great game UK. The game was created based on Christian morality. The aim was to cultivate the virtues of a real Christian. At the start, the players build the chips.

The dice indicates how many moves you can move on the playing field. If the chip fell on a square with a blemish, the course moved back. In the hearts of the younger generations invested, and the accumulated gold of truth, that in difficult times, allowed them to survive.

6. Chaturanga

Or space chess, which instilled in the world the ancient Hindus. Chess fans revere the game as the ancestor. Version discovered in Thailand, Korea and India. According to different versions of the game can be played in pairs. Or every man for himself.

As with all Board games are Board. In the four sides of the team figures that personify the elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire. A game of incredible complexity.

Each figure has its own task, their moves. The game is won when someone first: 1. to checkmate one of the opponents 2. to declare irresistible Shahi two kings 3. beat king any unprotected enemy piece.

5. Royal Cheer

The name of the game is associated with the same city that once existed on the territory of modern Iraq, where the game was found in 1920. The legacy of the Sumerians.

The game, which is considered the forerunner of modern backgammon. Designed for 2 players. Players take turns to throw the dice and move their chips in the direction of the target. Currently, this game is a valuable exhibit of the British Museum in London.

4. Senet in translation – the passage

The oldest game in the world. Sets of this game were found in the burial chambers and often not one set. In the beginning, she had a social life, and after death facilitated the transition into the realm of the dead.

But this game was and sacred meaning. It symbolizes the cycle of deaths and rebirths on the path from the earthly to the divine. On the squares marked a variety of symbols representing the gods, the question of life after death. Gamble, allowing you to earn money, to play for fun, and just to tell fortunes.

3. Vaikuntapaali between good and evil

The invention of the Board game refer to the 16th century. This kind of tool, to inculcate the laws of morality.

The goal of playing to move up the stairs, but not just so, and doing good deeds and samosovershenstvovaniya along the way. The image of the serpent, a symbol of the troubles, bringing the sinner to spiritual distress. Colorful and original game.

2. Game Landlord

The birth of this game is connected with the name of the actress Little Maggie. The set consisted of a Board, the edges of which were placed the names that could buy the player.

Game Board included prison, two companies, four railroads. To get to the corner of the cells were profitable, as it provided players for $ 100.

1. Tafl

The early middle ages, the harsh and merciless navigators whinge, appearing in Europe, have brought the game on the boards. To be able to play it had everything. As well as wield a sword.

A game for two players. Party time from 30 minutes. The level of the complex. The players were expanded Board of 7 x 7 or 19*19. Often inside there was a hole in the middle of each cage for easy transportation and storage.

The kit includes the cube, which showed how far you could move the pieces. Royal King chip and the chips could be made of amber, horn, bone, and had white and black color.

Black went first. The aim of the white to save the King and to hold it from the center of the Board to the edge. The goal of black is to capture the King on all four sides. The rules of the game have not survived to the present day. They had to rebuild legends and tales.

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