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10 Actresses who apparently had not changed since childhood


Now there are a lot of modern technical means, which could stop a moment. But it's hard to imagine life without photographs. Without family fotoletopis.

The miracle of flying time – in the past. The flap of the wing of a bird, pictures of ice on the Windows, the smile of the child. Photo allows you to recall moments when people were small and the trees were big. When youth and maturity are sealed human loving people. And what's important picture is true. In some cases, enhances the beauty, character, time. And in some cases strips.

But no matter how desirable a person to capture a moment, but time flees, and with it slipping and the age and original beauty. Someone manages to deal with time and give him a worthy rebuff. Some people are making this superhuman effort with the help of plastic surgery and moisturizing creams. And someone need only luck and good genetics.

10. Kristen Stewart

Short strizhechka, bold look of a teenager in the lens. It feels as if the already known plans to conquer Olympus. What? It is not very important. But since both parents had to do with the movie, once made the choice was fate. To complete conversion in kinodelo is still far. While determination and independence comes from the child.

Later, the same opinion I have already formed of the person. Credo actress – not to hide from life. Taking from it all. In professional and personal terms. She went out of twilight, from the glossy world and start fighting how to be myself, as much as it was contrary to public perceptions.

9. Scarlett Johansson

Inquisitive, thoughtful child. The camera captured the girl of your dreams. Connecting character traits of the Northern peoples, subsequently to be forming a strong-willed character. Tenderness Slavs will soften the self-critical eye. The baby in the picture doesn't look careless. Parents, her family fortress, fighting. The child sees as their leaves love.

After a few years at pictures of the person who "makes" himself. Outdoor world view that betrays the infinite faith in love and understanding that her life will be like a holiday, if only she'll do it herself.

8. Natalie Portman

The girl was born in a family where every God given child – definitely promises happiness. And, most importantly, children in all Jewish families – talented. And if this does not happen, then a loving environment will make everything that the child did not understand.

Wide-eyed, mischievous child looks at the photographer. In modern photos of the same person, but grown-up man, of a woman who is confident and self-sufficient. Birth.

7. Michelle Trachtenberg

In childhood – girl Princess. She was already photographed as if in front of her knelt down by her admirers. Name Christine that the child received at birth, was replaced by the name of Michelle. The prognosis has not changed.

Personality is definitely bright. Luck is always with her. In the image already grown wizard the movie – curious. The view of the observer. Interested in everything that can subsequently be useful in the work.

6. Dakota Fanning

Wonderful photograph, as the charm of childhood. Little blue-eyed blonde remained into adulthood. And it multiplied. True. All to be explored. As early as possible in life. And to fix. And to fix. To read two years no problem. Anything to invent and implement – a question of time.

In his acting career, the girl shows athletic perseverance. She's not the one who loses.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Teenage girl and an accomplished professional. Wide-open eyes. The man who in his life read a lot of books it is hard to convince.

Life story, reinterpreted experienced – to build character. Solid position in life and individuality. As well as the process of growing up was progressive, but now the viewer sees a successful person and successful professional.

4. Mayim Bialik

Real girl-a mystery. Girl – a student of life. A subtle sense of humor. Intelligence. Despite the fact that the girl is hardworking, from the pictures still blows carelessness.

The work which she creates on the screen, cheerful, kind, science. And she knows what the potential for happiness and knows how to lay it in other people.

3. Christina Ricci

A high forehead. Cheeks-dimples. Long hair. Turned-up nose. The fourth child in a family that was doing myself, as my parents were concerned about solving their own problems. In later may, the girl attributed the properties which it possessed.

Johnny Depp met Christine when she was 9 years old. He had already talked about the fact that she is very talented girl, let it grows and learns and becomes a beauty. Today, the audience nature is multifaceted, versatile and unusual.

Colleagues note that when the actress looks human, he will never know what feelings it is experiencing. Sympathy or antipathy. This ambiguity draws. She's a mystery.

2. Lindsay Lohan

Sunshine girl. With a cheerful dance of freckles on the face. Today is an incredibly elegant, graceful, ironic and relaxed. And pokerraume-sexual.

Work on yourself, your own body is often criticized by "experts". Like many things in her life. The resemblance with itself is preserved. Internal is unlikely. Many of the experiments went overboard in their assessments, affecting the quality of her life.

1. Jessica Alba

Looking at this cute baby it is hard to imagine that as a child she was virtually isolated from children. He was seriously ill. Due to the severe suffering the child actually had to live in hospitals.

Innate charm has been preserved and sow day. White-toothed smile, every time intricately and effectively styled hair, elegance. She not only survived, she was able to develop his artistic talent. A gift from God!

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