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10 most beautiful and charming girls of KVN


No matter what anyone said (in the style of "KVN is not the same", "KVN died 15 years ago", etc.), but this television game is still very popular. Moreover, today is the real "source of manpower" for many entertainment channels (from KVN, a huge number of writers, producers and, of course, comic actors), but also for cinema and theatre.

And another interesting detail: if in the beginning of the way the WHC was, by and large, a man's game, the last time it underwent significant gender alignment. Almost every team now has a girl, and on stage they have long come not only for "beauty" or "harmony".

Images of women in modern KVN, very often, full and bright, sometimes "clogging" his charisma men. As a Junior (regional) and television leagues every year, more and more purely female teams. Of course, it is very difficult to choose from this "flower garden" only 10 the most, but we will try.

In anticipation of righteous indignation ("why is this choose, and this one not? She's much prettier!") I want to clarify: our top ten were just the girls who played in the tower, or at least in premiere (that is, in the leagues that I know most of the audience), and became known during the very period of their game in KVN, and not much later, as I worked on STS, TNT and other channels.

And that's what they played (ie were in the main roles), and didn't sing at the beginning or at the end of the speech, stood on the stage as a beautiful "scenery".

10. Julia Akhmedova (Team of the Voronezh region "25-I")

Frontmans Voronezh team "25th" Julia Akhmedov, the audience would remember from the very first appearance on stage. She was bright, artistic, very pretty (although she Akhmedov doubts it still).

The KVN Julia was fascinated in the beginning of studying at Voronezh University of architecture and construction. She and her friends tried to get in University (of course, male) the command of KVN, but quickly sensing the obvious neglect, "freaked out" and founded in 2003, all female.

In 2007 girls from "25th" Julia Akhmedova as captain came in the first League, and in 2010 reached the tower. Champion "25th" did not become, but in the final, the girls visited. By the way, the other team members (Anya Borodina, Natalia Chebotareva and especially red-haired Anya Smirnova) – also beauty.

After KVN Julia Akhmedov worked as creative producer of Comedy Woman, was one of the writers of the series "Univer", founded together with Ruslan White new programme of Stand-Up Comedy (and for a long time was its only resident girl), etc. And it is far not a limit.

9. Irina Chesnokova ("journalism Faculty")

"Faculty of journalism" that came to HSE in 2012, there were two girls: beautiful singing blonde Alexander Kuznetsov and Irina Chesnokova – smiling and charming brunette. And, unlike Sasha, is clearly aimed at the status of "star screens", the Ira was never afraid to be ridiculous and absurd (and this has caused a lot of sympathy).

Chesnokov also played in the WHC with the students. First she played for the Voronezh team "Serge" and "Mama cat" (Yes, the Ira is originally from Voronezh, and received his higher education at the Department of journalism and Philology of Voronezh state University), and since 2010 in the St. Petersburg team "Faculty of journalism" in which structure became the Vice-champion of 2012.

After KVN Irina's career began to gain momentum: in 2012, she worked in Radio and Comedy show "Comedy battle" (as the chief editor and creative producer) and since 2014 has become the leading program "Here this morning" on TNT, an actress in the sketch show "Twenty" and one of the main characters of the show "Once in Russia".

8. The "New" Olga Bartunkova (Team Of Pyatigorsk)

3-4 years ago you'd have twisted his finger to his temple, seeing the list of 10 beauties from KVN Bartunkova (say, the authors clearly something wrong with the notions of beauty). But look at Olya today! Who could imagine that the boorish "aunt who sells kuryami on the market" (as in one of the rooms said to herself Bartunkova) and shapeless owner of three chins, it'll be so cute "red beast", which look really good with skinny jeans?

All it was worth to lose some weight (almost 2 times), change the hairstyle and makeup. And incredible charisma Olga was not to take and in the same form. It is, without exaggeration, a wonderful comedienne, and proved that more than once, and in the KVN, and in the show "Once in Russia" on TNT.

It all started with a small-town KVN in the House of culture of Sochi, not far from Pyatigorsk, where Bartunkova worked as a supervisor (although in education it is, in fact, account Executive).

7. Elena Gushchina ("Union")

Slender and curvaceous Lola – the owner of a gorgeous voice, began to play KVN, like many other participants in our tens, even from the first year of the Tyumen state University, where he studied to be a lawyer (actually Elena Gushchina three degrees – she is also a philologist and theater Director).

KVN team "Ugra" was in the Premier League in 2003, and the HSE in 2008 (but never passed on 1/8). However, Lelia noticed, and in 2011 was invited (last of all team members) in the "Union". And in 2014 sygryvatsya excellent, original and almost entirely singing the team became the champion of the tower.

In 2017 Soyuz (at full strength, and due to the idea, submitted it, Elena Gushchina) based on the TNT show "Studio Union". In addition, Lely has a huge number of awards for winning different singing competitions, she is promoting her solo music project "Lelya Band", engaged in painting, etc.

6. Galina Tenisheva ("Sega Mega Drive 16 bit")

Galya Tenisheva was the assistant administrator, author and actress teams with a very unusual (one might even say – paradoxical) sense of humor, which, however, perfectly "sign on the viewer" – "Sega Mega Drive 16 bit".

The trio, performing mainly very unexpected, built on a purely visual humour, the rooms (Ilya Aksenov, Andrey Glinsky and Galya Tenisheva) and remember liking the audience almost immediately. Their main "trick" was a rousing dance to the song "Mamba" of group "Leningrad" between the rooms.

The team representing the HSE and Misa got in primerku in 2010 and took bronze in the final, but in the tower (in 2012) could reach only up to 1/4. However, the gala and the company is still remembered.

By the way, this beautiful brunette with the most charming smile married "teammate" Andrew Glinski. Now Galya Tenisheva – author and implementer of the Agency of viral marketing "Paralyzed Moose Media", as well as English language tutor.

5. Gulnara Silybaeva ("Kazakh", Kazakh National Team, "Sparta")

Beautiful, expressive, talented girl with a great coloratura soprano play KVN in school and then in high school (she was educated marketer in Almaty KIMEP). In 2010, she was invited to the newly created team "Kazakhs" captain Nurlan Kuanbaev. And in the same year the team reached the final of the tower and took 2nd place.

Then she played in the national Team of Kazakhstan, and since 2017 – the team "Sparta". With it she became the champion of the tower and "Qunicy of the year" by the portal "KVN for all".

By the way, for all of their teams Gulnara still edited the video and did the props. Since 2012 she began to try yourself in the role of serious actress in the Kazakh TV series and movie. To date, she has in the asset already 8 TV and film credits.

4. Marina Gritsuk (Team BSU)

Remember masterpiece "Boys from the South-West say Hello..." ("Moscow TV") from the Junior teams of the Belarusian state University, performed a girl with a charming smile and dimples. Smart, beautiful and very talented actress Marina Gritsuk today – the mother of four sons.

And nevertheless, it works on TV (in the program "Silver gramophone" ONT, "the laughter Factor", "Our morning", etc.), starred in the Latvian action, led the reality show in the Netherlands, etc.

From time to time, at the invitation of the now of the playing teams, Marina appears on the WHC. And it still looks great, as in 1999 and 2001, when the team twice became the champion of the tower.

3. Anna Nedilko (National Team Of Murmansk)

On the stage of KVN Anna usually appears as a beautiful and um... not very smart "dolls." In fact, this shapely girl, with mischievous sparks in his eyes wasn't stupid: she has two higher educations (economic and legal, and also both with honors).

Anna Nedelko worked in "Alfa-Bank", and the rest of the time is the main soloist of the rock group "IsTerra" and, of course, plays in the WHC. Initially, according to the Ani, KVN she did not love and was not looking.

But in 2006, the first year, a friend literally dragged her to the women's team of the Murmansk technical University. In the end, the friend soon left and she was left, because I realized that the WHC can be developed in terms of acting.

In 2008, Nedelko was one of the initiators of the future of the national Team of Murmansk, which has twice successfully reached the final of the towers (however, never became champion).

2. Sitora Farmonov ("Asia MIX")

Delicate and exotic Sitora is considered in the homeland, in Uzbekistan, one of the most beautiful women. There she is a famous actress and singer, touring a lot and actively (on its account more than a dozen roles in series and movies; among other things, it Sitora became the first Uzbek actress, played in the film by German Director). She has two diplomas – the actress and the designer-designer.

And KVN she came at the invitation of Eldiyar Kenensariev – captain established in 2009 the team "Asia MIX", which have long been familiar (they worked together in Central Asian version of the TV series "Dorm"). In the season-2015 "Asia MIX" (including, thanks to Sitora) won the "Big Kivin in dark" at the festival in Svetlogorsk, and in 2016-m became the champion of the tower.

Now Sitora Farmonov works on Uzbek TV and seriously planning to create a clothing collection under her own fashion brand. And a couple of facts about this Asian beauty, – Sitora knows 5 languages and kickboxing. Here is the "lady of the East"!

1. Marina Kravets ("Protofile", "YOKE")

And finally, a girl from the WHC, which he considers to be beautiful most of the fans of this game, the incomparable Marina Kravets. The only female permanent resident of Comedy Club, she began to play KVN in high school.

Entered the Department of Philology of St. Petersburg University, Marina immediately became a member of the faculty team "Protofile", then playing in the first League. Later she played for the team "YOKE", and several times appeared as part of team mfyua and "Faculty of journalism".

And since Marina has a beautiful voice and loves music, after WHC she was the lead in several musical groups: NotNet, "Mary's band" and "Нестройband". Of her latest and was invited to the Comedy Club Igor Meerson (Elvis). In addition, since 2007, Marina has worked in radio ("Radio ROCKS", "lighthouse", now – "Comedy Radio"), sometimes voiced cartoons is co-host a show about travel, "Russo turisto" in a pair with Sergey Gorelikov (STS), etc.

So a little "appease" the fans of other Kvnovsky beauties, we decided to list several of them (Yes, they, too, were quite worthy of being in our top ten): slender and stylish Irina Saponaro of "Vinnytsia peppers", tender Alenka Kornienko of the "Minsk sea", charming Christina Panonia and Dasha has received from the "national Team of blondes of Ukraine" chic Olena Kravets of "95 quarter", an elegant Polina Sibagatullin from the Team of Peter, smiling Dasha Chepasova of "Beau Monde", fragile Lisa Casanova of "Triode and diode", vociferous and beautiful Karina Osmonova from "Bad company" and Vasilina Kukushkin of "the Juice," intelligent Albina Aminova and "wild child" Katya Ivanova from the national Team of Tula region etc.

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