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10 unusual applications for Android 2019


Despite the fact that Google offers the Play Store mostly consists of similar to each other customers with a variety of network services and a large number of clones Clash of Clans, here you can sometimes find enough interesting applications.

Some of these very unique programs allow not only to diversify leisure of Android users, but also to help in solving small everyday problems.

We present 10 of the most unusual apps for Android in 2019.

10. Androidify – personalized Android mascot

This service allows the user to create personalized Android mascot with the specified parameters. Here you can customize literally everything: skin color and facial features, figure, hair, clothing, jewelry and so on.

9. Angry Jew – the "Evil Jew"

The plot of this game is quite original: the gamer controls the actions of the hero named Mendel, who is an Orthodox Jew.

Due to time travel, Mendel gets to Russia of the XIX century. In this reality, he will have to save the sacred books that are trying to destroy his enemies, the Cossacks of the black hundreds.

8. Fake Call – an excuse to end a boring conversation

This program is the most natural comic software with which the user can simulate incoming calls and messages with any numbers. Wondering what to do quite simply. To do this, just remember to install to the phone your friend this app, and then entering any contact from the phone book, set the timer and give the device to its owner.

After some time he could call, for example, number of head, and start a similar tone to scream into the phone something about the dismissal, he dismissed (everything that you can dictate to the recorder will be played back during the fake call). Simply put, the options can be any number, it just depends on your imagination.

The application also can be used when you need to have a plausible excuse to go with some boring events (you call yourself, and then say that you urgently need to leave for urgent Affairs).

7. Ghost Radar Classic – locator otherworldly entities

This is a real radar which can record any paranormal activity. This service can analyze the electromagnetic field, background sound, vibration. If there are any unusual phenomena, on the radar you have the point. While red points indicate a very strong degree of paranormal activity, and blue is weak.

6. The Schwartz Unsheathed – simulator lightsaber

This app is sure to interest fans of the legendary space epic Star wars. The lightsaber simulator will give you the opportunity to feel like a real Jedi Warrior.

5. Kintsukuroi – 3D puzzles

This puzzle has a very unusual approach and unique atmosphere. In fact, the idea of creating three-dimensional puzzles is not new. It is to within a few dozen levels to collect from the individual fragments of vases, bowls, cups, figurines, etc.

As in most similar applications, all the action takes place in 3d space, while the creators of the program were able to choose a good angle, so this game became more clear.

Also of note is the visual design of the application: the original design of the restored objects, gives ceramic products unique style, and author's soundtrack perfectly prepares the General atmosphere of the game.

In Kintsukuroi, there are several game modes from which the user can choose the most convenient for you.

4. Tasker – programming any action at the appointed time

That Tasker was a whole army of fans is not surprising, because this program allows everyone to find convenient ways of applying it.

Speaking generally, then Tasker is a service for automating. It is based on the principle that a substantial part of the actions that you perform on your smartphone, recurrent, and associated with defined events.

For example, when you a user visits the theatre or in the hospital, he puts the device on silent mode, and when returning home — including Wi-Fi. Similar actions this program can execute automatically, allowing the user to occupy his mind with more important things.

3. Wave Control – control your mobile device using the front-facing camera

The app uses the front camera so you can without touching the smartphone with your hands, to control certain functions. For example, so you can answer phone calls or scroll through music.

This service is a convenient alternative to the famous Hands Free, which is convenient for motorists, sportsmen and businessmen who value their time. The application allows you to configure its settings by itself.

Note, however, that on different devices the service works on its own. In addition, its capabilities are directly dependent on the capabilities of the camera phone.

2. Ink space – create 3D drawings

This service allows you to create 3D drawings. The management of the application occurs via the motion sensors of the device and the touchscreen. Here you can draw at different angles so the image becomes three-dimensional.

1. Selfie x Selfie – creating selfies

If this app opens on your smartphone a magical portal, with which you can travel into the depths of the universe, his own self-portraits, plunging into pure color and exploring all the possibilities of modern photos.

Selfie x Selfie using the camera of the electronic device, motion sensors and graphics hardware for 3D display of user movements in real time. It's even something reminiscent of the good old kaleidoscope: a portrait is stretched, multiplied and crushed, undergoing the most incredible transformation.

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