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10 highest paid actors of "Game of thrones"


The series ”Game of thrones” has left nobody indifferent. Everyone at least once heard about him. And then a matter of taste: some consider it the greatest series ever created. And someone ”spits venom” and argues that there is nothing to watch. One thing's for sure – pass ”Game of thrones” is impossible.

Embody the powerful characters of the series for the past seven seasons, the same mighty giants of the art of acting. And for their efforts they get a tidy fee. I wonder how a tidy?

10. Lena Heady

Lena heady played in the series one of the most memorable roles. Vicious and aggressive to everyone the Queen of Westeros is ready to protect all she holds dear, until the very last breath.

For the sake of their loved ones and for revenge she is willing to go to great lengths, including murder, which is very noticeable in the episode that Queen Cersei has organized the explosion septa Baylor, which was a huge number of people.

Lena heady copes well with the role, she didn't miss shots even during my two pregnancies. For a brilliant performance as Cersei Lannister actress gets $ 1.5 million.

9. Ian Glen

Scottish theatre and film actor organically entered in the main part of "Game of thrones", starting with the first series. He plays the knight in exile ser Jorah Mormont, who swears allegiance to the exiled, but rightful rulers of Westeros.

In the course of the story, Jorah falls in love with daenerys Stormborn. And, despite the fact that to achieve reciprocity fails, he gives his word to be with the Queen till the end.

For such brave determination Iain Glen is paying a fee of $ 3 million.

8. Alfie Owen-Allen

The actor plays one of the most controversial characters of the series to which most of the audience feels both pity and hatred. Theon Greyjoy was in the service of the Starks during the war and since then was forced to serve and grow in someone else's house.

While the Starks with him always treated well. When the real relatives Theon appear on the horizon, he has to make a choice who his real friends.

The role is really difficult, considering what tests the character Allen has to go further in the story. The actor's fees is around $ 2 million.

7. Rory McCann

Cute and adorable Rory McCann plays in the TV series harsh and ugly Sandor Clegane, who in childhood was unfortunate to take without demand the toy brother. For this the boy had to pay off part of his face, which burned and badly damaged by the fault of the elder brother.

Character Rory did not like the actor in both appearance and character. But this does not prevent Meccano to bring ”the Dog” Clegane on the screen brilliantly.

Plus – the unconditional love of fans and a small honorary amount of $ 2 million.

6. Emilia Clarke

The future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Mother of Dragons just could not log in at the top. Do not be Daenerys so bright and colorful character, it is unlikely that the series gained such popularity.

Emilia Clarke has played in this process an important role. It is most accustomed to the role of khaleesi, to demonstrate on the screen a strong and determined woman.

Her work does not go unnoticed and in cash, her fee is 2 million dollars.

5. Kit Harington

Kit Harington has become any less popular among fans even after marrying on-screen girlfriend rose Leslie. On the contrary, when the audience became obvious that Jon snow is not some kind of a bastard, but the heir of two great houses, namely the Targaryens and the Starks, and interest in it has flashed with new force.

Keith – definitely a talented actor, and the proof – brilliantly played the role of King in the North. His fee is $ 4 million.

4. Sophie Turner

Beauty Sophie Turner has turned from a naive teenager to self-confident beautiful actress. It is not surprising, because her character had to go through heavy testing in the course of the story. All: in look, in dress, in hairstyle can be traced the blood of the great ned and Catelyn stark.

And although at first their eldest daughter had not filed a great hope as a leader, but the war changed everything. And will change further.

Sophie Turner brilliantly embodies the screen the role of Sansa, and earns $ 5 million.

3. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Golden-haired Jaime Lannister conquered not only his sister Cersei, but also the millions of fans around the world. Nikolai managed to embody the image of a strong and mighty warrior combined with a passionate and faithful lover. And although he is still a Lannister, the word of honor for him not an empty phrase. And on this character it's impossible not to pay attention.

Nicholas fits in with the image of the head of the Royal guard, who is ready with his chest to take the blow aimed at any member of the Royal family.

The fee of the Lord of the Koster-Waldau equal to approximately 5 million dollars.

2. Jack Gleason

Jack Gleason played one of the most popular and hated all of the characters, namely Joffrey Baratheon. Little bastard, which is famous in the series for his cruelty and sadism.

Jack so convincingly played a young king of Westeros, that all the hatred and anger of fans poured on the head on-screen, Joffrey, and fell on the poor guy Jack Gleeson.

But the game was worth the candle, because the success of the character brought the actor $ 8 million.

1. Peter Dinklage

The highest-paid actor in the entire show was Peter Dinklage. His charisma and unforgettable acting won the hearts of millions and made once again believe and understand that the growth or the appearance does not affect the talent of the man.

Peter Dinklage is the only actor from the entire series, which did not have to audition. The producers and Director initially understood what this actor is to entrust the responsibility for bringing to life the unforgettable Tyrion Lannister.

The success and outstanding service to the fans brought to Peter about $ 10 million.

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