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10 inventions that took the life of their authors


Technological progress is invariably accompanied by a new amazing inventions that pass the test of time and human experience.

Unfortunately, not all inventors are waiting for the triumph of his "brainchild", as perish in the process of development or testing. Yes, sometimes the fruit of human labour may lead to the death of its author. It is ironic, curious, but a fact.

Today we will discuss 10 unique cases, when the Creator killed by his creation. These researchers had so much faith in the Idea and the Business of life, that is not afraid to take risks, looked into the eyes of danger and negative consequences. And now their inventions are for the benefit of mankind, and we must know its heroes.

10. Franz Reichelt and cloak-parachute

Common tailor wanted to overcome gravity at any price. Attempts were unsuccessful and traumatic, because once he even fell from the 5th floor. Franz decided that the experiments are inconclusive due to the fact that the apartment is far enough from the ground.

Followed by trying to jump from the Eiffel tower, which only attracted the attention of local police. Despite the entreaties of relatives, Reichelt still jumped with his invention, the coat parachute. Unfortunately, the latter is not opened, and a man was killed in an unequal battle with gravity.

9. William Bullock and the printing press

Nothing boded trouble, when talented will have designed in the 19th century belt machine, cut wood shingles. Artisan continued to impress, additionally inventing a press for packing cotton, the planter device for planting seed, as well as a miniature milling machine.

The plans of the bullock was also the improvement of the printing press, he began to turn the sheets of paper, which significantly accelerated and facilitated the printing process.

Somehow an unfortunate error William was injured – leg is caught in the machine and there was shattered. It's a shame that over time, talented man died from gangrene on the background of the injuries.

8. Jimmy Heselden and Segway

The oligarch Heselden founded Segway Inc than have increased their incomes up to 340 million Once 9 years ago no longer young Jim decided to walk along the rocky area in England to own a Segway.

And already in the afternoon, medical staff found his body in the local river Wharf. It turned out that the man was riding along the path, which at 24 meters was above the level of the river, lost equipment and fell into the water.

7. Thomas Andrews and the Titanic

Scientific facts Titanic few know people. For example, it became known that in 2:10 in the ill-fated day in 1912 and inventor of the Titanic had seen in the compartment of the first class. He stood near the Smoking room and looked at a picture on the wall. Just 10 minutes later, the "unsinkable" ship completely disappeared under water, taking with him and the chief engineer.

6. Wang Hu and missiles

The first cosmonaut on the planet, we believe Wang Hu. The data on it remained inaccurate: lived in China around the 16th century (the reign of the Ming Dynasty). At that time the Empire flourished of the latest technology in the field of gunpowder and pyrotechnics.

Sam van same thought about the journey to the Earth is very non-standard way: his servants had to attach to a chair almost 50 missiles that have brought the researcher to the destination. Unfortunately, the result of ill-conceived experiment, Hu survived.

5. Thomas Megli and device for lifting bed patients

Migli distinguished by several inventions that cause a controversial opinion followers. For example, the additive in gasoline that pollutes nature – it was clearly not the most popular decision. And, despite the toxicity of the substance killed the researcher a different invention.

Once ill with polio, That has designed a device of pulleys and ropes that would help to rise from my sick bed. In an attempt to get far with his invention, Migli simply choking with ropes.

4. Jim Fix, the Jogging

Even a sober mind and a healthy lifestyle can be detrimental, as it is not contradictory. Fix, famous American fitness trainer released a bestseller on the subject of how helpful and correct to jog.

Many Americans embraced the idea and started to go for a morning jog. During one of those very Jim had a heart attack – yet at 52 years old you need to consider many aspects, not only a great desire to learn new techniques of running. Death is not outwit.

3. Max Valle and jet car

Austrian scientist Valle showed unprecedented results in the field of research of jet engines. In the 20-ies of the last century he invented a jet car, a rocket, a project and which has sponsored the development of the concern Opel. During one of the races on his "brainchild" Max died tragically.

2. Marie Curie and x-rays

A famous female scientist won the Nobel prize for achievements in the field of radiation, killing just because of unhealthy conditions of their work. As it turned out Mary for a long time kept a container of radium, but still involved in carrying out x-ray procedures.

So, in 1934, began lose her bone marrow, resulting in the outstanding woman died. Even now, before to pick up personal belongings Curie must wear a protective suit.

1. Valerian Bakowski and eurowagon

Young, active and ambitious scientist Bakowski wanted to leave something useful to mankind. He sincerely believed that his innovative eurowagon will improve the quality and speed of rail traffic.

In the ill-fated 1921, during a trip to Moscow in aerophone, killing 5 passengers and the author of the invention.

These are the sad stories of scientists who are unable to control their own inventions. As they say, from the hands of fate no escape. But we are still grateful to the contribution of dedicated minds in the development of scientific and technical progress.

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