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10 coolest players who after became cool trainers


Among the top coaches difficult to find people who had previously been a top player. This is due to the fact that less talented players analyze the game and think about strategy, to compensate for this talent, and medium players, on the contrary, we have to learn to delve into the intricacies of what is happening on the field.

That's why stars like Ronaldo or Diego Maradona's coaching career to greater heights not achieved. But, of course, every rule has exceptions, and it is about them today and speech will go.

Remember the 10 coolest players who became good coaches, and the list was as current as possible, we take only those who have trained in the last 20 years.

10. Diego Simeone

The best years of his playing career, Simeone spent in Italy, where he took the UEFA Cup in the "inter" and became the champion of the country against Lazio. Well he had done in Spain, where he became a champion with Atletico Madrid. For Argentina he has played 106 matches, being, though not the main star, but still an important part of the team.

The main problem many believed character: Simeon was quick-tempered and arrogant, did not hesitate to play "dirty", for which many disliked.

Few believed that he'd make a good coach, but he beat all the skeptics: first, twice became the champion of Argentina, and then headed Atletico Madrid and sensationally brought him to the League title in 2014, breaking the dominance of real Madrid and Barcelona. Also we should not forget about the two Champions League finals, albeit lost.

9. Roberto Mancini

As a player, Mancini 3 times voted the player of the year in Italy (in 1988, 1991 and 1997) conducted in the Apennines his entire career.

In total, he won 13 team trophies, including several European competitions. As a coach he also has achieved a lot, winning among other things the League title in the Premier League, which is considered the most powerful League on the planet.

8. Fabio Capello

Capello-footballer was not a star, but confidently held the title of strong middle peasants. His entire career he spent in big clubs: Roma, AC Milan, Juventus and also played more than 3 dozen matches for the Italian national team.

As a coach he has achieved much more: the 7 gold medals of Serie A (2 was taken away from Juventus after calciopoli), as well as several championship seasons at Real Madrid.

As a coach he won everything that only is possible if to take into account football. Many have pinned great hopes on him when he took the helm of the Russian national team, but alas, the miracle did not happen.

7. Valery Lobanovsky

All his football youth Valery gave Kiev "Dynamo", showing there is a great game, but despite this the USSR national team almost didn't volunteer because of the crazy in those years of competition.

As for the coaching career of Dynamo, it was literally great: 3 Eurocup with Dynamo, silver at Euro 1988, the legendary defeat of Barcelona at the camp Nou, the opening of the talent of Shevchenko and Rebrov.

His ideas were watched by the whole world, many were copied and repeated, but to surpass plainly one could not. In voting for the title of best coach of all time, Valery Lobanovsky took 7-th place, becoming the most famous coach of the Soviet and post-Soviet football.

6. Carlo Ancelotti

Like Capello, Ancelotti was not a star, but he was smooth, good career: AC Milan, Roma and strong in those years Parma. As a coach he is at club level, won everything possible, including the Champions League (3 times).

The national championship gold medals he took in Italy, England, France and Germany, that is in 4 of the 5 strongest leagues. In total with different teams he has won over two dozen trophies, twice becoming the best coach in the world.

5. Josep Guardiola

Playing for Barcelona and Spain, Guardiola was the brains, designing and conducting attack the team. As adept intelligent combinational football, he continued to profess the same principles and as a coach, creating the strongest Barça in history.

So far, neither in Germany nor in England to achieve the same success, and outright failures, he was not there.

4. Zinedine Zidane

The name of this footballer is familiar to anyone who is even slightly interested in football, because in his time at Juventus, Real Madrid and France national team he was really good. Golden ball, a bunch of team accomplishments and individual awards allowed him forever to write his name in history, but it was not enough.

Having worked for several years first assistant coach and then the head coach of the second part of the "creamy" Zidane in 2016, has headed the main team after the resignation of Rafa Benitez.

Since then, he did what could not be anyone before: 3 times in a row won the Champions League. Now he has returned after a short break and he has all the chances in the next season to surpass his own achievement.

3. Jupp Heynckes

His entire playing career he spent at VfL Borussia mönchengladbach, twice becoming the top scorer of the season in a time when on top form was Gerd Muller. Also with the national team he became world champion and Europe, getting in the symbolic team of the tournament.

As a coach he has won more than 10 trophies, including 2 Champions League and the best coach in the world in 2013.

2. Vicente del Bosque

His entire playing career he spent at Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, but the trophies won not so much. Much more he has achieved becoming a coach: he is the only one in our list who won as a coach do ALL the important trophies. Two wins in the Champions League, a few League seasons in Spain, and most importantly a world Cup gold and TH at the head of the unstoppable Spanish national team.

1. Kenny Dalglish

Gaining the nickname "King" from the fans "Liverpool", Kenny was at his best in order to justify their love and trust. He was named the best forward of the post-war British football, becoming a true symbol of "red". In the club he is in the period from 1977 to 1984 he won 4 gold Champions League, finishing in 2nd place in the voting for the "Golden ball"-1983.

In the 1985/86 season Dalglish was player-coach and leading the team to another title in the Premier League, won two medals. Leading after a career of Blackburn, in 1995, he did almost the same thing as Claudio Ranieri in "Leicester" and led not the strongest club the League title that nobody expected.

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