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The 10 richest women in the Russian show-business in 2019


Popular magazine Forbes recently published a list of the richest Russian celebrities. Undoubtedly, the leading positions are still occupied by the representatives of the stronger sex. However, our collection is dedicated to the ladies included in this list.

We present 10 of the richest Russian women 2019.

10. Ksenia Borodina

Famous Russian TV presenter Ksenia Borodina has gained wide popularity as co-host of the controversial reality show Dom-2. However, apart from the main telestroke of the country, she makes a profit from activities in Cosmopolitan. Video version, Battle of psychics, Restart vs Borodina Buzova etc.

Additional income Borodina brings participation in advertising. So, is coffee and granola bars for weight loss in social networks Ksenia receives considerable dividends. According to some, one post in Instagram brings a girl of at least 100 thousand rubles.

For the promotion of any goods or services in his blog, Borodin received an average of 50 to 80 thousand rubles.

In addition, she owns a beauty salon in the centre of Moscow, and produces its own clothing line.

9. Svetlana Khodchenkova

This actress is young, beautiful, talented and very much in demand, both domestic and Western filmmakers. It was her acting talent and hard work are the main keys towards success.

Today Khodchenkova is one of the most popular and highest-paid Russian Actresses. In her filmography, there are almost no failed projects.

Kudos to Svetlana came up with her first picture Bless the woman, where she was given a leading role.

8. Nyusha

Her songs do not go with the leaders in leading our country music charts. It is a popular and very workable.

After the birth she made a small pause, but despite this, according to some estimates, its annual income is 1.3 million dollars.

7. Kristina Orbakaite

The life of this pop diva is filled with a permanent movement to new professional horizons. She is actively involved in TV shows, performs at corporate parties, but also did not forget to carefully monitor their own appearance and to give time to their children.

Orbakaite is a great example of how the present perseverance and hard work can take him to the Olympus of the domestic variety.

6. Ksenia Sobchak

Currently the main professional activity of Ksenia Sobchak is journalism. And in all the interviews the girl positions himself in that capacity.

It has its own channel on YouTube, which regularly uploads videos with celebrity interviews. Also Xenia is the chief editor of a famous fashion publication L'officiel.

Was a presenter on MUZ-TV, the First channel and the clear channel. And, of course, many people still associate it with the controversial reality show Dom-2 where she was paired with leading Ksenia Borodina.

5. Polina Gagarina

Not so long ago Polina Gagarina gave birth to a daughter, but that did not stop her in a short time to regain his form and again be touring extensively.

Being a very talented vocalist, Pauline always brings full house in any city or country due to which its earnings is growing every year.

In addition to touring Polina you can always see at big concerts and corporate events. It had also several seasons of the popular talent show the Voice on channel has participated as one of the mentors.

4. Olga Buzova

This girl has many talents: she broadcasts on TV, singing, film advertising, writes books, produces its own clothing line, is the owner of a fast food restaurant and so on. In addition, the page Buzova in Instagram brings her a huge income.

Interestingly, after a dramatic parting with Olga footballer Dmitry Tarasov, her income has increased. The girl herself was in a deep depression and did not hide their depressed state from its users.

Someone she genuinely sympathized with, someone opposite said that this is another PR move public persons, wishing on the scandal to promote the public interest.

Anyway, the number of subscribers of Olga and the number of admirers of her singing talent has increased, regularly attending concerts of the singer, almost doubled. Thus, the girl with inadvertently were able to monetize even personal drama.

3. Valeria

Over this singer and enchanting woman in truth have no power. And this applies not only untouched by years of appearance, but also bursting with energy, forcing Valerie to slow down the pace for many years.

Her songs are known all over the country. And her voice is fantastic know most people in our country.

In its fifty years Valeria continues to tour and give recitals to the delight of the audience.

2. Pelagia

This talented girl started making her first steps in her musical career while still a child. Even then, the smiling girl with a powerful vocal cords was known throughout the country.

And now she is not losing popularity and continues to create. Pelagia is actively touring, recording new singles and concerts involved.

In addition, Pelagia proved to be an effective mentor in the popular project of the First canaliculus. Children.

1. Zemfira

The extraordinary and mysterious legend of the 90s Marshmallow, also boasts fabulous earnings (approximately $ 6 million per year). Thanks to its unique composition and performing talent. Her unique tone can not be compared with anything, and her songs are distinctive and have their own similar to any other style.

Zemfira for that year, is among the hundred richest Russian celebrities, according to Forbes magazine. Her condition reaches $ 300 million and annual earnings of 33 million

By the way, the singer is one of the first Russian artists were able to make money by selling their songs online. Her songs that have become classics of Russian pop music to this day are among the leaders in downloads for paid music sites.

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