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10 most unusual borders between States


Yes, it just so happened in our world everywhere between people, human settlements, and the more different States there are limits (sometimes purely arbitrary, but often the most real, serious, with high fences and even barbed wire).

Actually, of course, the "materiality" of the boundaries depends on the policy (where are today without it?), and the geographical landscape of a particular area.

For example, frequent border passing along the beds of rivers or mountain ranges. And the border of Australia with all its neighbors is the ocean (on the left – Indian on the right – Quiet), because, as you know, Australia is not only a country but a continent.

The border between the Federal States and quite peaceful neighbors can be a conditional line, to cross which can be easily and without problems.

Well, the long-warring countries erect between themselves an impregnable wall with outposts, to overcome that not everyone can or is not the first time.

And want to see the most unusual borders in the world? Then this collection is just for you.

10. The demilitarized zone between North and South Korea

One of the biggest borders in the world is the demilitarized zone between the two still warring Koreas – capitalist Republic of Korea and the Communist Democratic people's Republic of China.

What she looks like? As a very fortified strip with a length of 241 km and a width of 4 km And under it, by the way, South Korean border guards discovered, at the moment, 17 secret tunnels dug from the North Korean side, which, if necessary, can move soldiers in full combat gear.

At night, the border between the two Koreas is visible especially clearly – DPRK immersed in almost total darkness, and, for example, the South Korean capital of Seoul can be seen from space – so bright it illuminated.

And if you want another interesting fact about borders? If you look at night on Berlin from a height, we can clearly see that it was once divided into East and West: the first highlighted yellow light and the second white. The fact is that in East Berlin for street lighting has used sodium lamps, and in Western – halogen. This difference is noticeable today.

9. The Tumen river – the border between China and the DPRK and between the DPRK and Russia

As we have said above, rivers are often natural borders between the two neighbouring countries. But, it turns out, there are among them those that mark the boundaries of three (!) countries.

For example, the Duman river (Fog) the greater part of its course forms the boundary between China and North Korea, and in the lower reaches it divides the DPRK and Russia. Moreover, there is a reference point (which is right in the middle of a Misty riverbed), where the borders of all three States

. And this example is not unique: at the confluence of the river Dyje in Moravia the borders of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria; Strelka of the rivers iguazú and paraná meet Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, etc.

8. Bir Tawil is the territory between Egypt and Sudan

The desert called bir Tawil (which doesn't have anything valuable, not even water) is a unique example of a site that nobody wants.

Due to some political conflicts of the turn of XIX-XX centuries this piece of the Sahara desert (an area, a minute, more than 2 thousand km2) on the border of Egypt and Sudan became "neutral".

The permanent population has never been here (only sometimes took place with their herds, the nomads of the tribe ababda), and neither Egypt nor Sudan categorically unwilling to take her under its jurisdiction.

7. Diomede Islands – the border between Russia and the United States

Right in the middle of the Bering Strait, a distance of approximately 35 km and from Alaska, and Chukotka, are two small rocky Islands.

The larger one (area of about 10 km2), the Americans called Big Diomede, a Russian island Ratmanov. And the second, smaller (about 5 km2), is of little Diomede and the island Krusenstern.

So, exactly between them is not only the border between the US and Russia, but also the dateline. And so for the inhabitants of these two "outposts" (Ratmanov island is hosting the Russian border guards, and the Small Diomede is a small fishing village) it is a very interesting situation: the distance between them is only 4 km, but the Russians live for the day ahead.

That is, when the fishermen from the Small Diomede look to the West, towards Russia, they literally "look into the future," at the same hour, but already the next day.

6. Iguazu falls – border between Argentina and Brazil

And one of the most beautiful borders in the world – is fantastic waterfalls of the Iguazu river that separate Brazil and Argentina. More waterfalls on the Argentine side, but to admire them, of course, the best from Brazil.

But since relations between the two countries at the moment are just wonderful, their citizens (Yes, actually and tourists from other countries), it's very easy to cross the border and in the one and in the other direction.

By the way, is another beautiful natural border is around the same region of South America, is a great flat mount Roraima, towering on the border of Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela.

5. Mount Everest is part of the border between Nepal and China

Again, the border created by nature itself (also the highest in the world) – the greatest mountain on Earth mount Everest (or Chomolungma). Right through her peak passes the invisible line separating China and Nepal.

And, not to mention the very tragic history of conquest of this peak, and more than 250 climbers who died here (many remained lying on the slopes of mount Everest), then you can consider it more unremarkable.

4. District Cooch-Behar is a piece of India on the Bangladeshi territory

You know what is a enclave and exclave? Just in case remember: the enclave is when part of the territory of one country (or even the whole country entirely) surrounded by the territory of another country, examples are the Vatican and San Marino within Italy; and exclave – it is always not independent (i.e. not the sovereign) part of the state surrounded by another state (or several).

For example, our Kaliningrad oblast is an enclave of Russia to Lithuania and Poland, and for Russia itself – the enclave. It is clear more or less?

Now imagine an enclave in the enclave, which is also in the enclave. The only example of this very confusing situation is the Indian district of Cooch-Bihar, which is surrounded by district Balipara Khagrabari belonging to Bangladesh, which, in turn, is surrounded by Indian territory Dahal Khagrabari in the territory of Bangladesh. Yeah... Real "geographical matryoshka"...

This situation is on the border of India and Bangladesh was used until August 1, 2015 – there was already 200 (!) enclaves. After special agreement, India gave Bangladesh and 111 enclaves and Bangladesh India – 51 enclave. And their inhabitants were allowed to choose their citizenship themselves.

3. Derby Line, Vermont – the border between the United States and Canada

The border between Canada and the United States – one of the longest in the world (8851 km). And on some of its stations it passes not only through cities, but even through some buildings. The best example is the town of Derby Line.

For example, library and Opera with the same name Haskell here was specially built right on the border line, "for joint cultural development".

So, the auditorium in the theater is on the US side, and the stage is in Canada. Same story with the library.

But probably especially funny to live in a normal house on the border, to take a shower, you need to go to Canada, and to make a sandwich, have to go back to the kitchen – in the United States.

2. The border between Belgium and the Netherlands in Baarle (Baarle)

As for Europe, where (particularly after the formation of the EU and the creation of the Schengen area) many boundaries have also become very conventional: the most common – generally not marked in any way, sometimes marked with white lines or the like, for example, in the Belgian town of Baarle-Hertog (aka – Netherlands Baarle-Nassau) – white crosses.

Here was the same story as with the canadian-American Derby on-Line: the border went not just through the city but also in some homes.

And the most enterprising cafe owners and restaurants specifically place their establishments exactly on the line of separation of the two States. The thing is that in the Netherlands the food items required to close quite early. Therefore, "h H" just change "in Belgium".

1. Ceuta and Melilla – Spanish border in Morocco

We used to think that Spain is a country located entirely in Europe. But no! It turns out that he still remained in control of several former colonies in Africa.

This 6 enclaves and enclaves located in Morocco: the Autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla, as well as 4 separate strongholds on the Mediterranean coast, surrounded by high walls topped with barbed wire.

Not that the Spaniards greatly feared attack Morocco on the their site (although the relationship between countries just because of these "pieces of Spain" in the midst of another country, sometimes strained).

It is rather an attempt to somehow limit the influx of illegal migrants, who believe that, unceremoniously penetrated into Ceuta or Melilla, they automatically come to Europe and you can go further – to Spain, because (of course!) worthy of decent housing and good benefits.

By the way, all those walls and fortifications around the Spanish exclaves in Africa, was built recently in 2001 (EU money).

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