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10 signs that you are being used


When it comes to relationships with other people, we can't always be sure what they will bring us – good or sad experience, joy or disappointment.

Many people are reluctant to make new friends, while continuing to communicate with childhood friends is so reliable. Indeed, the friendship we struck up with someone in childhood is the most pure and real, because children are not able to manipulate, to use, they communicate because they have a lot of fun and well.

But what about those people who don't gave friends in childhood, or those whose life paths diverged, and the man really wants to find a friend? In the first place – to be attentive, and if you notice these signs, most likely, you use, and communicate nothing good will come of it.

10. Can't help

If the person is willing to accept your help, can agree to you paid for his dinner in the restaurant, but refuses to help when you ask – pay attention to it.

This does not necessarily suggests that you are a bad person and communication with him needs to stop. Just try not to give him what he usually gets from you – for example, your help. So it will be clear whether you are this person or only your help when it is needed.

9. Not able to support

Any relationship – whether friendship or romantic, always require return. If you happened in the life of an unpleasant event, but you already know in advance that you will not be able to share my soul with a friend, ask yourself: "Friend."

A friend is someone with whom you can share your joy and your sadness. But if a person is willing to accept your support, calls you when he is bad – this suggests that he is willing to take and give not.

8. The lack of attention

If you listen to the person who remember his important dates that happened yesterday is he wearing, and what mood he was in, and he does not remember about your business nothing – this sign says that people using you.

He talks a lot about themselves, their feelings, and you listen, respond, remember all this only too happy. If this happens, and will continue. If you need this man – he should learn about his mistake.

7. He's not around, when you feel bad

This point is clear – when you feel good, you have a lot of energy to entertain his "friend" and have interesting joint leisure, he's there, and when you're lying at home with the temperature and ask him to come he ignores your request on deaf ears.

A true friend cares about your condition, he will call and say: "Bring you medicine?" "You want me to come and help you with the housework?"

6. He always want something from you

The pseudo-friend is the one who takes but does not give. You can have interesting contacts, travel or money. The person pretending to be your friend, it is easy to calculate. He will try to join your party to meet your interesting friends will ask to borrow money, will not refuse your proposition: "you Have a little money, let me pay for the tickets".

When you have no money, bright people together and you ask: "can you come over? I'm sad, I would like someone to talk to", people ignore this, he needs not you, but what he gets from you.

5. Refuses to meet when you need

A friend is a person we are always happy, but if your offer to meet you often get a failure – it suggests that you don't cause positive emotions in humans.

But when they are alone – for example, he wants to go somewhere, but everyone is busy, no one to go, and not one you really want, then you will be the person that he will call and say, "Come with me". We should not delude ourselves – you're just my "friend" fallback.

4. He doesn't care that you want

You met a friend, and invited him to lunch at one of their favorite restaurants, and he refused? There is nothing to be surprised – the person does not care what you want.

But most likely, he will try to convince you to do what he wants "Let's sit in a Chinese restaurant? Please! There's a great menu, besides you quickly get to the house from that district." Actually it makes no difference as you will get, it is important to fulfill your wish.

3. Manipulates you

You can feel after a while, as he came under the influence, and you find it difficult to get out of it because you cherish the person. Your "friend" will turn you against your buddies, to speak ill of them, if only you'd spoken with him only.

Man disguised as a sincere and a true friend will try to manipulate you to achieve due to you some of his goals. As false friend can never enjoy your success, because he was either still, or he is jealous. And, as a rule, people will push you to wrong decisions and actions that you are mired together with him.

2. Welcher

You agreed to meet at a Park and walk at 6 PM, but the "friend" came and did not even apologize after that?

This is repeated again and again, because a person has things in life more important than you, and no matter what these "more important" will be the guy your "friend" met a few hours ago... She will be so passionate about them that he would prefer to meet with you unknown person. Forget about his promise to meet with ease, leaving you bored.

1. Pushing for the wrong solutions

A true friend will not seek the relationship with you to benefit themselves. For example, if your "friend" knows that your weakness is alcohol and meeting new men, she will try to protect you – I'll call your parents to pick you up, call a taxi and take him home, knowing that all this together could end badly.

A pseudo-friend, on the contrary, will pour in your glass of alcohol, because he was indifferent to your fate that you are destroying yourself – it only pleases.

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