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10 best films about school teachers


Good films about the teaching profession really are nothing more than stories about people who know how to understand and support the pupil in all its endeavors and to help uncover its potential.

The work of teachers is difficult to overestimate. Their contribution to the development not only of individuals, but of the entire nation are enormous. That is why their activity has become an object of interest of the filmmakers.

We present 10 of the best movies about teachers.

10. We'll live till Monday 1968

History teacher Melnikov, performed by consummate Vyacheslav Tikhonov, thoughtful, serious, strict and demanding teacher. He was no stranger to doubts, and weariness, and dissatisfaction with the results of their efforts.

Melnikov, like all of us, can make mistakes. But he fights, looking for the right answer, loves, overcomes difficulties and doubts.
This is perhaps one of the best films of the Soviet period covering the school.

Here accurately describes the difficulty of growing up, the nuances of relationships between pupils themselves and with adults. Also in the picture are shown how important it is for each person to celebrate the life of a true Teacher

9. October sky 1999

Autumn day in 1957 was a turning point in the biography of a boy from a small town of Colwood. Homer Hickam was born in the family of simple miner, and up until that point his life was pretty normal.

The news about the launch of the first satellite brought in the boy a huge interest in everything connected with space exploration. Now create your own rocket became his idee fixe: a teenager was to collect the necessary data and prepare a place for his greatest invention

8. Freedom writers 2006

This story about the difficult everyday life English teacher working in a school in the California town of long beach. Her students are almost entirely children for whom English is not their native language. In addition, in the reigns enough crime situation

7. Half Nelson 2006

A young teacher Dan Dunne leads a double life. By day, he faithfully engaged in teaching, using the most modern techniques, is a sports club and quickly finds a common language with the students. And in the evening it turns into a drug addict, unable to resist the addiction.

Dan could continue to combine these two opposite lifestyles, but the money issue arises very sharply: each new dose absorbs a significant portion of his personal funds. The quality of the drug gets worse each time, and it also has its consequences.

During the next break-up Dan in the bathroom at school finds one of the students – Drey. This girl in my life time to see and experience a lot of negativity: parents breakup, constantly working mother, criminal tendencies brother and his subsequent arrest. Dray shy and closed, but she immediately understand what is the cause of the dire state of teacher Dunn.

Between these absolutely different at first glance, heroes of friendships that can help each of them in making the right life decisions.

6. Class

Francois and other teachers are preparing to celebrate the New year in school in disadvantaged area. He was not arrogant and not very severe, his extravagant frankness sometimes just plunges into shock pupils. But his teaching skills put to the test when his students begin to question his teaching methods.

5. The Renaissance man 1994

Bill Look ordinary advertising agent who lost his job. In the employment service, he was offered to temporarily take a position of teacher of English language and literature at a military base that trains the military.

Without having any possibilities to find a job, bill accepts the offer but does it started without much enthusiasm.

An even smaller interest in learning shown by his students, young and illiterate recruits. To build relationships with students bill helps the greatest playwright of all times and peoples by William Shakespeare

4. Good Will Hunting 1997

The main character is not rich, so he lives in a small apartment on the outskirts of Boston. He is only twenty years old and name is will hunting. He moonlights as a janitor at mit.

His life is work and endless hanging out with friends, accompanied by espitia large quantities of alcohol and fighting. However, there is this young man an unusual gift: he is gifted by nature with a brilliant intellect and a phenomenal memory.
But he does not give their abilities to others.

But once at the University, where the main character is the case, after which he reveals to the world his outstanding ability

3. A substitute teacher, 2011

Henry Barth, a school teacher, substituting for whatever reason, is temporarily absent teachers. He constantly moves from one institution to another.

He says that he chose a job only to not carry a lot of responsibility, because of a temporary teacher no one is waiting for big achievements, his task to ensure discipline in the class and see that during class the students each other not kill.

In fact the main character is a talented teacher, a noble man, but he is afraid to get attached to the students.

2. Big change 1972

Nestor severs ambitious pedant, who decided that the place in graduate school almost in his pocket. And this is justified, because it is a straight-a student and even teachers of the University where he is studying history marvel at his talent.

Once briefly leaving the book, he meets a beautiful girl Pauline. Between flashes love and they in a short time decide to get married. But before the wedding, it turns out that the beloved Nestor also claims the coveted spot in graduate school, and to the surprise of himself and of the examination Committee, it manages to circumvent opinionated groom.

Unable to withstand such blows of fate, the North decides to radically change his life to break up with Pauline and go to teach history in night school

1. Dead poets society 1989

John Keating is a new teacher of English language and literature in a conservative American College. Snobbery from teachers working in this institution, it is what sets the ease of communication, unusual behavior and original teaching methods.

One day he devotes to his players in the secret dead poets Society. From that day on every one of his students begins to try to stand out in a gray and faceless mass, to look at the world on the other hand, high jumping over the high school fence.

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