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10 exciting places that are closed to the public


On our planet a huge number of places, causing genuine interest, but unfortunately, many of them not available for viewing ordinary people.

The authorities of the countries on whose territory are the secret sites, forbade them to attend for various reasons.

In this article you will be able to see the list of 10 most interesting and unusual places that are today closed to the public.

10. Metro-2 in Moscow

Rumor has it that in the capital of Russia there is another subway, which is located parallel to the public metro lines. It is believed that its construction began during the reign of Stalin.

Journalists suggest that the system is no longer one on which move ordinary residents of the city. It is also said that metro-2 serves to connect the Kremlin with the headquarters of the FSB, with the terminal of Vnukovo-2, and a secret underground city.

However, the existence of such places is not confirmed by any evidence, therefore, to say that it exists in reality difficult.

9. The Temple Of ISE (Japan)

Shinto Shrine in Japan is dedicated to the goddess Amaterasu. It is a complex of two main temples and many extra. Ordinary people allowed to visit him. Access to the temple is restricted to priests who have relatives of the Imperial family.

8. The nuclear research center in Dimona (Israel)

Nuclear installation located in the desert approximately 30 km from the town of Dimona. Construction of research center started in 1958.

In the 1980s, one of the workers who worked in it, ran out of Israel and told the press sensitive information about the center.

In 2012, he suspended the activities of the reactor centre. It should be noted that the territory is protected, where it is very carefully.

7. "Pine Gap as a" prohibited area in Australia

Military base located on the continent Australia, 18 km from the town of Alice springs, its activities are regulated by the Australian and American authorities.

The secret area is composed of several objects, it employs at least eight people. Australian territory has been chosen for this strategically important object due to the fact that this area is far from the water and spy the court can't catch her signals.

6. Hawaiian island of Niihau

The island belonged to Elizabeth Sinclair, is now in possession of her descendants. It is forbidden to visit ordinary people, on its territory there are no asphalt roads, electricity and other infrastructure.

The island is the 7th largest among all the Hawaiian Islands, on one of its sides is a school that receives electricity from solar energy.

The area was closed in 1915, the owner of the island did this in order to save the life and culture of the locals, natural beauty and wealth of these lands.

5. The spy Museum in Jiangsu (China)

In this place are kept classified documents related to the history of espionage in China. There are papers and things from the 1920s, this period was founded the Chinese system of espionage.

The Museum has a collection of spy items that are disguised as lipstick, hidden coins, etc. to Foreigners, this place cannot be visited, it can only do the indigenous people of the country, but even they can't there's nothing to photograph.

4. Church of Mary of Zion in Axum (Ethiopia)

The temple is located in Ethiopia, he is denied access to ordinary people. Rumor goes that the sanctuary holds one of the most important biblical subjects.

It is the ark of the Covenant, he was brought here Menelik first. The relic is considered so sacred that people are prohibited to even come close to the Church, access to it has only a specially chosen monk.

3. Secret archives of the Vatican

Secret archives (that is their very premise) to visit a person cannot, but can learn interesting document that is stored in them, the main thing that this document was more than 75 years.

The archives contains a variety of papers on which were written the laws adopted in different years the papal throne. Also here are documents of national importance, the various correspondence that the Church has collected over several centuries.

In the 17th century access to the archive was closed, but in 1881 the documentation again began to allow to read for research purposes. Scientists have calculated that there are more than eighty kilometers of shelves.

2. Povegliya – an island near Venice (Italy)

A small island located in the North of Italy. For many centuries, this area served as the place for references of the sick, of prisoners, it was also a dumping ground for the dead.

In 1340-ies in the country was an outbreak of bubonic plague, and the earth became a quarantine zone. To avoid epidemics, the authorities of Venice were exiled to this place a lot of people who have observed the symptoms of the disease.

In the center of the island is constantly burning fires, which burned both dead and alive, which was considered as such. The same story was repeated in 1630, when the city broke out again, the disease.

In the 20th century the island was built a hospital for the criminally insane, but in the 1960s it was closed, the area became uninhabited. Today, the island is prohibited to visit not only tourists but also indigenous people of the country.

1. Lascaux Caves (France)

The complex of caves located in France, it is famous for rock art, which refers to the Paleolithic period. In the caves discovered more than 900 paintings, the researchers argue that they are more than 17,000 years. They depict various animals that lived in these lands many years ago.

For visitors the attraction was closed in 1963, as the cave began to collapse under the influence of nowhere emerged the mold, therefore, the French authorities felt that the human presence is a threat to the historical monument.

Now the caves remain closed, they go only once a week to check the status.

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