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10 signs that your house is haunted


You seem to be, just remember that turning off the bathroom light... it burns. And you start to attribute it to my forgetfulness, they simply forgot to turn it off.

If this is repeated often, and you definitely remember that the lights went out, leaving something on the shelf – stop cheating yourself. The fact that in your house there is an otherworldly power – can frighten, but it should take.

Ghosts as a rule, do not hurt people, they just go back to the place where they lived before. If you rented an apartment – do not be surprised by uninvited guests.

And the signs by which you can determine whether in your home otherworldly force, you will learn from the article.

10. A sense of observation

Some people are more sensitive, and it is easier to perceive those things that cannot feel for others. If you feel someone's observation is, of course, may mean that you have seen enough horror movies before bed, and every shadow on the wall perceive a Ghost.

But if you're not impressed, not watching scary movies and I feel quite comfortable and fearless, and suddenly something freezing is a dead giveaway. You may notice something unusual, and understand that it was a Ghost.

9. Noise

You can sleep in his own bed, nothing is going to portend trouble... Look around – you are in my favorite bedroom, you are surrounded by familiar things, and you close your eyes, hoping to fall asleep quickly...

But it takes some time and your eyes are open-wide open – the thing is that you are very much frightened whisper, and now the whole sleep interrupted. Someone breathed or whispered something in his ear.

In addition to the whispers, the ghosts can be heard as a hissing, muffled steps. Don't be afraid, just the spirit wants to appear to you and start to interact. Typically, these noises are produced by the night and if you are brave, go to the sound, it is possible that you will meet a Ghost.

8. The feeling of heaviness

Throughout the house you can be opened Windows, all bedrooms are ventilated, but you never cease to experience the heaviness in the sternum. You find it hard to breathe, in addition, you feel the heaviness in the space, and you even want to go outside to find a river to sit by the water and cool off.

The presence of gravity says that your house has ghosts, and if you want to get rid of them – you need to call the priest who read the prayer, and consecrate the whole house with Holy water.

7. Moving objects

Some ghosts like to play with things, moving them. You can put your hair tie on the table, go to the kitchen to drink a glass of water, and return not to see the band. Of course, if you are a skeptic, you will think: "I guess I forgot to actually put it somewhere in other place".

It will take some time, you decide to vacuum under the bed, and will see my scrunchie. This means that the Ghost loves to play, also, sometimes poltergeists move objects directly in the eyes.

6. Strange dreams

Dreams usually come from the subconscious, it saves impressions and images, and then shows us pictures. But if you often dream of buildings that you will not have seen, either in movies or life, people you don't know, abandoned cities, and generally bother you nightmares this may indicate the presence of the spirit.

The Ghost wants to share with you my story, and through dreams he tries to make contact. If this happens, the Ghost wants to let you know – it was a tragedy, an accident. Try to start a diary and write in it what he saw in the dream. Rereading it, you might find the answer to what we need from you Ghost.

5. Smells

The souls of the dead can still interact with mortals with smells. If you begin to feel in your home a strange smell, which did not exist before is not just.

If you felt the smell of home – for example, one of your dead relatives enjoyed a certain perfume or smoke, and you began to feel that smell, it means that a Ghost wants to contact you. Don't be afraid of it, most likely, his soul cannot find peace and returned to the mortal world.

4. Temperature changes

The presence of a symptom can be recognized by using the changing temperature. If it is not changed, for example, usually get warm, but suddenly you began to feel a strong chill as turn frosty your feet and hands, it could mean that you came to a Ghost. Do not fear that he will not harm you.

But the fear is that if you become constantly hot, and at night in cold winter you want to throw off the covers – it speaks about the appearance in your home is a hostile Ghost.

3. Mood swings

The presence of the souls of the dead greatly affects your mood. If you normally were a calm, peaceful state, and suddenly began to cry, to be excreted from yourself – it may mean that you visited the phantom.

You can in just one hour to experience severe depression, depression and then severe unexplained euphoria and flight feelings. Watch when it starts, and if you can't explain your mood – so you are faced with a supernatural force.

2. Eye contact

100% proof of the presence of a Ghost is eye contact. Supernatural entity not even trying to hide themselves, on the contrary, it shows to man. You can see the silhouette of a man passing through a wall or door, moving glow.

The Ghost can be placed on a chair or even lie down with you on the bed. He may start talking to you... But if the Ghost shows himself so clearly, it can say that he wants to warn you about something important, listen to him.

1. Touch

If you numb because it felt on my body the touch it could mean that you as a Ghost. Usually one thinks that it seemed to him, or the wind blew, however, where the wind come from in a quiet room with closed Windows?

Aggressive poltergeists can throw people up in the air, push, push on the chest or even beat... If you encounter this entity – without the help of a good exorcist can not do.

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