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10 celebrities women with a bad reputation


To be a famous person – a big challenge, which, unfortunately, not all are successful. Constantly have to worry about your looks, behavior and even the words you are speaking publicly.

Together with the popularity in a person's life come money, and with money the feeling of permissiveness. Drugs no longer seem so unavailable, the offense is frightening, it is always possible to solve the problem of finances.

We have compiled a list of 10 famous women, many of whom are unable to cope with the blame on their brand recognition.

Some of them popularity unforgivable overstated CDA, and someone popularity ruined life.

10. Britney Spears

The most famous pop singer of his time, which did not pass the test of fame. Popularity literally collapsed on the girl: people recognized her talent, tickets for concerts sold out at the day, Spears was invited to star in a movie, participate in charity, because of its focus fought television channels.

A comfortable future and a happy life, it seems, was provided. What influenced the future behavior Britney is not clear: drugs or psychological disorders.

Scandals, fights, drunken marriages in Vegas, shaving the head, alcohol and countless rehabilitation centers.

Recently, Spears tried to stage a comeback, but for the young generation of the personality of the singer is not interesting, and old fans are not interested in new hits.

9. Miley Cyrus

The star of the TV channel "Disney" and the main actress of the series "Hannah Montana". The audience just loved the wide-eyed cheerful girl Miley, but the image of a cute baby Cyrus was clearly not to their liking.

As soon as the contract with Disney ended, the girl shaved off her long hair, wearing shorts shorter, got rid of the underwear and officially announced that the pretty girl Miley the audience will never see.

For several years Cyrus was acting bizarre: went dancing on stage, laid bare, shone in the scandals and strongly shocked. The singer played a little "bad girl", and it is not surprising that many Cyrus now dislike.

8. Beyonce

Beyonce does not like for its capricious nature and impossible requests. Ryder of the singer has repeatedly discussed publicly in the media that that requires a certain temperature of the bath water, and the specific color of toilet paper, and even installing a new toilet in another room.

In addition, many laugh at the reverent attitude of the singer to his own photo. Beyonce can't stand bad camera angles and concert photos, because in the process of singing is impossible to control facial expressions. Cases are known, when she sued the photographers for their bad shots.

7. Courtney Love

Courtney Love was always in the way of a bad girl, until one day the public is not awarded the singer the title is terrible girls! The remains of the audience's sympathy for Love collapsed when it became known that she was using heroin.

Creativity and even more personality Courtney today nobody cares. If a woman gets the news online, extremely controversial.

6. Amy Schumer

The star of the film "Beauty on his head," Amy Schumer hate from a few members of the population. Here you are, and stand-up comedians, who often fished Schumer on plagiarism, and therefore does not respect the stand-up and do not believe that professional.

Friends Amy also have a thing about the girl, because in many interviews openly admits that he would like to "sleep" with their husbands of their girlfriends.

Yes even admirers of Sumer wary of the actress! It is known for the case when a fan posted in his Instagram a failed selfie with Amy. She asked to remove the photos, the fan refused and then the poor guy started calling with threats. Schumer tweeted publicly stated that encouraging the actions of people who threaten violence to the stranger, since he does not want to remove the photo.

5. Michelle Rodriguez

Dislike Rodriguez was caused by the fact that the actress was a fan to drive drunk. Of course, the public worried about such carelessness, after all the deplorable consequences of drunken trips people are well aware.

In the end, the actress got in a car accident, driving of course she was drunk. Michelle fled the scene of the accident, after all-taki have detained and arrested for 6 months.

4. Nicole Richie

First Richie is famous for her friendship with Paris Hilton. And after Nicole glorified liters of alcohol, drugs and specialized clinics, who tried to cure Richie.

The girl can be called a playgirl, however, sometimes "burning" it fell into the hands of the police. The fact that Richie loved to drive a car, being in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.

3. Lindsay Lohan

Lohan won the love of the audience even as a little girl. She predicted a great future in acting career, but the most Lindsay on this, apparently, was his opinion. As soon as the age of the girl has crossed the line of age – the actress had a ball.

Drugs, alcohol, tardiness on the set, she has set up colleagues on the shooting days of his tantrums and unwillingness to work. In the end, the location of important people in the Hollywood world of the Film is lost and the door to a great movie for girls forever closed.

2. Paris Hilton

Socialite and heiress of a multimillion state. The girl is famous for his connections and ability to spend inherited money.

Of course, in the life of the blonde beauty are alcohol, drugs and driving under the influence. The Hilton and got into an accident and left the scene of the crime. There is nothing surprising in the fact that people dislike this girl.

1. Amanda Bynes

Another girl from our list, which is still at a young age won the hearts of viewers, and life eventually went downhill.

Bynes was the star of the youth American films, she predicted a good career, but in a girl's life appeared drugs. The actress admitted that he take the pills even on the set, why could not recall cues and focus on work.

In 2008, Amanda has officially announced the end of his acting career, the producers stopped calling her in their films, Directors – to offer the role. After it became known that bynes has a serious mental illness – bipolar disorder.

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