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10 ways to recognize a bad salon


In recent times it has become very fashionable to work for themselves, "to do business". This involved all and Sundry. As the mushrooms grow, showrooms, beauty salons, massage salons.

Speaking of shops can not survive, poor things is unlikely to ruin your health or appearance, but to the choice of salon should be taken carefully.

Very often services that are there provide, are in doubt. Low qualification of masters, unsanitary conditions or absence of the required license – a common occurrence for many hair salons and beauty salons.

To not fall for the tricks of unscrupulous entrepreneurs pay attention to detail. To distinguish a bad from a good salon is not too difficult.

You can get a General opinion by some external signs. After talking with the master, the situation is even more clear.

We will tell you what you should pay attention. Below are 10 ways to recognize a bad salon.

10. Interior

Every client of the salon first looks at the interior. If the interior suits you, you can safely proceed to the reception Desk.

If the room is dirty, shabby, you would not want to be a customer of this salon. Perhaps the most important condition is purity, especially in the workplace masters.

Not the last role plays the licence menu. Free access should be a book of complaints and suggestions. Take the time to look at it.

9. At the hairdresser multiple clients

If the wizard offers you to take a seat: "there's something at the window. Now I'll mokrasu, and will deal with you" go without hesitation. In the fierce competition of hairdressers trying to keep every potential customer.

If you offer a haircut in between dyeing and other procedures, you know – proper attention you will not get here.

If you want to cut bangs, I can agree, but if you want to change your hairstyle or dye your hair, make an appointment for another date. The other masters and in a different cabin. If there is such a thing, then there is no guarantee that another master behaves differently.

8. Additional services

If you haven't had time to sit down in the chair, and you already suggest to try the latest miracle treatments for hair, face and body, it is worth considering. Beautician or Barber services impose, you don't need.

Most customers agree because they think: "Master not bad advice", really you just want to rip off more money.

Unfortunately, in some salons you will even warn not. For example, when colouring hair, blow drying is a separate amount. Not so much money, but if the master will take 100 rubles every time I pick up a comb or 50 every movement of the shears, the result is a pretty decent amount.

In good salons, you not only dried your hair but also will cause caring means. All this is included in the amount of staining, anything extra will not have to pay.

7. The versatility of the wizard

You should be alerted, if you came here to do a haircut, and your master is engaged in eyelash extension. A good master will not develop in several directions.

Therefore, in this situation, the multitasking master characterizes him as a person incompetent. He wants to get "all little". To provide a level of service you need to constantly learn, improve your skills. This is possible if you focus on one.

6. Beautician with no medical training

If you came to the salon for a beauty treatment, be sure to inquire about the availability of the diploma of the medical school at the beautician.

This is the case, if you intend to perform complicated cosmetic procedures or massage, injections. Prerequisite – at the salon must be licensed to carry out these services.

In the license, and medical education is not necessary if the beautician is engaged in sugaring, eyelash extensions, eyebrow shaping, manicure and pedicure. These services are typically people who graduated from special courses.

5. The beautician asks about the health

A good beautician will never carry out the procedure without first asking you about the condition.

Allergic reactions, individual intolerance of drugs or illness can lead to unexpected consequences. So take the time to carry out the procedure if the beautician is ready to immediately start work.

4. Savings on consumables

And again the little things that make up a General idea of the beauty salon. Must be disposable collars and sheets.

If the gowns faded and have a very sad view from the masters is no form, they look sloppy, you offer a leaky or old towels, never go back to this salon.

It's probably not only save on consumables and cosmetics. Maybe the wizards too.

It is unlikely you will agree on the procedure or a complex painting from a master who just yesterday received a diploma or have completed a course, or haven't updated their knowledge. Self-respecting hairdresser regularly attends training seminars, increases the level of skill.

3. Colorist promises that will achieve the color you want

Even the most skilled wizard cannot vouch for the colour result. It is affected by many factors: the initial colour of the hair, the correctness of the chosen colours, even the menstrual cycle.

First you need to decide on a color, preferably at the photos and show to the master. He will tell you, realistic to achieve this shade, how much you have to spend time and money, and also whether it will be possible to save the result.

If the master to all your questions give satisfactory answers, then you can agree on the staining. But be prepared that the result may not meet your expectations.

2. In the salon you can do a test strand

If you doubt the result, experienced colorist will offer you to do a test strand to understand how your hair is after bleaching or dyeing. To do this, the wizard will take a small lock of hair and will lighten or stain it.

You will be able to understand what color will turn out, the master will comment on the result. If you take the time to change the image, wait a couple of weeks. Then we can talk about the consequences of the procedure.

If hair began to fall heavily, it is better to wait with the painting. Unfortunately, most beauty salons do not carry out such a procedure. But if you ask adequate master, it is unlikely that you will be denied.

1. The wizard doesn't ask questions

It has already been noted that an experienced master or beautician always ask your health. A good hairdresser will clarify some points.

It is important to know whether you go to the pool or maybe going on vacation to the sea, how many times a week you wash your hair, how often do you change the color and haircut. You should not be embarrassed by such questions.

Tell everyone that asks the hairdresser. This will allow him to understand how to proceed, what tools to choose for your hair.

Also an experienced seasoned after cutting will give you advice about styling and hair care, recommend products for problem solving.

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