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10 attitudes for which you can't get rich


Probably no one would have refused a large Bank account, expensive real estate and Executive cars. Here are just some of them are lucky and they are achieving their objectives, while others work their whole life, but live more than modest.

What is the secret to wealth? The answer to this question interested mankind for many centuries. Whatever is said about the spiritual, material value for a person will always be of great importance. The secret is simple – you need to always monitor your thoughts.

It is not about the esoteric and with psychology. A person's thoughts have a huge impact on his life. They control his actions programmed on luck or failure.

Most stereotypes are formed in childhood. Want to become rich, you will have to fight with your thoughts. After reading this article you will learn what beliefs alienate from you the wealth. Below are the top 10 attitudes, which you can't get rich.

10. I will never be rich

Perhaps the most popular phrase. Most people repeat it regularly without worrying that it will be so. Want to become rich, never repeat those words. The brain will find a lot of evidence to confirm this assertion.

For example, you believe in what you do not have the "punch" character or appropriate level of education. Do not drive yourself into the framework.

The money comes not only to those who studied at the fine or can walk over the heads. Believe me, that will be able to achieve their goals, then your brain will start to work in a different mode. He will look for solutions, not excuses.

9. Honest work will not earn much

This stereotype is established in the minds of many people. They sincerely believe that getting rich is possible only by illegal means. If you also think that all the "rich" are thieves, deceivers, look all around. Surely among your friends there are wealthy people who have achieved certain heights in honest labor.

Want to motivate yourself, go on the Internet. There are plenty of stories where people started from the bottom and made a fortune with his intelligence and abilities. Yes, of course, the world is full of bad people, but they are among the poor.

The character of a man depends on his heredity and upbringing, not the amount of money in your wallet. Want to become rich and successful, chase away such thoughts.

8. I'm buying

The rich man will think 100 times than to say this phrase. But some people who do not have nothing for the soul, often arrange such warmth.

Of course, you will make a favorable impression on friends or acquaintances, and treated them drinks at the party, just what will you do then? They have to take.

Before you give a expensive item or have a party at your expense, think about whether fit this amount in your budget. Learn how to spend money wisely, if you have extra, better invest them in business.

Of course, it is not necessary to rush to extremes and to save every penny. Rude to come empty-handed to a birthday or a wedding.

7. I'll buy it on credit

Rich people prefer not to go into debt. If they have no money to buy expensive things, they will postpone it until better times. Poor contrast, are willing to take a loan and pay high interest rates, only to get an expensive phone or a gorgeous coat right now. Don't even think about it.

Want to please yourself, work, strive towards your goal, save up money, but do not take loans. It is not about overpayment, but the mindset of the debtor. Such a person is difficult to change a lifestyle. He prefers to live in debt.

By the way, thinking of a debtor is not only about money but about human behavior, about his place in life. Such a person thinks that he always have family and friends around, the world. If you think the same, can never get rich.

6. 100 rubles – not money

So I think it is not the rich people, and those who interrupted with penny for penny. It seems that 50 or 100 won't make a difference, but if you start saving now, you can accumulate a decent amount.

Use every opportunity if you want to improve your financial situation. Cashback is negligible? No need to shy away from it, look for a more profitable option. Do not rush your purchases, wait for the best promotions.

Yes, of course, you can't get everything here and now, but can save significantly. Think about that every saved 100 rubles bring you closer to your goal.

5. To earn a lot, needs a lot of work

Indeed, a few decades ago, people were convinced that to be successful, you need to work tirelessly. Two shifts at the plant, the part after the main work brought a lot of money.

The modern man has much more possibilities to earn. Now you can find something for everyone and turn it into a successful business. The possibilities are many, do not focus on a specialty that I received.

Think about what you would like to do the rest of my life? Work should be fun, then the money will come easily.

4. Why do we need a marriage contract?

So I think most people who marry for love. The idea of a marriage contract just does not come to their mind. "Why? Because we so love each other!", — they think.

It is worth considering that in a few years, the relationship will deteriorate, and can even reach to divorce. You want to give half of his property to the former wife or husband? Even if you are confident in the person, it is better to err.

The man who loves you and respects your interests, go ahead and agree to sign a prenup. If not, you should think about his intentions. Is he as honest as he seem at first glance?

3. He remembers what needs

To lend or not is a personal matter. Except if millionaires gave their money right and left, soon they would have nothing left. Now many credit organisations, banks willing to give personal loans. Problems with getting money on credit is not, so better not lend them even your closest friends.

If you have decided, make it official. If you give money without a receipt, don't be afraid to remind them. Don't comfort yourself with thoughts that your friend remembers about the debt. Maybe he hopes that you forget or is not going to return the favor. Prepare for the fact that the money you borrowed, may never return to you.

2. Postpone on "black" day

Some people have a good salary, but to improve the financial situation, they still fail. The fact that they do not know how to use money, I don't know what make savings.

If you save money for a "rainy" day, you know – he will certainly come. Save up for a vacation, education, think about what you want from life. The phrase "black day" attracted to you trouble, forget about it.

1. Happiness is not in money

So calm yourself people who do not want to do. Of course, happiness is not in money, but rich people have more opportunities to become happy. They can monitor their health, to buy expensive medications and do treatments, they can travel and afford to spend all my free time at work to provide for his family.

Set a goal, work to achieve this. This can be the improvement of living conditions or travel around the world. In any case, you should be happy when your dream will come true. Then you realize that money is not just paper, and the path to the dream.

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