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10 beautiful Actresses who've turned into people who are ugly on the screen


The idea of beauty change from century to century. And they had to match. At the present time clearly be seen following the trend. When failures begin to haunt, people associate their appearance with external unattractiveness. As success consequence of outstanding external data.

As shown by the history of the heroines embodied by great Actresses, life-wise. And if not contrary to its law, then things are going well.

10. America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty"

American actress, who played a major role in the American Comedy series "Ugly Betty". Betty Suarez is the main character. Very unattractive and naive girl.

The complete absence of beauty, taste was a pass to the world of high fashion. Considering that all that is natural – it's not disfiguring, began to understand the alien life div.

Overcoming the intrigues, insults, ugly girl transformed appearance. And her Golden heart won fans.

This transformation has affected the entire life, professional experience as an actress. In the last series of the show, she is brilliant, feminine, sexy America Ferrera.

9. Nelly Uvarova, "Not born beautiful"

And folk wisdom adds – "but be born happy". A contemporary Cinderella story with a length of 200 series. Katya Pushkareva is the ugly duckling that became a beautiful Swan.

It is personal charm of the actress allowed to happen to the transformation of one girl into another. Brings them together in purpose. As the achievement of worldly success and professional. The actress believes that the most important thing in life is to be yourself. And good luck not long to wait.

8. Brittany Murphy, "Clueless"

"Stupid" is a Comedy film where a love story develops between the characters. Brittany bright, gregarious, gushing their talents actress.

In this film she plays a new girl homely girl, Tay Fraser, which comes in a strange teenage group. Here, scorn, and offensive antics. In an unfamiliar environment, the girls are two angels who take the trouble to transform a classmate.

Sense of style is developing under the watchful supervision of advanced, fashion-girlfriend. Hair color, makeup all added up and gives a great result. For Brittany, this role was a debut. This work has honed professional moments, thanks to the excellent cast.

7. Alisa Freundlich, "Office romance"

Unfathomable rebirth happened with the main character. It would seem simple. Open face, without makeup. Solid, office wear according to the dress code. Respectively matched shoes.

According to the Director, the transformation occurred as a result huge, overwhelming feelings, seized the main characters. Love. All broke and sparkle, sparkled colors around happy women.

6. Anne Hathaway "the Princess diaries"

American romantic Comedy for the whole family. The actress plays a 15 year old boy. Bigeye, a modern girl for the first time in life you have to make a choice. But as it turned out, decide it's not so bad. But "to butt" with its consequences – is really difficult.

Sentimental, magical rebirth on the screen is remembered for a lifetime. Not only girls but also their mothers, and grandmothers had that to perform over the years. What to revive the memory that may repeat.

5. Sandra bullock, "Love potion No. 9"

In this wonderful film, in the relationship between people, the rate on the hexes. Diana, the main character consumed with creating potions, which would help people shy to find your soul mate.

On the screen the audience can see the image of the heroine of grey mouse endlessly fascinated by the scientific experiment that transforms into a desirable girlfriend. The impression is that the main character is perplexed. Where he had been.

Comedy talent of the actress, the ability to beat every detail vividly neobychno, convinces the viewer that personal charm that will sweep away all obstacles on the path of life. These girls can't be alone.

4. Audrey Hepburn "My fair lady"

It is love for life. Anyone incomparable. Out of reach. God marked the actress. Charming, stunningly beautiful woman. Style icon and inimitable standard of femininity.

"My fair lady" is the film in which the actress played the role of the ugly girl and gryaznulka, street flower ladies. A girl from the slums, Eliza Doolittle. It is especially appalling to listen to the lady who spoke with a strong accent. To hide the aristocracy of the actress probably had great difficulty.

3. Emma Thompson, "nanny McPhee"

Fantasy-Comedy for family viewing. In the story of a family, where there are seven children in the care of single father needs a babysitter. You need to invite a woman.

But how to make a nanny loved? Matilda Murphy is the person who has it. This image created by Emma Thomson. All is well in the guise of a nanny. Except lovely tooth sticking out over his upper lip. Nasal voices. And powerful strength of character which subjugated brats.

2. Daniel Harris, "Make a wish"

The genre of the film is a fantastic Comedy. For family viewing. On the screen unfolds the story of two sisters. One successful is a role model. The Other Daniel. Modest, inconspicuous. Wonk–brunette.

Further, the plot develops with the speed of light. Exchanging figure sister, you had to copy her clothes, makeup, to move. A wonderful reincarnation.

1. Rooney Mara, "the girl with the dragon tattoo"

This is a detective Thriller in which Rooney Mara played a major role. Her character named Lisbeth Salamander. Hard, dynamic movie. It is not out of the topic of sexual violence, incest, torture.

The combination of acting, music, editing gives the feeling of genius. And that's before the viewer – the main character. Marbling person. Which coexist mask of grief and calculation.

If any of the titles, it would be difficult for such a powerful reincarnation of the angel to see Rooney Mara. A bundle of energy, an analytical mind and protest a world where the strongest go unpunished, but not for long. Strong emotions experienced by the viewer.

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