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10 things that have changed over time beyond recognition


Modern life is awash with the easy things, some of them saw the light a century and a half ago. And continuously improving, reached the modern consumer. Steel compact, safe, convenient and irreplaceable.

10. Roller skates

Sports equipment. Used for active recreation. In the past was a boots, which is attached to the frame, which was secured from two to five, six spike.

Written records about them date back to 1743. The first boots on the wheels shown on the engraving 1870. The first patent for such shoes received in Paris in 1819. The wheel was positioned in pairs, dvukhpolosnykh.

Actually, roller skates invented by Peter Kretova in 1946. Famous ballet-master did not expect that his desire to make the room interesting by the audience. Master in conventional skates mounted ball bearings. And there was a wonderful opportunity to go on stage at the rink.

Currently, inline skates are used in freeskate, the slalom. Extreme skiing in the city, running, roller skating, figure skating. Hockey, off-road riding outside the city. Riding in from the hills. Everything is subject to brave on roller skates.

9. Toaster

One of the essential cooking appliances designed for frying different types of bakery products. Surprisingly, the first toaster was invented a long time ago, in Scotland in 1893.

The bread was baked before, putting him in an iron grid. Scientists, who for many years was engaged in the improvement of the device, their efforts spent on the development of the electric heater. It was necessary that the unit is not burned, and production had a presentation.

Of course, the first toasters had clocks, some of them had to be that the bread didn't burn. Mistress stood up for the fact that the cooking took place without smoke and fire.

Today, manufacturers have taken into account all interests. The only question is, what sum of money the consumer is willing to spend on electrical appliance.

8. Life jacket

It's simple. This device to support a person in the water. It has a bright orange color. Filled or foam, or air.

For life jackets provided by European standards, with separation of devices into four categories. Mandatory requirement – the respiratory system of a swimmer shall be located not less than 12 cm above the water level without active movements of the hands and feet.

International Convention for saving human life at sea SOLAS has even more stringent requirements. On the infamous Titanic was inflatable life jackets.

Childrens life jackets, dates back to 1925, was made of Bicycle tires. Organization dedicated to save lives on the water, it is recommended always to carry a vest, regardless of age and ability to swim.

7. Calculator

The electronic computing device to perform operations on numbers or algebraic formulas. Currently prevalent simple counting machine.

Without them, no one else is thinking of going to the store especially today, when the numbers of VAT increases the cost of the purchase. Popular engineering, accounting, Finance, programming, graphic, printing calculators.

The era of modern calculators started with the crazy French scientist Pascal in 1643. The machine had the name "Pascaline". She was able to work with numbers up to 9 999 999. To add and subtract. Commercial success descended already in 1820, when he was patented the first mechanical calculator.

6. Lawnmower

Machine for trimming grass. The first machines were made of cast iron, represent two of the cylindrical drum. Mass production started in 1832, the company Ramsomes.

Interestingly, the company today manufactures garden equipment. The first mechanized models were powered using horse traction. Subsequently began to produce the lawn mower with a petrol and a steam engine.

Landscape design today, no one was surprised. Without the lawn mower is practically impossible to maintain the beauty of lawns, especially over large areas. Today they start or electric, or a gasoline engine.

5. Washing machine

One of the most essential things of a modern home. The first washing machine was a wooden box with a movable frame inside and manual transmission. The emergence of these domestic units led to the abolition of such a difficult profession as a laundress.

Age current – age rethinking of all that was known before. Subjected the classification and the washing machine. Activator and drum, semi-automatic and automatic, vertical and front – the type of load. By weight of dry linen. Wall and floor. Are equipped with timers. Wonderful home helpers.

4. Tower

In fact, the tower, which set the transmitting antenna television and radio transmitters television transmitting center. They are built on the highest points of the area. Tower are the attraction of cities. They are usually equipped with viewing platforms.

Stupartska tower – the world's first TV tower made of concrete. The total weight of the tower is about 3000 tons. The total height of 216.6 M.

One of the most famous towers in the world located in Tokyo. Its height is 634 meters. Weight 4000 tons.

Eiffel tower made of metal. Currently its height with the antenna reaches 324 meters. Total weight of 10,100 tons.

3. Printer

In English language the word "print". Printer – peripheral device of computer, designed to display textual or graphical information on paper or a polymer film.

The first printers began to work in the 50-ies, when the evolution of typewriters. It was dot matrix printers. They were replaced by laser, and then the jet device.

The classification takes into account printing capabilities, principles of imaging, color solutions, principles interfaceware connection. Currently, there are wireless printer with a wireless connection.

2. Hard disk or hard drive

The second hard drive is a hard drive. Is a storage device based on the principle of magnetic recording. The first hard drive appeared in the computer in 1956. He weighed more than 900 kg and dimensions were similar to a large refrigerator.

With the years has changed as the size of hard drives and amount of memory. Currently, the hard disk capacity is 14 TB, it is planned to increase up to 16 TB.

1. Laptop

The history of creation of laptops carries in the distant 1968, It was then the idea of making portable computers. They must perform all the same tasks that desktop computers.

Includes display, keyboard, touchpad, rechargeable batteries, in order to be able to work independently, small weight and dimensions. They must be equipped with a WI-FI device.

Currently, there are two classifications of laptops which complement each other. The first is based on the purpose and technical characteristics of the device, image – high quality and very high price, games, multimedia, etc., and the other based on the diagonal size of the display.

From 17 inches and more to devices with screen sizes less than 7 inches, the so-called palm computers. Second name personal digital assistants.

Life moves at the speed of light. This movement of people around the world, high professional requirements, storage of documents, reading books. All things are possible.

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