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Top 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world


Today we can hardly imagine our life without cats. These creatures have gained a place in the hearts of people around the world. Cats are quite different, each personality has its own character. Even cats of the same breed and colors can be completely different from each other: one can be active and energetic, and the other is on the contrary calm and quiet.

Currently, there are a lot of rocks, which appeared not accidental, but were bred by the breeders that the cat had a certain character, size, or color. The cost of such individuals can vary greatly depending on the prevalence and consumer purchasing power. Presenting your attention the ten most expensive cats.

10. The Russian blue cat400-2000 dollars

This breed has been recognized since the beginning of its existence, from the times of ancient Slavs, but she used to be popular only in Russia. Time passed and at the end of the XVIII century thanks to Karen Cox, the English breeder, Russian blue cat was known abroad. This cat is from 400 to 2000 dollars, and its price is fully justified. This lovely creation can brighten up the loneliness or become a member of a large family. The cat gets along great with children and can not worry that it will cause harm to your kids.

9. Serengeti600-2000 dollars

Breed relatively recently, at the end of the last century, by crossing two breeds: the Bengal and the Oriental. The result is remarkable: the cat muscular body and spotted coat, long legs and big ears. Cats of this breed is graceful, playful, and perfectly adapt to different conditions, and have a very peace-loving nature.

8. Toyger500-3000 dollars

The name of the breed in tune with the English "tiger", which translates as "tiger". Toyger really looks like a tiger, only smaller copies of it. Those who once dreamed to have at home this predator can now do this without harm to their health, but you will have to pay for this miracle a lot of money.

7. American Curl1000-3000 dollars

These cats are both Shorthair and longhair. Their distinctive feature is unusual ears, which seem to be specially wrapped back. Surprisingly, at birth the kittens ears are the most common, but a few days, they acquire an unusual shape.

6. Elf1300-3000 dollars

The elves have appeared recently, in 2006, but has already managed to win the love around the world. This expensive breed of cats do with their appearance reminds more of the character than the representative of the cat family. They have big eyes, totally missing the hair on the body, and their large ears are slightly bent forward. Maybe because of the ears, the breed acquired its name.

5. Bengal cat1000-4000 dollars

There was this rock once crossed an Asian leopard and a domestic cat. The result was a cat with leopard markings and thick fur. These creatures are sweet and gentle and expect the same in their favor, so desperately in need of human attention and care. They have unusual for cats habits: they love water and to lie on the shoulders of the owner.

4. Safari4000-8000 dollars

South American wild cat johua ordinary cat was crossed, as a result of this experience there was a rock Safari. This is a rare and unique cat. Unique it the fact that in appearance it is very difficult to distinguish from wild cats, but her personality is not aggressive. From their wild relatives it is different qualities of the domestic cat: tenderness, kindness, peace and humility. There is a lot of energy, which she happily throws at every opportunity. This cat is not stupid, she has quite high intelligence. If you decide to buy a cat, then count on the sum from 4000$ to 8000$.

3. Kao-Mani Diamond eyes7000-10000 dollars

This breed is an impressive ancestry that over the centuries these cats lived in homes of royalty. At Khao Mani, a very noble appearance: white as pure snow coat and beautiful, bottomless eyes. Eyes can be not a standard color, and at times colorful, but cannot be considered a flaw, but rather a “twist”, a peculiar ornament. Cats of this breed are very intelligent and when trained there is no even the slightest problem, they are active and can adapt to absolutely any environment. Despite his aristocratic appearance, these creatures are not spoiled. To buy a cat or kitten, you need to have from 7000$ to 10000$.

2. The chausie is a8000-10000 dollars

This is not only expensive, but a very rare breed, because in order to achieve it, we had to cross a swamp lynx and the home of the Abyssinian cat. A characteristic feature of the chausie appearance: short hair, long legs and large ears. These cats are very graceful, slim and graceful. The chausie is an incredibly intelligent and active cats, my whole life they live with enthusiasm, like little kittens. These cats love to chat, just can't live without him. If there is no host, happy to communicate not only with cats and even dogs. The price of such pet from 8000$ to 10000$.

1. Savannah4000-22000 $

To date, the most expensive cat breed in the world – Savannah. This is a very handsome cat with a noble appearance, looking at it one can hardly say that it is suitable for maintenance of her house. In fact, these big cats can easily adapt to different conditions. At home they feel comfortable and happy to communicate with the owner and other Pets. But remember, they like to walk in the fresh air and they need space to feel comfortable.

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