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10 "unformatted" wives of celebrities


It would seem that Hollywood pretty boys always get married either on fellow Actresses or models (in the extreme case, young and handsome millionaire). After all, they themselves are rich, famous and, often, very well maintained.

But no! Among them there are, it turns out, those who choose life partner "of a person for the soul," and not just another "pretty accessory".

Here's 10 of the most striking examples of what, in principle, to grab your husband a real sex symbol, which literally pray hundreds of thousands of fans, sometimes quite ordinary "gray mouse" (and sometimes this "mouse" also has a lot of years).

10. Sergey Brin and Anne Wolitski

Sergey Brin, of course, is not an actor and dazzling handsome, but he ranks 13th in the world largest state (47,6 billion). Brin (actually, a born Muscovite) – developer and co-founder of Google, was acquainted with his future wife Anne Wolitski student years.

Ann geneticist, and she is engaged in research aimed at preventing some genetic diseases (such as Parkinson's disease, bloom's syndrome, etc.), and Brin sponsored the research.

Apparently, Ann "hooked" Sergei is their intelligence (they really were worthy of each other in this regard). Their wedding took place in 2007, the marriage produced a son Benji and daughter Chloe.

But in 2015, the Union still collapsed, Ann filed for divorce due to the fact that Sergey was fond of the young Google employee Amanda Rosenberg (who is not only younger, but, alas, much prettier than the first wife breena).

9. Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan

Another billionaire, is also choose from numerous "alternatives" modest classmate, Facebook founder mark Zuckerberg.

He did not care that he is one of the most enviable "parties" in the world. Because Priscilla mark "on one wave" – the girl was with him since 2004, ever since studying at Harvard when the young Zuckerberg could not think of what we will be glorified and become fabulously rich.

He knows that his wife is with him – not because of his fabulous billion (in 2018, the state of Zuckerberg is estimated at 71 billion dollars), and from pure love.

By the way, I married mark and Priscilla in 2012, quite unexpectedly, even for their relatives. And now they have two daughters. And for her sake he learns Chinese.

8. John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The pair met in 1966 at the exhibition in the gallery "Indica", where Yoko Ono, Japanese artist, recently arrived in London, was involved with his avant-garde sculptures.

I must say, neither the exhibition, nor the Yoko Ono to John Lennon at first categorically did not like. But Yoko, by her own admission, at first glance realized that this was destiny.

Persistent Japanese, which turned out to be absolutely no matter what Lennon actually married, and that she was older than him by 7 years, started literally "attack" the elect, – she wrote him a short note, sometimes for hours actually watched it from home, etc.

Eventually John became aware that he was with Yoko interesting (unlike his quiet and uncomplaining wife Cynthia), without hesitation threw husband and son Julian and went to my weird Japanese.

With Yoko Ono, they had been married for 11 years, constantly (and willingly) "vlyapalas" in a shocking escapade and given birth to son Sean.

7. Vincent Perez and Karin Sylla

Swiss actor and Director Vincent Perez is quite attractive (and certainly famous) man. His main role has always been romantic heroes-lovers, and Perez looks great in these roles in pairs with leading French Actresses (Emmanuelle Bear in "the Voyage of captain Fracassi", Sophie Marceau in the film "the Flavor of love Fanfan", Isabelle Adjani in "Queen Margot," etc.).

But he married a former Senegalese model Karine Silla, um... with, of course, exotic, but not perfect appearance.

Despite the fact that Karin, at the time, chose him Gerard Depardieu (who left her pregnant), Vincent Perez loves his wife and considers her the fairest of women. They have been together for 18 years and are raising four children.

6. Matthew Fox and Margherita Ronchi

About the same as that of the previous pair, can be said about Matthew Fox and his wife Margherita Ronchi. Dr. Jack Sheppard from the cult TV series Lost ("lost") could become coveted "trophy" for every beauty from Hollywood.

But he's married to former Italian model (far from modern ideals of beauty) for the past 24 years, raising her two children, and part is not going.

His family Matthew Fox always takes me to all the shooting, not to be away from each other for too long. The attention of thousands of fans of the Fox did not touch, he remains faithful to Margaret, because she was with him when he worked as a waiter in a cafe and did not know that will be a real star.

5. Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Sam Taylor-wood

Handsome young British actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Director Samantha (Sam) Taylor-wood became a couple when he was 19 and she was 42. Yeah... of Course, sometimes men prefer women older and more experienced than myself... But Aaron is clearly strongly with this "gone too far", according to many of his colleagues and fans.

Nevertheless, even after 3 years (in 2012), they got married, and now they have four daughters (two from a previous marriage, Sam, and two General).

The performer of the role of Vronsky in "Anna Karenina", John Lennon in the biographical "Becoming John Lennon", the superhero known as Quicksilver in the film based on the comic book "the Avengers: age of Ultron," etc. says that she always loved independent, intelligent, smart and creative women, and Sam is just such.

4. Hugh Laurie and Jo green

Charismatic and long world famous "house MD" – of course, not handsome. However, this lanky Brit with large piercing blue eyes could, if desired, to conquer any excellent colleague, "acting workshop". But the fact that he had no desire to arise.

Hugh Laurie loves his small and inconspicuous spouse with a "male" name, Jo, for her infinite wisdom and patience. In fact, Laurie is also a very complicated character (not as much as his main character, but still...), and only the wife knows how to comfort him and to support their understanding.

They have been married for 30 years (since 1989) and I have not regretted. Honestly, once Hugh Laurie has had a serious temptation – tried to divert it from his wife babe Audrey cook (Director of television).

But clever Joe masterfully "razrulil" the situation, calmly writing her rival all the details of life with Lori and ask her if perhaps she was ready to sacrifice himself for the happiness Hugh (bringing Audrey retreated herself, and admiring Lori left).

3. Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shay Smith

Perhaps the most beautiful cinematic James bond (the fifth), pierce Brosnan is married to an attractive, but too, hmm... a lush for a wife of a sex symbol woman.

The journalist Keely Shea Smith in the last fifteen years has significantly "increased in size" but neither she herself nor the spouse star is not in any way embarrassing. Brosnan believes his Keeley delicious and sexy.

They first met in 1994 in Mexico: Keeley took at the Pier interview, and he was already 3 years, as the inconsolable widower (Brosnan's first wife Cassandra died of cancer) suddenly felt a strong interest.

Some time they communicated at a distance, then moved in together (with Keely claimed that serious relationship do not interest her), and finally, in 2001, after the birth of two sons, married.

Pierce loves the wife for the patience and women's wisdom, because Keeley understands that Brosnan could not help comparing her with Cassandra.

2. Josh Holloway and Jessica Cumana

And one more handsome and a recognized sex symbol from the TV series Lost and his wife is a real "gray mouse". Josh Holloway is well aware how much women like him, however he is a great man, who truly loves his wife Jessica and claiming that she nothing to be afraid of change.

Miniature Indonesia Jessica Kumala – old friend Josh. They were married in 2004 in Hawaii immediately after filming "Stay alive".

Just like Matthew Fox and his Margarita, relations between Josh and Jessica began long before he became famous. Little Asian girl supported a tall, handsome man when his career was all very sad, and he's very grateful for it. Now the couple have two children – a daughter, Java Kumala, and son hunter Lee.

1. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness

Steep and brutal Wolverine got into the lists of the most handsome men in the world. He "licked" the first beauty of Hollywood, but he has a long and well married.

With his Debarros Hugh met in 1991, and then he was not known to anyone, even in their native Australia. But Deborra (which is older than her husband of 13 years) at the time was a very popular actress.

Hugh says that he fell in love with his future wife first sight as soon as I saw her on the set, and at first was so shy that I could not tell the Deborra about their feelings directly. Finally, she approached him and asked why Hugh not speaking with her. Since this all started.

After 4 months of Dating, the couple married. Jackman was 27, and Deborra Lee-Furness – 40. So how to give birth to their children they failed, then adopted a boy Oscar and little girl Ava.

Hugh genuinely loves his wife and considers her a great mom and the best woman in the world.

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