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10 movies for real men


It is no secret that most of us have not lived the stereotypes and know that the perfect men are only in fairy tales and melodramas.

In real life men can be full of disadvantages — they can be stubborn and irritable, too dreamy or too materialistic. However, women love them as they are.

In the world cinema times Directors were taken in his paintings reveal the deeper inner world of men with all their contradictions, strengths and aspirations.

Submitted 10 movies about true male characters.

10. Peaceful warrior2006

Dan Millman everything in this life dostaetsya too easily. All predict for him a successful career: he's a very talented gymnast who has all the chances to go to the Olympic games.

But instead of exhausting training, Dan spends time having fun with friends. It off at parties and travels at high speed through the city. But everything changes in an instant: a guy gets seriously injured, and all his dreams now he's appear blurred.

Together with his new friend, the mysterious Socrates, Millman have to start all over again, but this time not wasting time on silly entertainments, and really appreciating my surroundings and my place in it

9. Knockin ' on heaven1997

Cool car, million in the trunk and only one week for everything Martin and Rudi know that die and they live only a few days.

Seeing that Rudy had never seen the sea, Martin decides to any means to achieve his dream. Under the intoxicating effect of tequila, and new friends right in the hospital stealing clothes belonging to famous local mafia collector's car, in the glove compartment on the gun in the trunk of $ 1 million.

Having made the road a RAID on a gas station and a Bank, two desperate men, and pursued by bandits and militiamen, traveling towards his cherished dream

8. City Of God2002

The picture covers the events that took place during thirty years in the so-called City of God slum in Rio de Janeiro.

The plot revolves around two characters a guy by the name of Rocket, balancing between your conscience and a penchant for minor offences, and his friend Dadinho, who since childhood has become a criminal

7. Schindler's List1993

The film is based on the true story of a man named Oskar Schindler. He was a member of the Nazi party and very successful industrialist who saved during the Second World war, thousands of lives of Jews doomed by the Nazis to death.

It is a hymn of the victory of good over evil, human over the system, who did not want to become a cog in the terrible Nazi death machine

6. Brother1997

Danila Bagrov has recently retired from the army after serving in Chechnya. The guy returns to his provincial town in which I grew up. Here is the situation characteristic of the dismal 90: dirt, despair, and hopelessness. One day near his home he meets a group of TV crew, filming a music video for the popular band Nautilus Pompilius.

Accidental misstep provokes a fight in which Daniel finds himself in a local police station. Distressed by such events, the mother asks her son to go to Peter to his older brother, Victor, who, as they say, there succeeded in business

5. Reservoir dogs1992

This enterprise could be the perfect crime. Deciding to Rob a jewelry store, mobsters Joe Cabot brought together six experienced and complete strangers to each other gangsters. But from the start things did not go as planned, because of this an ordinary robbery turned into a bloody meat grinder

4. The good, the bad and the ugly1966

The film is set during the civil war. Three adventurers Good, the Bad and the Wicked go in search of valuable treasure. This cache is in an abandoned cemetery in one of the graves.

However, each of the participants in this adventurous enterprise has only part of the information which can help to become the owner of fabulous wealth. Therefore, to pursue its goal they will have together. Well, then the matter of luck

3. Cards, money and two Smoking barrels1998

The picture is about the illegal business of gangsters of all kinds on British soil. Everyone in the system takes its place in the hierarchy: someone played at cards for large sums, someone engaged in fraud, someone is engaged in a robbery, and the other ready to put on all of the above

2. Fight club1999

Tormented by chronic insomnia and all the forces trying to escape from a terminally boring reality meets a certain clerk Tyler Darden, a charismatic and assertive soap seller with a perverted philosophy of life. Tyler believes that the building of his personality, wimps, and self-destruction of the meaning of life real men.

It will take quite some time, and now two of these guys violently beat each other in the Parking lot in front of the bar, and this cleansing, the fight gives them a true pleasure.

Attracting other males to the simple joys of physical abuse, they are in a secret Fight Club in the short term is increasingly popular.

But in the end all the heroes waiting for an incredible discovery that could lead to unexpected consequences

1. Die hard1988

This film opened the world a new star, which was destined forever to go down in history of world cinema and break millions of female hearts. Of course, we are talking about Bruce Willis.

John McClane lives in the various criminal elements in new York. He spends half his life worked in the local police station.

John from early childhood, uphold justice and protect those who needed it. He had all the makings of a model COP. And he succeeded! As only McClane can defeat hordes of baddies and to save dozens of lives.

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