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10 gender stereotypes imposed on us since childhood


Gender stereotyping is prevalent in society, ideas about what should do boys and that girls.

From childhood children are taught to behave in accordance with their gender – the girls wear dresses and buy dolls, and the boys ask: "What kind of car do you want?" Often this choice of reasonably – children choose what to play, but society and parents reinforce in the child a craving for one or the other, endorsing his choice, if he is "right".

Not to say that children are completely deprived of choice, but sometimes, if a child is drawn to committed different – for example, a boy wants to play with girls dolls, parents begin to curb his passions, because they are "wrong". This causes many problems.

Many grow up not even thinking about why they like it, not more. Only helps self-examination and the power to change everything. Look at this collection – if you believe that you are the right person, which has not been spared gender stereotypes.

10. Girls should be kind and beautiful and boys strong and brave

Children do not know how to behave, but adults tell them. If a boy cries his shame, and the school called "a girl". And if a girl fighting and not trying to be nice – said to her: "Be kind, you're a girl".

Psychologist Christia Spears brown believes that girls and boys should have different toys for the body, emotions and intellect. If the boy wants to play posudku with puppets – he needs to allow it to do, because this game will teach him to care and be kind.

If a girl stands up for herself and gets into a fight, you don't need to tell her: "You're a girl", you say: "Try next time just to talk with her abuser".

9. All women gossip, and men no

In society it is accepted that women are going in the company and gossip about everything: about Lenk-changing Boyfriends like gloves, Pete, who has a mistress, etc.

But, first, not all women like to collect gossip, second, some men love to gossip even more than women – they're at the bar and tell each other about the events of his personal life, about how their "nagging" wife, etc. From gossip no one is immune.

8. Women should stay home with the children and men earn money

From a very early age children are taught to such duties: a girl helps her mother with the housework, and the boy dad to repair the car in the garage or drive nails in the house.

No wonder the girl grow up, chooses for himself the role of housewife and mother – she just doesn't know how and are not trained to do something else.

If every child was chosen for responsibilities, then perhaps there would be so many Housewives, women would work alongside men, and economic Affairs would be engaged in both.

7. The main purpose of a woman is family and children

Still, even despite the fact that we live in a modern and more or less civilized society, a woman who lives alone and without children, looking askance.

However, if a man is alone and has no family askance at him, no one will see. The main purpose of every human is to do what he wants, not to torture yourself and do not live according to the pattern. Only in this case it is possible to find happiness, realizing that it was not someone, but only you are responsible for your life.

6. All men only want sex

It is considered that all men are sexually obsessed, and besides sex they have nothing. The fact is that if a man is sexually active is encouraged by friends, society, he has a reputation for macho, and proudly wears the title. There will he to lose it!

In addition, the men eat, work and have accumulated a lot of energy that had somewhere to put it. Way to discharge a sex they are not so necessary for intimacy as women, their goal is to remove the accumulated tension.

Due to the fact that men are not a long time in search of love and understanding, ( typical of women) and willing to sleep with anyone willing, they are considered possessed.

5. Gays are too feminine, and lesbians courageously

In the movies they show women in which one of them behaves as male gender stereotypes, and the second as a woman. In the case of gay men the situation is also one in a couple of "real man" – tough, strong, downright "iron" and the other feminine, soft.

However, everything in life can be completely wrong two women in a couple can be sweet and feminine, and men are both tough and strong. Sometimes lesbians and gays it's difficult to calculate – they can behave quite normally and wear normal clothes. Gay can work in "men's" hard work and everyone will think that he loves women.

4. If a man wears a skirt he's weird

Many men are willing to wear skirts, especially in the heat, but if that happens, they will find weird. However, women have great choice in clothes, if a woman wears pants, no one will look at her askance, although in the past women were not allowed to wear them.

But when man wore skirts, more precisely, in loincloths. Then they felt that the skirts on the horse uncomfortable to ride, and then came the pants (they came to Europe from the Scythians).

In Scotland, he saw a man in a skirt, no one will consider it strange. Who knows, maybe one day and men closet will become more diverse.

3. If a man is bothering a woman – he's a pervert

Somehow, in those moments when a man sits down next to the woman at the bar with a desire to learn, embraces her and begins to touch (of course, if she doesn't mind) – it is considered harassment, but if the same thing will make a woman she automatically becomes brave and bold. And no matter what it is several times more men, who huddled in a corner of her outright harassment!

Sometimes a woman should just try to say "No" and not to cause a panic, if she wanted to meet the man. Of course, there are, uncomprehending men, but the chance that the woman will follow, to pester her against her will – is not so great.

2. All women are talkers

The phone exists to ensure that everyone was easy to contact the right person at any time and at any time. But many people like to talk on the phone – going to work, at work, at home, sitting in cafes, etc.

And for some reason mostly believe that talking like women, but this is a huge misconception. Some women and a couple of words will not extend and men can talk incessantly. It all depends on character, not gender.

1. There is a male-dominated profession, and there are female

There is a belief that women were not suited for managerial positions, and they have to accept jobs that prevent them to behave as a good leader. There is an unfair gap for the same work a man and a woman receive different wages.

Psychologist Jordan Peterson said that the difference in wages depends not only on gender but also on education – women are more soft and compliant, so it is more difficult to negotiate and achieve in their benefits.

The captain of the ship can only be male, as it is considered, however, in 1935, Anna Bristles became the world's first female captain, before that she was a sailor. The main thing – to understand what you want, and never give up on your dreams.

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