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10 movies about moms, which is deprived of parental rights


Mother the first word, the main word in each fate of the famous line from the good old Soviet film.

But, it happens that a mother in the life of man is not a loving and understanding creature, ready to sacrifice everything for his child's happiness, and the real destructive factor, introducing discord into the life of Chad. In the history of world cinema not just for the plot of the film was taken precisely such stories.

Submitted 10 paintings, where among other characters are mom, which should be deprived of parental rights.

10. Veronica Whittaker (Kristin Scott Thomas), Easy virtue

John Whittaker after years of absence returns home with his young wife, American Larita. This woman did not fit into the noble family of Whittakers: she is from another continent, a racer, too self-sufficient, not snobby and has no respect for English traditions.

The lari also feels at ease in the society of the new family, and she asks her husband to go to London and get there your own house. However, the mother-in-law, so long waiting for the beloved son, will not let him go

9. Viola (Jane Fonda), If the mother in law – a monster...

Despite his sharp mind and visual appeal, endless attempts of Charlotte to find a master love does not end successfully. And here she meets Kevin, a charming, loving, and free young man! Did she finally find happiness?

Kevin makes Charlie's hands and hearts. It would seem that everything is going as it should. But not so simple. Together with Kevin in the life of the protagonist appears viola overbearing mother of her fiancé with the typical manners of the proprietress, who will do anything to disrupt the upcoming wedding of a beloved son

8. Mrs. Wormwood (Rhea Perlman), Matilda

This film is about a brilliant girl Matilda. Her mother is a housewife, busy watching TV, lotteries and other nonsense that she did not to his child.

Matilda's dad sells vintage cars, and thinks only about them. Therefore, at some point, Matilda starts to take its development. She visits to the library, learning cooking.

When she turns seven she wants to go to school, but her infantile parents believe that it is too small. All the father gives her in one school.

Matilda comes up in class, met with other students and affects the teacher, miss honey their phenomenal abilities.

7. Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), The Graduate

After graduating from College, his parents returned to Benjamin Braddock. And begins an endless string of friendly visits. Everyone wants to see the graduate!

On one such evening, Ben meets a friend of their ancestors is a very nice woman, middle-aged Mrs. Robinson. Having lost a head from love to the charming young man, she begins to pursue him. Finding no way to resist the pressure of Mature ladies, Ben takes her into an intimate relationship.

Shy and weak-willed Ben continues to meet with this woman, until he falls in love with her daughter! Learning of their love, the girl's mother turns into a real fury

6. Stifler's Mom (Jennifer Coolidge), American Pie

This film is about the daily life of American youth is considered a classic of modern American humor. A character known to all fans of American pie as Stifler's mom is a domineering mother, which excites the libido of teenagers around the world.

5. Tutti (Estelle Getty), Stop! Or my mom will shoot

The police Sergeant Joe Born life changed when his sweet mother, tutti decided to visit beloved child.

Much to the delight of girlfriend and immediate superior Joe, Lieutenant Gwen Harper, tutti tidying up his bachelor abode, and begins to equip on their own way household. Of course, the gallant officer did not share the joy of all these innovations.

But the worst thing is that his mother accidentally witnesses a crime and requires... to son gave her the opportunity to participate in the investigation! Joe now has a new partner – his own mother, which will not allow the descent to the underworld!

4. Mother (Mae Questel), new York stories

Lionel Dobie is a successful artist. And Paulette, his apprentice. Among them flares up real passion. But the problem is that the main character loved his protege, realizes that her painting is terrible. Before the artist there is a serious dilemma: should he tell her frankly about the lack of ability, or deceive her in order not to hurt?

3. Kate McCallister (Catherine o'hara), home Alone

At Christmas time a large American family decides to visit Europe. But in the hectic and fees parents left the house of one of their offspring. But this guy did not panic, showing themselves and others that despite his young age, he has strong nerves and incredible resourcefulness. Even when they tried to get the robbers, it was difficult for them to resist the ingenuity and cunning charming little boy.

2. Delia Dietz (Catherine Ohara), Beetlejuice

The narrative begins when a young couple the Maitlands take two weeks off in hopes to conceive. But their dreams are not given to be fulfilled because of the accident. Now they are ghosts in their own home in the town of winter river

1. Norma Bates, Psycho

After the death of his wife Norma have one son, Norman Bates in severity, cultivating in his little head the idea that sex is evil and dirty, and all women are prostitutes by nature.

For many years mother and son lived as if the external world did not exist. When Norman entered adolescence, his mother appeared boyfriend, whom she wanted to marry.

A boy with a damaged psyche began to experience terrible jealousy, thinking that the mother loves more than her fiance, so he decided to poison both of them with strychnine, beat all so that their deaths look like suicide

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