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10 things that make up a perfect marriage


It seems that in order to happily and safely live the life that you simply need to find your soul mate and manage to walk with him to the Registrar's office, and then all by itself will be alright.

However, the fact that you met, do you think the love of your life and your feelings met reciprocity, does not guarantee that you will live happily and die in one day.

Psychologists compare love with a living creature that needs care. And so family relationships need constant daily labour of both spouses, otherwise one day they will realize that the man who not so long ago was their center of the Universe, has now become quite a stranger.

Introducing the 10 things without which there can be no happy marriage.

10. Promotion

A kind word and nice cat, not to mention your the closest person. Encouragement, praise periodically need even the most persistent and self-confident people.

Family is the rear, the space in which people can always find comfort, even if it is wrong or was wrong. Praise and focus on the good qualities a partner must equally men and women.

And don't be afraid too to praise your mate, critics it will be enough and in the external environment, and coming home, she needs to know that you will find in the face of a loved one support and love.

9. Joy

Undoubtedly, in the life of each couple do have difficult moments. But any difficulties can be overcome when the happiness of coexistence dominates all related. difficulties.

Rejoice that fate sent you that person, capable to make you better and give you love. Enjoy each day with your spouse. Give joy to your loved one! It's so easy, but so valuable!

8. Socialization

Reverent romantic love begins with the fact that the lovers adoringly look at each other, forgetting about the existence of the entire world.

However, it takes time and a similar obsession only on each other should decrease gradually, otherwise it may acquire a pathological form and turn into the obsessive desire to complete possession of your partner.

7. Kindness

Family life happens that move the old lady across the street or feed a homeless kitten is easier than to show charity towards your loved one. After all, doing good to a stranger, we do not expect anything in return and ready to meet only a sense of accomplishment.

But from its second half, we often expect a reciprocal gesture for showing us good, and when not getting what one wants, it is our ardent desire to do something good for the spouse is starting to fade.

In fact, loving wife should not become like accountants, who keep records of all their good deeds. In happy couples, people very quickly forget the good they did for their other halves, and remember all the good that their loved one has done for them.

6. Patience

Someone wise said that in family life, patience is needed not who, but a whole convoy. No wonder, before young said: it runs in the family. That is, without patience, love, too long will not live.

Even very loving couples there are times when one spouse (or both) have to endure the shortcomings of the partner or other life difficulties. What can you do, we all are not perfect! Therefore, without patience it is impossible to live a long and happy life with one person.

5. Care

We all need care is the best expression of love. Caring husband is a part-time job, after learning about his wife's pregnancy, and wanting to do everything so that neither she nor their future children they may need.

A loving wife, mausis all day with a baby, finds time to cook her husband his favorite dish. That's because such details formed a happy family.

4. Openness

Any lie, even the most seemingly insignificant, erodes family relationships. Stealth says about the lack of trust between spouses, but without trust it is impossible to build strong families.

3. The proximity

Sex life is very important aspect of the relations of spouses. Any difficulties arising in this area of family life, it is necessary to speak and decide together with your partner, and do not gloss over, pretending that nothing is happening.

Big mistake to think that physical intimacy is not of great importance in the relations of couples. Of course, sex is not the goal of marriage, but an intimate relationship allows spouses extra to show our love to each other, so no need to apply to problems in sexual life lightly, as the consequences of such behaviour can be dire.

2. Love

Hard to argue with the fact that over time, the original love is like a fountain from splashes of champagne, turns into a more solid and stable feeling.

However, even measured marital communication need to brighten the appearance of so-called butterflies in the stomach. Remember, even if you live in a long marriage, you still need to find a place for romance and the pretty follies that make the lovers on the initial stage of their relationship.

1. Honesty

According to most psychologists, one of the most common causes of divorce is the lack of honesty between spouses. Many of us can be very difficult frankly without guile, to tell the half that does not suit us in our relationship.

We suffer in silence, swallow insult and expect our partner he guess about the reasons of the changed attitude toward it. However, such a strategy is short expensive to divorce.

Really love the couple share with each other their doubts, anxieties and feelings that not only contributes to the strengthening of family Union, but also is the prevention of the emergence of a large number of typical problems arising from the huge number of couples.

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