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10 hottest villains in film


The villains in the movies very much, but not all of them can be called attractive and sexy. Some negative characters evoke only negative emotions.

However, there are many villains with inexplicable charm and has many enthusiastic fans.

10. Bane, "the Dark knight: the legend"

The face of the threat of terrorist Bane hidden unusual and very frightening mask. This character is one of the many enemies of Batman. Bane is a ruthless, intelligent, cruel, besides it is very difficult fate.

Tom hardy played the character just fine: due to the special charisma he makes a very impressive and well remembered.


James bond, the famous agent in all the movies not only a charming partner, but also a very interesting enemies.

Le Chiffre is a chess Prodigy and mathematical genius. He specializiruetsya gambling, crying blood, uses an inhaler and wears impeccable suits in black.

Le Chiffre, played by Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, was a very bright and immensely sexy. The scar on his face makes it even more attractive.

In moments of nervous tension in Le Chiffre begins a nervous TIC, and he's staring intently into the face of an opponent colored eyes.

8. Moriarty, "Sherlock"

James Moriarty – the eccentric Professor, a mortal enemy of Sherlock Holmes. This character was very effective in all adaptations of great works

. The creators of the series did Moriarty not only charming, but also very sexy, as noted by many fans of "Sherlock". This brilliant and crazy character simultaneously attracts and scares.

Moriarty is a lot of emotions, even if appears on the screen only for a few minutes. Steven Moffat, producer of the series, said that they decided to make the main villain a maximum of boring, and it turned out very well.

7. Loki, "The Avengers"

Tom Hiddleston has played a very memorable, striking character who very quickly won the hearts of viewers. It might even seem that the role Loki had created for him. This character is envious, tricky, but it isn't necessarily negative.

The actor tried to internally justify all the deeds of Loki to the audience in some moments sympathized with him. In the end, the character is more reminiscent of a confused cat, not harsh Viking. The actor lost weight to Loki looked hungry, and in the end, the thinness only added to his charm.

6. Jackson, "Night flight"

Jackson Rippner – funny negative character. This is a very unusual terrorist, who looks like a nice young man with excellent manners and a quiet voice, not as a bearded fanatic.

The pair is finished with a wonderful game of Killian Murphy. It is also worth noting the unusual appearance of the actor: it is very difficult to decide is it beautiful or is not. His face can be called incorrect, but the eye-pieces of ice simply fascinating. Murphy was perfect for the role of Jackson Rippner.

5. Khan, "Star Trek: Nemesis"

Englishman Benedict Cumberbatch has won great popularity, starring in the title role in the TV series "Sherlock". Another role the actor was the pearl of "star trek": he played Khan Noonien Singh.

This character is gorgeous, deadly, it resembles a rapid, dangerous, very strong hurricane. It cannot be put down, in front of him impossible to resist.

Some fans of Cumberbatch even think that this character was more sexual than Sherlock. In preparation for the role of Khan, Benedict considerably improved their body with regular workouts in the gym.

4. François Toulour, "Twelve friends of Oushena"

Vincent Cassel played Francois Tulare, the fortunate robber, who is nicknamed the Night Fox and tries to be like Baron. Fox prefers to be guided by the gangster swagger: it is important not even to get something, but to demonstrate who is the best criminal in the world.

The Vincent Cassel is a very interesting ability: the negative characters that he plays such a different appeal that any superheroes seem to be their background is very boring. His charisma, talent, look make impression upon any woman.

3. Norman Stansfield, Leon

Norman Stansfield is the villain, which is one of the most repelling, but he is also very charismatic, attractive. This character is the unscrupulous, the corrupt drug addict, who managed to fall greedily to power.

Stansfield works in the Department for the fight against drugs. It's scary, because it's very realistic. This man is very cunning, making it even more dangerous. The Stansfield is an illegal business, and he ruthlessly deal with anyone who would disturb him.

2. Magneto, "X-Men: First class"

Michael Fassbender played the very charismatic villain who brought the actor a new wave of love of fans. The mutant magneto made a great impression even on those girls who had absolutely indifferent to superhero movies.

The villain evokes deep sympathy, even empathy. In an interview, Michael Fassbender confessed that he was especially much like the characters who can be called defective, "broken", because it brings them closer to real people.

1. Patrick Bateman, American psycho

Patrick Bateman is a true gentleman. This sophisticated, confident, successful man has a very good reputation in high society. However, nobody knows that Patrick is living a double life.

At night he turns into a crazed killer, destroy the lives of innocent victims. Bateman kills because he believes that weak people should not prevent him to live. Tesha soul terrible crimes, Patrick is constantly admiring himself. From his beauty emanates death.

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