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10 most important scientific discoveries of the XXI century


Despite padajecca sentiments that prevail in the current century in society, technological progress continues to grow exponentially.

And it is about fundamental disciplines and achievements in them which is capable in the present and future to turn the world upside down.

The best dynamics is demonstrated by biology, physics and astronomy, where scientists have made a downright revolutionary discoveries.

Today we bring you a rating of the 10 most famous and useful scientific discoveries of the 21st century.

10. Two secret rooms in the tomb of Tutankhamun

And opens our list another achievement in the field of Egyptology (when the ancient Egyptian culture will finally be thoroughly known?).

At this time, the archaeologists re-examined the tomb of the ancient Pharaoh Tutankhamen, and found 2 secret rooms, unknown.

Experts believe that the tomb where I put a young 14-year-old ruler of ancient Egypt, originally intended for Queen Nefertiti... what a surprise! And the boy is buried in a luxurious tomb just because he died prematurely and suddenly.

9. The unique properties of artemisinin or Artemisia

Arrived, or the notorious American scientists that examined the properties of our familiar domestic plants of wormwood.

It turns out that mugwort for only 16 hours can neutralize and kill 98% of cancer cells. For example, annual wormwood reduce the progression of lung cancer on average by 28%. Combine wormwood with suggest unique properties of the trace element iron.

Substance artemisinin, which was found in a field plant that controls the division process of malignant cells without disturbing the healthy life, which is confirmed by experiments.

8. The rapid melting of glaciers

Unfortunately, among optimistic and hopeful discoveries of our century have been made and quite sad. Despite the experts ' forecasts, the rate of melting of the largest glaciers of the planet is inexorably growing, aided by the increasing average temperature.

Every year the situation is increasingly approaching critical. According to some scientists, after a certain time, many States will simply be buried under the water, as when it happened with Atlantis.

7. Control the prosthetic by brain signals

Some decades ago instead of lost limbs framed plastic models, then appeared the first iron prostheses, is far from perfect. In our century has already been invented biological prostheses, which also can be controlled by "power of thought".

Nine years ago, an English Corporation introduced the first model of such a "biraki", which can open doors, break the eggs, count the money and keep the mug.

Three years ago, was developed and the bionic prosthesis, which is supplied with sensor sensitivity that are connected to nerve fibers of the stump. This allows prosthetic limbs to not only compress the toes under the influence of impulses in the brain, but also to feel the warmth and touch.

6. The presence of water on Mars

Did you know that at least for life on Mars has not been discovered, but traces of water at 100%. It happened in 2002, thanks to the orbiting instrument the Odyssey. He identified signs of underground ice of Mars.

Three years later the device "Mars Express" has made images of the craters, which is clearly marked traces of water flows. In 2008, the probe "Phoenix" even managed to extract water from the Martian soil.

Well, this fact makes possible the colonization of the planet in the future. The US even plans by the 30th year to launch a mission to the red planet.

5. "Elixir of youth"

Remember those pundits-alchemists of the middle ages who tried to get the secret of eternal youth. So they invented various "philosopher stones" and "rejuvenating apples", but the truth was hidden not so far.

Recently, experts have found that simple transfusions of young blood into the body of the old man gradually leads to rejuvenation.

So was determined in young plasma factor GDF11, which increases muscle tone (including the heart) and stimulating the development of neural networks in the brain.

4. The discovery of gravitational waves

One of the most iconic achievements belong to Weiss, Thorne and Berisha, for which they received the Nobel prize. Thanks to the American observatories were first discovered gravitational waves, formed on the background of the merger of two black holes.

This experiment, in fact, finally confirmed the theory of relativity discovered by albert Einstein. After a time there was was a couple of bursts of gravitational. The value of the experiment is that it confirms the curvature of space and time.

3. The discovery of dozens of exoplanets

Modern heavy-duty and properly configured telescopes allow us to identify the unique space of the body. In recent years, one after another, opened dozens of exoplanets.

What is this term so interesting? Exoplanet is a space object, the terms of which allow or enable the development of life on our planet. So there is a chance that we are not alone the residents in our vast Universe.

2. Obtaining stem cells by ethical applications

Remember how earlier, stem cells are extracted, or from embryos or from umbilical cord blood of newborns, which caused wide ethical resonance.

But 7 years ago, Yamanaka and Gurdon managed to get the stem cells out of ordinary. They just took the tissue cells of rodent and implemented 4 of the gene, causing the fibroblasts were formed in young stem cells.

It is noteworthy that such a "construction material" is possible in the future to grow any internal organ, facilitating the transplant process and providing a cure for some serious and severe diseases, defects, abnormalities.

1. Proof of the existence of dark matter

Closes the review confirmed the theory that the universe is made not of objects (galaxies, space bodies, holes, etc.), and dark matter. As it turned out, the "solid material" is about 5% of all matter in the cosmos. However, scientists still have not determined what, in fact, is itself dark matter.

These unique designs will help to increase the length and quality of human life, to explore new uncharted territories, the use of nano-materials to facilitate life and to try out a number of previously inaccessible possibilities.

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