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10 facts and common myths about the full moon


The moon is a satellite of the Earth. Her beauty is mesmerizing, write about it in books, paint the pictures... And how many myths and legends associated with the Moon! This moon is considered a feminine planet, and its impact on our Earth is huge – the Moon receives and reflects heat, light and energy from the Sun, the Sun is considered a masculine planet.

The moon is fickle, beautiful and changeable... It bypasses the Earth in 28 days and a female cycle. Many people find it hard to sleep when there is a new moon or a full moon...

From the article, you will learn common facts about the full moon – it will be interesting to all.

10. The moon and mental health

It is believed that mental disorders could be associated with the influence of the moon. The "bad" Moon for mental disorders is full.

The body begins to falter, when it's full moon. People can occur mood swings, energy is increased so that unstable people with unstable mentality can earn a mental.

People with manic depression are the most susceptible to the influence of the moon.

9. "The lunar society"

"The lunar society" is a informal club of prominent figures of the English Enlightenment. Among the figures were the natural philosophers, Industrialists and intellectuals.

Leaders met at the club in 1765 and 1813. Meetings were held in Birmingham, England. Interesting name, the club was given for the reason that its members met only during the full moon – it was due to the fact that the light of the heavenly bodies could afford to safely get home (at that time the streets are not lit lanterns).

8. Parabolicheskie image on the moon

Pareidolia is a visual illusion, which are formed due to the real object. With them often encounter people who have a rich imagination and the ability vividly to imagine the picture. For example, in clouds or in Wallpaper, you can see something distinct – for example, faces, figures, etc.

On the moon during a full moon, people see images of faces, silhouettes – they consist of dark areas of the lunar seas and light rock pieces on the surface.

7. "Lunaticus"

The term "Lunaticus" means talking and sleepwalking. That is, the so-called people suffering from sleepwalking. People don't understand what you are doing when you sleep – they can easily get out of the house, walk the streets, and then go back and sleep in his own bed... From what happened to them – they do not remember because they were in a state of sleep.

It used to be that people badly affected by the full moon – it drives them crazy. A lunatic called sleepwalkers man, and dangerous, mentally retarded, mentally unbalanced. The word "Lunaticus" is translated as "mad".

6. Full Moon and total Eclipse

During a total Eclipse of a heavenly body appears red. Everyone enjoyed watching this phenomenon is fascinating and beautiful.

The moon enters the cone of shadow cast by our planet and blocking out sunlight, it becomes red. This effect is due to the Sun's rays as they passed through the atmosphere, reaching the moon.

Blue waves are scattered more than red – they reach the moon, making it that color. The phenomenon of the red moon called "blood Moon".

5. "Blue Moon"

Blue Moon is a full moon, which happened second time in a calendar month. This phenomenon is observed once in 2,7154.

The name "Blue Moon" is associated not only with color but also with the translation of English idioms (an expression that is clear only to native speakers) "once in a Blue Moon" means "once in a blue moon." In Russian, the term carries this meaning: "After rain on Thursday", which means soon, if ever.

4. The influence of full moon on human

Since ancient times, people believe that the Moon is able to exert a different impact on people. Infants put to bed in the other side, where they did not get the light of the moon.

Everyone knows that a heavenly body acts on the watery mass of the Earth, causing ebbs and tides. The full moon has on people is the greatest influence – according to statistics, at this time comes more accidents, crimes, fights and quarrels. The condition of the body is also getting worse – people can be poisoned, feel headache, nausea, etc.

The full Moon causes causeless sadness, emotional experiences, increased dissatisfaction and aggravation of all feelings.

3. Dog and full moon

The Moon is associated with many myths, legends – it's often associated with mysticism and magic. Most people are usually attracted full moon is when the moon is visible from Earth and the light is completely lit.

As you know, dogs aktiviziruyutsya during the full moon – they are more barking and howling. At this time it is better not to approach, because animal appears aggressive.

In Bradford Royal infirmary conducted a study and found that dogs are more aggressive and bite more often than usual when the full Moon.

2. The moon and lycanthropy.

The lycanthropy is the magic, the mythical disease that causes the human body metamorphosis – a man turns into a wolf. About it removed a lot of movies and written books.

It is believed that lycanthropy is a mental disorder in which a person feels an animal and behaves accordingly. His self-perception is distorted, the full moon causes madness.

Popular belief says – if people of any gender will sleep in the street on such days of the week, like Friday and Wednesday, the full moon, and its face is exposed to light of the moon, he wakes up a werewolf.

1. Full Moon and insomnia

Some people have trouble sleeping during a full moon – they can't sleep. The reasons may be different, for example, one of them is this – human ancestor, which is once the animals, could transmit to his offspring through the genetic memory of its state.

As you know, the full moon really affects animals, and this state can be awakened in some people. To sleep in a full moon just a good close the curtains to the moonlight coming in the bedroom.

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