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10 stars who made blepharoplasty


The era of plastic surgery has swept the stellar community. Very sad to see a nice appearance women in pursuit of fashion on the changed parts of the body have resorted to the dangerous and, sometimes, stupid procedures.

Of course, there are also cases (e.g. congenital, trauma, disease, etc.) where the surgeon can be useful and do to make life easier. But in most cases still the stars just want to adjust your appearance and make it subjectively more attractive.

Today we will have an interesting review. Into focus came the stars with new noses, lips, Asses or curvy busts and eyes...Yes, this procedure is called "blepharoplasty," and it provides a correction of form or structure century. So eliminated the effects of sleepless nights, the stress of touring and the natural "growing up".

Meet 10 of the world's stars who had blepharoplasty.

10. Victoria Bonia

Remember this attractive participant "House-2" with full lips? Natural data was not enough for her, so she's always invested in his appearance. For example, for 25 years, she "gave" themselves change the shape of age.

In the leaked images during the recovery period, which you can see huge bruises under the eyes. Then Bonia announced that, allegedly attacked with beatings. And only later, the star admitted to reporters that the bruises were the result of blepharoplasty, which she is happy.

9. Elena Yakovleva

Previously a popular actress not particularly worried about appearance, and tolerated strong by nature "goose paws" at eyes and big circles under the eyes. Last, and all are the result of improper diet, internal disease or genetically determined reasons.

For iconic roles in the TV series "Kamenskaya" actress decided on surgery to change the appearance of their eyelids, or rather, blepharoplasty. The result is, admittedly, quite good – at 53 Elena looks well-groomed and fresh.

8. Lolita

Biography of this eccentric and daring women is surprising. It is no secret that Lolita endlessly experimenting with new images, different diets and plastic surgery.

When the singer boldly tells the press about all the "bullying" over their appearance, indicating that in adulthood, beauty and anti-aging treatments are essential. Most importantly, according to Milavskaya that the manipulation was moderately and do not bring harm to health.

Well, removing the "hernia" under the eyes she clearly does not hurt. Perhaps it was a good gift to myself for 45 years, especially if he resolved some internal conflict of the singer.

7. Rose Sabitova

Everyone knows Sabitova, media personality and one of the main "matchmaker" in modern Russia. Zhenya is constantly produced from plastic surgeons, not hiding it from the press.

She confessed that after dramatic weight loss had to make a number of transactions including and to tighten up sagging eyelid skin with blepharoplasty.

6. George Clooney

Diluted our "women's group" and known in the world of heartthrob Clooney, who simply could not look attractive in the eyes of fans. Man always bothered his narrow eyes, so he decided to take eyelid surgery to change their visual incision and "open" look.

I must admit that many fans didn't even notice the makeover men, and he took risks, as any surgery can have complications and side effects.

5. Sarah Jessica Parker

Star of TV series and TV shows have long taken his fancy, the Jewish appearance, which gave it flavor. Wavy with a big nose and a narrow thin lips Sarah decided not to do anything, as their shape was quite satisfied. But blepharoplasty actress did twice.

Unfortunately, the first procedure was unsuccessful and resulted in painful circles under the eyes. Well, after the second narrowed a little from nature eyes widened, giving Parker a more open and lively look.

4. Paris Hilton

Everyone knows that the minion of the Empire Hotels Ms. Hilton was constantly perverted over their appearance. And the reputation of the girl scandalous enough, so she's antics will surprise few people.

Here are just a few noticed that she has a defect – one eye is slightly covered, which does not hide the grim. People argue that the reason for this was the operation of blepharoplasty, which left eyelid sagged a little.

3. Uma Thurman

Mind star recently surprised fans with a makeover in appearance overdone with plastic surgery. Its mockery of a face is compared with the failed attempts of Renee Zellweger – it looks tired, dull and exhausted. According to experts, the Mind decided to make myself a newfangled blepharoplasty, but something went wrong.

2. Linda Evangelista

Famous model with bright natural data is no hesitate that has long been colitis Botox for straightening of muscles and the maintenance of an attractive young appearance.

But the Evangelist zealously proves that never went under "scalpel" of the plastic surgeon. But the visual changes women experts do not hide. Eyes Linda definitely has changed, so walk rumors that she cheated on the principles and decided to blepharoplasty.

1. Renee Zellweger

Completes our review of the darling of the Bridget Jones, which to the chagrin of fans have done "business" with his looks, has changed beyond recognition.

Bad plastic on the face literally screams its artificiality and poor quality. Themselves plastic surgeons believe that in addition to facelifts and other procedures Renee resorted to blepharoplasty upper and lower eyelids, removing the hernia under the eyes, sagging skin and decreasing the manifestation of wrinkles.

That's what brings despair, when a woman can not bear to accept the natural data and the fact that the body is aging. For the better was change stars or not – to judge the inexperienced fans.

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