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Top 10 most expensive restaurants of Moscow in 2015


On the territory of Moscow is located around 3000 restaurants, each of which is unique and unrepeatable. Space with a luxurious interior pleasing to the eye, unique and creative cuisine will give visitors a pleasant evening.
In the ranking of the most expensive restaurants of Moscow 2015 presented the best and most famous places of the city.

10. La Bella Societaaverage score of 3,000 rubles

La Bella Societa/ "the Perfect society" (with an average score of 3,000 rubles) opens the top ten most luxurious and expensive restaurants of Moscow. Lovers of Italian and pan-Asian cuisine will find here is unsurpassed in taste signature dishes from Vadim Nogay, who previously worked at the popular restaurant Nobu. The interior is imbued with sophistication and elegance and will suit the tastes of a sophisticated society.

9. Dining Roomaverage score of 2500-3000 rubles

Dining Room (average score of 2500-3000 rubles) one of the favorite places for recreation of wealthy people and entertainment stars. The luxurious interior presents handmade furniture, chandeliers crystals, hand-picked and other exclusive items. From the window of the restaurant, offering unparalleled views of the Moscow river.

The atmosphere soaked home comfort and romance. All dishes are extremely tasty and will definitely satisfy even the most refined individuals.
This year the school entered the top ten most expensive restaurants of Moscow.

8. Russian seasons byan average score of 2500-3000 rubles

"Russian seasons" (average score of 2500-3000 rubles) – one of the most expensive places in the capital, included in the hundred best restaurants in the world in 2014. Exclusive interior combines noble style with elements of European gloss. Summer terrace gives visitors the opportunity to admire the magnificent panorama of the historical places of the city. Dishes from the chef Vladimir Tikhomirov serves unmatched taste of dishes.

7. Tanaverage score of 3000-3500 rubles

"Tan" (an average score of 3000-3500 rubles) luxury restaurant Chinese and Japanese cuisine. In addition to the delicious and healthy dishes, a special pride of the institution are special teas made from unique varieties. In addition to the Asian cuisine it also presents traditional European cuisine. The interior is made in Chinese style of the Tang dynasty with elements of modernity.

6. Noah's Arkwith an average score of 3,000 rubles

"Noah's Ark" (an average score of 3,000 rubles) – Armenian restaurant which is very popular among residents of the capital and its guests. "Noah's Ark" is located in the new building – luxury 18th-century manor house. Attraction of the restaurant is a summer terrace, which will offer a quiet stay without a car and urban sprawl. The sliding roof of the establishment, so guests can enjoy the view of colorful sunsets and starry skies in the evening.

Will pleasantly surprise visitors and a varied menu that includes more than a hundred of dishes of Russian, Italian, Japanese and original cuisine. The highlight of the restaurant is the kitchen on an open fire in the eyes of visitors is the cooking of meat and fish dishes in the chic grill. This is one of the most luxurious and expensive restaurants of the capital.

5. White Rabbitaverage score of 3500-4000 rubles

White Rabbit/ White rabbit (average score of 3500-4000 rubles) will surprise its visitors with an amazing view on Moscow. The restaurant is located on the sixteenth floor, in a building of the Smolensk passage, and the walls and ceiling of the "White rabbit" is made of glass that allows you to fully enjoy the panorama of the city at high altitude.

The interior is reminiscent of the description of the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". In addition to the fabulous interior, guests will discover culinary delights with acclaimed chef Vladimir Mukhin. Last year the school was included in the hundred best restaurants in the world.

4. Savoywith an average score of 3500 rubles

Restaurant "Savoy" (with an average score of 3500 rubles) – one of the most luxurious designer incarnations. The interior is executed in style of Rococo, Louis XIV: mirror Golden color ceilings trimmed with rich paintings, and all the mirrors have irregular shape. The exclusivity of the room accentuate the fireplace and the ancient marble fountain with goldfish.

A rich menu is ready to pamper its visitors traditional Russian cuisine dishes cooked in the Russian oven. Lovers of Italian and French cuisine will find dishes that will appeal. To visit this luxurious restaurant, you can afford only wealthy people.

3. Turandotaverage score 3500-4500 rubles

"Turandot" (average score 3500-4500 rubles) – one of the most fashionable Moscow restaurants. Unique architectural building, designed in the style of "Baroque" is a landmark of the capital. On the interior the two-storey building took about five years. The visitors presented a rare antique English clocks, French tapestries, chandelier in the style of Louis XIV, German porcelain, Venetian mirrors etc.

Bar, made of carved glass, fits perfectly into the overall interior. In addition to the eccentric design, visitors will be unsurpassed, original dishes. Along with the author's ideas of dishes, the restaurant features pan-Asian and European cuisine. The facility hosts jazz evenings, there is a special menu and regularly changing cocktail menu.

2. Pushkinaverage score 3500-5000 rubles

"Pushkin" (average score of 3500-5000 rubles) included in the list of the 25 best restaurants in Europe, according to the Financial Times . The building in which the restaurant is situated, was built in the 18th century. The interior is designed in the style of a noble estate. The restaurant features 6 halls, each of which has a unique design.

Facility's menu includes Russian nobility and French cuisine. Services institution provides opportunities to the visitor to send a letter anywhere in the world. You can also purchase branded Souvenirs that will remind the guests about the visit to this gorgeous place. "Pushkin" is one of the most expensive and exclusive places in Moscow.

1. Nobuwith an average score of 4500 rubles

Nobu (with an average score of 4500 rubles) – a chain of premium restaurants, one of which is located in Moscow.
The school belongs world-renowned celebrity chef, Nobu Matsuhisa. This is one of the most prestigious and expensive restaurants of the Russian capital. Exotic interior is made of exclusive materials: Stingray leather, Venetian mosaic, etc. the Design combines Japanese style with a hint of futurism. Japanese cuisine will surprise the guests with its originality and elegance.

The menu includes both classic Japanese dishes (rolls, sushi, tempura, etc.), and a signature dish of Nobu cod with miso and tiradito. Visitors can enjoy a tasting menu that consists of 8 signature dishes from Nobu Matsuhisa.

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