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10 mistakes of youth, that Mature women remember with a smile


Everyone makes mistakes, and the biggest number occurs in youth. Girls and young people listen to elders, hoping only for his experience, although his "cat laugh". They are self-confident and go ahead without thinking about the consequences.

Yes, some mistakes of youth can ruin someone's life. How many women would go back and do differently? Undoubtedly, a lot of them.

A lot in their youth they did not. Wrong attitude to things and money, the endless faith in the power of love – all this had an impact on the lives of girls.

Fortunately, many by their actions now they can laugh. Below are the top 10 mistakes of youth, that Mature women remember with a smile.

10. Sought to have expensive things

This period was probably in every woman's life. I wanted to look expensive, stylish, surprising people with their appearance. Here are just a girl who has just started climbing the career ladder, salaries are usually poor. It stopped nobody.

Young girls were willing to waste money on expensive things, they could have a month to live on bread and water. In incident 10, 20,30 years women understand that this is nothing more than rags. Someone they gathering dust in a closet, and I can't bring myself to throw them away, someone broke up with them for a long time.

If I could turn back time, each woman would choose in favor of travel, new experiences, and not of a wardrobe filled with trendy clothes.

9. Blindly imitated fashion

Young girls trying to dress fashionably and do not think about how it will affect their health. 20 years ago none of them represented themselves without elegant shoes on high heels.

The girls did not bother the cold, they wore fashionable boots, short skirts, left the house hats and ran out. They hoped to impress men or girlfriends. The result is pretty sad.

With this fashion, some women now have a number of health problems. But they still remember with a smile and think: "Funny. Who needed such a sacrifice?"

By the way, today's young people prefer to not freeze the head and the ankles. In a few decades they too will laugh at his desire to look stylish, of course, if it will not come to serious health problems.

8. Lived real

It is a mistake made by all, but in adulthood the person is able to appreciate the moment. For a grown woman doesn't matter the past, she is not ready day and night to remember his first love.

Thoughts about the future, of course, occasionally visit her, but it is not dreams, and goals and objectives. Most women simply do not have time for this. What were they doing in his youth?

Recalled party, which took place six months ago, and wanted to be back there for years wept over fleeting romances. They didn't appreciate the moment. You should learn this as early as possible to the memories of the past and dreams for the future not to miss your real.

7. Do not cherish experiences

It has already been noted that most of the girls prefer to live for today. They were only interested in material values. They even could not think that the most valuable thing for man is experience.

Money not spent on travel and clothing, visit posh clubs and parties, alcohol and cigarettes. Many years have passed, and now the woman is of age and can afford the journey, but that's not what she wants.

Family vacations, trips with friends, everything is predictable, too decent, not enough young and reckless courage. If a woman can afford to go back a couple of decades ago, she would have bought a plane ticket (train, bus) and rushed to get new impressions.

6. Was too impressionable

This error in my youth do many women. Now they think about how much time was spent on empty experiences. A small quarrel with a friend, the remark your boss or teacher, a backhanded compliment from a passerby can permanently unsettle.

The girls were worried about nothing, they were too impressionable. The ability soberly to think and not react to external stimuli comes with age. A grown woman will not be upset because of nonsense, it will repel any who though as-that will dare to offend her or loved ones.

5. Looking for happiness in other

Such is life. Person understands that his happiness depends on him only in adulthood. In his youth he is looking for happiness in others. By the way, this applies not only to women, although they are more inclined to idealize the partner.

But most of all looking for happiness in love. If love is mutual, most likely, all ended well. Women, the object of adoration which answered them with a refusal, shed many tears.

If they just realized that happiness must be sought in myself, not in the people around, things would have been completely different. Now they smile recollecting their suffering, but then it was very painful.

4. Afraid of public opinion

In his youth, many problems are perceived more acutely. Young girls are much worried about the opinions of others. If they commit some mistake, ashamed. If they become the object of gossip, believe that their life is over.

The woman is not afraid of any gossip, she doesn't care about the opinions of others. She can wear a short skirt, to have a lover, to go over the heads of colleagues, to commit any foolish act won't stop her sidelong glances.

3. I worked too much

With age, women understand that their best years spent on a career. And many never achieved their goals or moved in the wrong direction.

Great ambition, the desire to show off or stand out among her friends and classmates, the financial aspect – are the main reasons that forced them to think only about work.

That's just a career you can build for many years, and to destroy in an instant. Mature women understand what you need to do what you love to choose on their liking and not to chase prestige and money.

2. Thought too soon

Most mistakes in life justify these words. For example, the girl refused the offer (it is about work, not about relationships with men). She was afraid that not cope with its responsibilities. Another childhood dream to live by the sea, but remained in his small Northern town.

They all thought that there is still plenty of time, all you can manage. They did not have time. There are many such examples. These women have long been resigned to his life, and girlish dreams remember with a smile.

1. Too much faith in men

Probably not in the world a woman who would in his youth did not suffer from their credulity. Young girls believe in love, and men use their senses. It has always been, and a new generation of young girls waiting for the same sad fate.

Women in the age of good men, they are much harder to cheat. They know what they want to obtain from specific men. Life has taught them.

Do not think that most women who have experienced betrayal and deception, hate all men. They have long been forgiven "the" traitor and deceiver and 100 times thanked my lucky stars that it is time they were taken.

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