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10 fashion items that are very harmful to health


Fashion ... the Attitude is very ambiguous. Someone is doing everything not to lose sight of the latest trends, someone ignore her, someone openly laughs at fashion images.

In the first place for fashion watching Teens, young girls and boys. Older people appreciate things from several sides, it is important for them quality, convenience. Although among them, too many who are not averse to dress fashionably. Mostly this applies to women.

Unfortunately, in the pursuit of fashion, many people do not think about their health. But some fashion items can cause injury. If you pay close attention to your personal wellbeing, your health care about you more than the latest trends, read our article.

Below are 10 items of clothing that will bring you nothing but health problems.

10. Large bag

Nobody laughs at a joke that women handbag can get the contents of a Studio apartment. This is partly true, although exaggerated.

Women were very happy when in Vogue large bags. It is possible to put a laptop, books, work documents, a water bottle, a pair of sneakers for exercise ... the List goes on and on, but you get the idea.

The weight of such bags will impress even the athletes in weightlifting. Girls do not think that they cause great harm to the body. The problem starts due to weight imbalance. Typically, a woman carries a bag on one shoulder, it constantly tests the loading of spoiled posture.

Severe pain in the neck and back, dizziness – effects of wearing big bags. If you like large bags, wear them, just not much load. Safe for health weight – 2 kg.

9. Heavy jewelry

In the world most likely won't find any woman who would be indifferent to jewelry. Some of them are willing to decorate themselves every day. The girls wear heavy rings and earrings, without worrying about what with the title of fashionista can get several diseases.

Heavy chain necklaces and bracelets are harmful to women's health. There are often problems with the intestines, bladder, and stomach. Wearing heavy rings will also provoke the disease, and each finger is responsible for certain areas.

You may think that between wearing jewelry and diseases of the internal organs there is no connection, but it's not. Damage from wearing heavy earrings and more obvious, they are able to stretch the earlobe and even to tear it.

8. Bra Push Up

Women love this model due to the fact that this bra lifts the breast and makes it bigger, draws a perfect line of cleavage. Many are willing to wear them every day. Don't ever do that.

Boobs in bra takes her unnatural position. She lifted up part of her falls out of the edges of the cups in the underarms. Breasts are deformed and lose their elasticity.

Wear a push-Up only in exceptional cases: at a party or on a date. For everyday wear choose a more convenient model.

7. Linen from synthetics

Linen from synthetics looks much more advantageous than conventional cotton. Though for anybody not a secret that it harms women's health, fashionable women continue to dress in synthetic lace.

Synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture, these things do not leak air. Sweat and discharge remains on the fabric, the increased body temperature creates a favorable environment for bacteria. Can begin irritation.

Lovers of lace panties have to remember that daily wear them is impossible. Otherwise, you will have to treat candidiasis or other unpleasant gynecological diseases. Discard daily wear synthetic underwear, wear it only for special occasions.

6. Mini skirt

Girls with slender legs (and not only them) love mini skirts. It's beautiful, sexy. In principle, this garment is not bad, except that fashionista ready to wear a mini skirt raw chilly autumn and frosty winter. An integral part of this outfit are the spandex tights.

Girls who dress like that, despite the weather conditions, the risk of getting the flu, of SARS or respiratory diseases. This is "flowers", "berries" — cystitis, infertility and many other gynecological problems.

In addition, the mini-skirts provoke the appearance of cellulite. The body stores fat in those places which it needed to warm up.

5. Strongly tightening a corset

Corsets are called luxury items. Indeed, to work it and not go to the store for potatoes too... and here and there, as the famous Russian poet, "there are women in Russian villages".

Some girls are willing to wear the corset around the clock, they don't think about the fact that this thing causes great harm to the body. It can cause damage to the muscles of the back, compresses the internal organs and chest, difficult breathing. If you choose too narrow a corset, the consequences can be dire. It is not necessary to wear this thing every day.

4. Spanx

Acts like a corset, slimming underwear, although it is believed that the harm from him less. Manufacturers spanx took care of the composition, most of it is made from breathable material and has no seams.

However, the abuse slimming underwear is not necessary. Blood circulation, pelvic floor, abs and spine weaken. Doctors recommend wearing spanx not more than 12 hours a week.

3. The flats

Recently, a very popular flat shoes. It is very comfortable and beautiful. Unfortunately, these shoes leads to deformation of the foot, stretching the ligaments, tendons.

If you prefer ballet flats or Slippers on a flat sole, don't be surprised if you have sore feet, appears low back pain, thrombophlebitis, arthritis, flat feet and even disc herniation. Choose shoes with an average heel, 3 – 5 cm is enough.

2. The high-heeled shoes

Many women cannot imagine themselves without the traditional "stud". Moreover, adult women are much more likely to choose high-heeled shoes than young girls. Fashion is changeable, and in recent preference for more convenient things. Although girls who always want to be "on top" at all times was more than enough.

During prolonged wearing of shoes with high heels is shifted to the support leg takes an unnatural position. The deformation of the finger joints develops varicose veins. In addition, your favorite stilettos can cause back pain. High heels is a huge load on the spine.

1. Skinny jeans

Favorite skinny jeans is not as harmless as they seem. Prolonged wearing of them leads to varicose veins. They disrupt blood circulation and compress the abdomen. It threatens not only foot problems, such as the development of vascular diseases, but also heartburn.

They limit the mobility of hip joints it leads to additional load of the spine. Skinny jeans are very bad effect on the reproductive system of both women and men. Don't wear them too often unless you want to earn serious health problems.

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