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10 anime TV series similar to "the Last Seraph", 2015-...


The main characters of the anime, the Last Seraphim, Yuichiro and Michaela. They're orphans living in the orphanage. They are quite similar to each other both externally and internally.

Michaela is kind and compassionate boy who is always ready to help other orphanage children, which according to the rules of the institution should be called a family. Uichiro, the complete opposite of Mikaela. It's bitter, always sarcastic rebel. The villain, fate would take away these kids ' lives, and now around them one by one, people die horrible unknown virus suddenly kills the adult population.

Vampires are the aristocrats in this situation came to power. Children for them is the only source of blood, which you should pass to the new owners. So Mika and Yu become prisoners of the closed City of vampires. But living friends don't lose hope and dream to escape from captivity...

This anime is quite popular not only in the homeland of the genre, but also in other countries. For fans of this genre of animation we present 10 anime similar to the Last Seraphim.

10. Elven song of 2004

Diclonius named Lucy extraordinary genetically modified creature, born as a result of government experiments.

It suits the present carnage in the chamber where she sits, and thus finds freedom. But here it has lost its memory and now it is difficult to distinguish from ordinary teenage girls. Only the horns on her head give it no ordinary creature

9. Black bullet 2014-...

The action takes place in 2021. Appeared on earth unexplored by the science virus. He rapidly destroys almost the entire human race.

This virus is worse than any disease that hit ever people. He person is not Wortley, and having a kind of intelligence, rebuilds human DNA in such a way that it turns into a terrible monster

8. Code Geass 2006-2012

The plot of the anime tells the story of a near future when Britain colonized half the world again. In the past, a prosperous Japan now has its own title, name as the 11th sector. The devastation and moral decay is rampant upon this earth.

Lelouch Lamperouge disgraced the representative of the Imperial family. He is banished to the 11-th sector, where training at the Academy for representatives of local noble families. Quite by accident he finds himself embroiled in an attack by local rebels on colonialism.

Escaping from the Imperials, Lelouch meets a mysterious girl who calls herself C. C. She reports Lelusha a Great gift. Now Britain will have to answer for all their misdeeds!

7. Impulse world 2014-...

This story began in the city of Mikado. Residents there are about two hundred thousand people. And then one day opened the gate, whence came the monsters, which are called Nevers.

Residents gripped by fear, because the human weapons can not kill these creatures. And here is the final step to despair and unbelief they appeared

6. Akame GA Kill 2014

Probably many of the village boys dream to become famous and live in luxury without the hassle in the big city. Tatsumi longs for this fate. He dreams of fame and beautiful life.

In order to save his village from poverty, he decides to go to Tokyo, because only there you can earn a lot of money.

However, the metropolis as we know, does not believe in tears: on the first day of the arrival of the guy cheating on him and he is bereft of any means. Tatsumi on the verge of despair, because it now does nothing. Now what to do?

But very soon fate will give him a meeting with a very beautiful girl from a wealthy family, which offers the young man some time to live in her home

5. Aldea. Zero 2014-...

In the early 70-ies of the last century, the mission of Apollo 17 found on the surface of the satellite is unknown until the star gate. With these gates, you can quickly reach the surface of the red planet

4. Guilty crown 2011-2012

The story takes place in Tokyo in 2039, a decade after it swept Japan, the deadly virus that later will be called the Apocalypse.

Now everything is under the control of multinational companies GHQ, whose experiences in the field of genetic engineering. Shu OMA — ordinary teenager. He's a loner, though wants to have friends and to stop being a loser.

One day he meets Inori, who is a member of the resistance group, the Undertakers. This organization aims to fight against government lawlessness. By coincidence, it pours one of the three genomes of emptiness, by which it becomes possible to apply the power of the king

3. Attack on Titan 2013-...

Since ancient times, mankind is at war with the titans. It's a stupid, but very bloodthirsty creatures who thirst for human flesh. After a long feud the survivors built a high wall that can protect the human race from vampires.

One hundred years on. People continue to live under the protection of the wall. And so the teenage boy Eren and his sister Mikasas see a piece of the wall destroys a very powerful Titan, emerged literally out of thin air. Because of this, the monsters managed to capture the city. Now Eren promises that will destroy all of the titans and will be the instrument of retribution on behalf of humanity.

2. Blue exorcist 2011-2014

For Rina and Union temple priest Fujimoto became a shelter. However, the presence of a permanent roof over their head is not affected positively to the difficult character of one of the brothers Rin as before subject to frequent outbursts of aggression that end in bitter conflict with others. Yukio, on the contrary, sets realistic goals and engaged in their implementation.
However, the reality is that the strange behavior of Reno is connected deeply entrenched within it evil, which is very strongly wants out. Enclosed in the young man the demon is trying to establish a connection with the devil himself, and when he does die Fujimoto. After that giddiness bully ceases to be a problem for him, and he decides to get even

1. The seventh spirit 2009

Teito is training at the military Academy Barsburgskoy Empire. Former slave from the occupied country took in a prestigious school due to the presence of rare gift. The guy remembers the birth of captivity and tries to get into the graduates of the Academy, although at first this dream seems almost unattainable

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