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10 things not to do when child


We all know that ideal people do not happen. Someone suffering harmful addictions, others do not keep their word, others do not know how to control your emotions.

What to say and how to behave in the presence of peers is a personal choice of each adult. However, when the family has a child, regardless of what way of life all your family members were before he was born, they are required in the process of education of this little creature to adhere to in their conduct to certain rules, in order not to harm your own child.

The parents of the child is the most family, beloved people and at the same time they are examples to follow. Next to them the kid copies their behavior, vocabulary, and way of life.

And as you know, a bad example is contagious, especially so quickly children adopt all the negative traits of adults that are around them.

Don't want their own mistakes to develop in their children the evil tendencies? Then you will need 10 advice of psychologists, which in any case cannot be done with the child.

10. Lie

Of course, many will say that it is physically impossible, because all people lie for different frequencies. However, here we are talking about a broken word or outright lies to a third person who is watching your child.

In this case, do not expect that your beloved child will be honest with you, because showing your lies, you show your child that there is nothing wrong. Therefore, in the future he will lie to you on any occasion, without feeling any remorse.

9. To challenge the decision of the spouse

This tactic in the upbringing of the child will cause the parent tug on the blanket itself will develop in the child a tendency towards hypocrisy. In addition, he will not respect parents.

If you think that humiliating the spouse, arguing with the baby his decision, you gain credibility in the eyes of small creatures, you are mistaken. Your words he will not be taken seriously, and growing up, will look for role models elsewhere.

8. To argue with a spouse

In the early years of his life, the child tends to perceive parents as a whole. Therefore, despite the fact that mom and dad are two independent personalities with their own views on parenting, when the child they must remain in harmony.

Otherwise the baby will lose that necessary sense of security, and in the future probably will not have solid moral principles.

7. Raise your voice and swear

In any family happen quarrels and misunderstandings, and to avoid such can not everyone. But every loving parent should know, that in no event it is impossible to sort things out in the presence of the baby.

Based on the observations of the parents of the baby forms an idea about the behavior with the opposite sex. Also if mom and dad start fighting with him, the child frightened and together with it begins to break down his psychological resistance.

6. To use profanity

Getting to know this huge and full variety of phenomena in the world, child copies the behavioral patterns of adults, including their language.

If a small child ever hear you use in your speaking abusive word or expression, he will surely remember it and voiced. Kids difficult to explain what can be said and what cannot.

5. To sit in the gadgets

Modern technologies greatly facilitate our lives, but sometimes taking too much of our time. Even an adult is very difficult not to lose control and to observe moderation in visiting the virtual space.

But children in most cases are totally incapable of dosing communication with the gadgets. If the kids are regularly see their parents hanging out in social networks, watch funny videos, play computer games just as they begin to escape from reality into the virtual world, and back to return them will be very difficult.

4. To discuss other

When a small child is next, adults must carefully monitor not only the vocabulary but also over the content of their conversations. Children are not so stupid as it seems to most of us, they are all great to hear. Moreover, they intonation and the emotional nuances of conversation.

But the problem is that the child is not yet able to be critical towards the information received, especially if it comes from the mouth of his parents.

So if he hears from his mom something bad about dad, grandma, the teacher from kindergarten, it is a comfortable system of trust adult will be irreparably damaged. He can become reclusive and do not trust anyone.

3. To complain about life

Up to a certain age the child sees the world through the eyes of their parents. Including different kind of evaluation that makes a small person with respect to any persons or phenomena are also formed through the prism of personal relationships mom or dad.

At a very early age the child develops not only the character but also the Outlook on life. If you involuntarily will invest in his young head black negative their complaints in life, it is likely that in the future you will get a lot of problems. For example, this may relate to the communicative abilities of the child, his emotional stability and even intellectual development.

2. To demonstrate bad habits

A lecture about the dangers of Smoking and alcohol are completely useless, if parents allow themselves to drink alcohol and to smoke in the presence of children. Some thoughtful parents try all the opportunities to hide their harmful addictions from their beloved child.

However, even if you love to indulge in the pernicious habit of sneaking in, no need to be sure that the child sooner or later will not catch you red-handed. Remember, children do not understand, but subconsciously always feel insincerity.

1. To ignore security rules

All caring parents teach their children basic safety rules, that relate to various spheres of life. It is certainly commendable, but you must keep in mind that all of the above instructions you should follow strictly.

Otherwise, if you neglect your own bans, the child may decide that it is a formal set of rules and hold that they are optional. But such mindlessness can lead to very dire consequences.

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