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10 sexy villains from the recently released movies


As you know, most often the attention of the viewer cling not reasonable and proper characters, and those who, conversely, force the beholder to feel strong and genuine emotions.

Such heroes are often villains or villains with incredibly powerful charisma. But if the villain or the villain more charming and handsome and devilishly sexy, then confront them becoming even harder as the spectator, and the positive hero.

10. Ravenna, "snow white and the huntsman" 2012

Scary beautiful Queen Ravenna came to the throne by the murder of the king, who trusted to his misfortune, the charming blonde and married her.

But Ravenna has not stopped. Few of the subjects knew that the Queen lived on earth for a very long time, and the beauty and youth supports at the expense of the lives of beautiful young virgins.

But not for long continue in power a treacherous Ravenna. Magic mirror insists that there will be a young girl who will surpass her beauty Queen and will be able to overthrow it. Ravenna did not realize that a girl will be her stepdaughter Snow white.

9. Angelique Bouchard, in "Dark shadows"2012

Oh, not easy to have someone who will face on your way with a woman, or rather witch like Angelique Bouchard. If she reciprocate, she will fill the beloved your love and passion to the brim.

But if you try to reject her, as did her ex-boyfriend Barnabas Collins, there is great risk of incurring misfortune or even a curse.

Angelica is so much hated Barnabas for refusing that killed his parents and his beloved, and the accident turned into a vampire to make his suffering never ended.

8. Madeline "mA-MA" Madrigal, "Dredd 3D" 2012

To operate a huge drug Empire, it requires remarkable strength. And if the Empire is still built on the wreckage of the world after a nuclear war, you need power, multiplied by 4.

Madeline Madrigal performed by the charming Lena heady takes responsibility for making a powerful drug Rapid. With his help, she will get in their hands all the power and can completely use it. To stand in her way will be able is that judge Dredd? But will he have the strength to resist such a malicious and dangerous opponent, as "mA-MA", as it styled?

7. Cersei Lannister, "Game of thrones" 2011-...

Cersei Lannister is the epitome of beauty, danger and threat anyone who tries to stand in her way. Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is not afraid to resort to any methods, if we are talking about its security or children.

But in the passion and heat love her, too, it is hard to deny, otherwise how to explain why her brother Jaime, even not agreeing with her actions, can't accept the idea that the Queen in the arms will hold somebody besides him? Cersei is very, very dangerous player, and it's better to understand before it will be the turn to face her on the battlefield.

6. Hammer girl of "the RAID 2" 2014

Hammer girl, or the girl with the hammers, she's Alicia, the person better not meet in a dark alley of an evening. If she was ordered to kill or maim the victim, then escape from it will be very difficult.

Only one appearance of Alinei able to plunge into the horror. Face scarred and heavily Poranny eyes hidden behind black glasses. Although Alicia and deaf, that doesn't stop her furiously and blood to deal with the enemies of his boss.

5. Amy Dunne, "Gone Girl" 2014

One of the most dangerous and superficially charming villains in this top. Her innocent and charming face no one is able to bring on suspicions about the nut job that ”sits” inside the girl.

Only husband nick, Amy is not able to hold around the finger, because he knows everything about her crimes. Vengeful girl not liking the cheating husband, but the idea of divorce, she doesn't want to consider.

So Amy develops a cunning plan, in which she will turn nick's life a living hell, that he not only repented of their deeds, but also crawled on his knees to beg her forgiveness.

4. Maleficent, "Maleficent" 2014

The story of forest fairies Maleficent was sad and depressing. She wasn't always cruel and vindictive. Trusting the wrong person and falling in love, the fairy lost fairy wings, and faith in people.

Embittered by treachery, Maleficent vowed revenge and force the new king to experience all the pain he caused her.

So the fairy proclaims himself as the forest Queen, and vows to kill the little Princess Aurora, born the king, with the help of a magical spindle. An unusual reinterpretation of the old tale of ”Sleeping beauty”, right?

3. Fiona Goode of "American horror story" 2011-...

What opinion can you make about the woman, about which even the powerful spirit of voodoo said that she has no soul? This is Fiona Goode, the current Supreme witch of the coven, which is located in New Orleans.

Fiona has a set of precisely those qualities which are necessary to establish the dictatorship and their own unconditional power. She is ready to kill, to maim, to get rid of those who think like her, encroaching on her territory.

Contact Fiona very dangerous, she is not only strong, but smart, and knows how to skillfully manipulate people. It is difficult to suspect it in the presence of tenderness or maternal instincts, even his own daughter Cordelia and Fiona are ready to sacrifice their goals.

2. Elizabeth, "American horror story" 2011-...

Another colorful and memorable character from the TV series ”American horror story” is the Countess Elizabeth vampire who rules the roost in the hotel Cortez.

Ruthless and sexually dangerous Countess easily manipulates people for their own purposes, she is not afraid of being caught or punished, she's a Queen with a Kingdom, filed which will do everything for her.

But Elizabeth has its weaknesses. They are at the bottom of her cold heart, which once took a beloved and dear to her.

1. Harley Kvinnor, "suicide Squad" in 2016

Crazy and silly Harley Quinn once worked in a psychiatric hospital Arkham. She dreamed of becoming superspectrum a psychiatrist who writes best sellers about the most insane criminals.

Who would have thought that familiarity with the Joker Harley will drive to another way of life. Because of him, she not only moved out of the chair in the doctor to the chamber of the patient, but also completely crazy.

Harley turned to an experienced and dedicated assistant of the Joker ready to forgive him for any shortcomings and errors. But the enemies of the beloved she is definitely not spare and do with them what you will order is a dangerous psychopath, the Joker.

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