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10 films that men secretly love


It is believed that all men are very harsh and do not like to watch certain movies.

However, some representatives of the stronger sex still partial to films that are considered to be more like women.

Men are ashamed, won't tell – but look at these "forbidden" films.

So, find out what is this mysterious film.

10. Pretty woman1990

Edward Lewis – financial tycoon, who once stopped near a beautiful woman, when he traveled through the city. The name of his new friend, Vivian, and she works as a prostitute.

In the morning, Edward realizes that it is not willing to part with this gorgeous woman. He invites her to stay for some time: naturally, for an additional fee.

The girl was in a world of lies, hypocrisy and Shine. But a new friend like Vivian, he ceased to be just for her client, and for his sake, she has to endure disrespect other people.

9. Sweet home Alabama2002

Melanie Carmichael, a fashion designer from new York, suddenly keen on the most popular bachelor of the town. However, it stores a large number of secrets of the past.

Melanie has a husband who does not want to divorce her: the woman married to him since middle school. To completely understand this obsolete marriage, she decides to return to Alabama. It turned out that the woman can leave the South but the South still always be a woman.

8. The notebook 2004

In the center of the plot – the relationship between a girl and boys from different social backgrounds. Allie and Noah spent the summer together, which was unforgettable. Then the lovers separated parents, and then the Second world war.

After these events, their lives became completely different. Noah restored the old house and stay there, indulging in memories, and his lover was going to marry a rich businessman. Learning about how to live Noah, Ellie decided to meet him and understand his feelings.

7. Fall in love with me if you dare 2003

This pair was harmonious, but very strange. They played a very unusual game invented themselves. It was called "dare - dare not".

When the main characters grew up, they suffered, caused each other pain, had fun but did not wanted to make concessions. They had no doubt that fate has awarded their one true love, but the game never left them for long.

The main characters have a special box, which is directly connected with this game. The question is who it will be next time.

6. Titanic 1997

Rose and Jack were young lovers who met while sailing on the Titanic. At that time everyone thought that the ship simply could not sink, but it collides with a huge iceberg and quickly goes to the bottom.

Death spared neither the poor nor the rich. The main characters have to fight for life and to validate their feelings of strength.

Jack loved Rose so much that he was willing to sacrifice for it my life. The girl remained faithful to this love and held Jack's hand until the very last minute.

5. Twilight 2008

Bella seventeen year old girl who moves to small town forks to live with her father. She drew attention to the unusual classmate and very quickly realizes that he has awakened in her a great love.

However, it turned out that this is not a simple guy, and a vampire: he has to hold back not to kill his beloved. This love is painful, beautiful and very romantic.

Bella dreams that Edward made her a vampire, but he did not want for her such a terrible fate. The situation is much aggravated by the confrontation between vampire clans.

4. Form water 2017

The plot is set in the early 60-ies, on the background of confrontation between the USA and the USSR. ELISA Esposito is a woman with a monotonous and boring life, which makes the fact that cleans in the science lab. They examine and catch the man-amphibian. The Indians in the Amazon have revered it as a deity.

Scientists cannot come into contact with this creature, besides he is very badly treated. A woman tries to save the man-amphibian, in the end, between them there are strong feelings.

3. Mean girls 2004

Parents Cady Heron work as a zoologists, and so she spent in Africa in his childhood. The girl was sure that the rule "survival of the fittest" she knows everything, but it turned out that to live in the city almost more difficult than in the wild.

When Cady was 15 years old, her family moved and she had to learn in a regular school. The situation is much complicated by the fact that the girl fell in love with my ex boyfriend Reggina George, the "Queen of the hive". Regina vindictive, vile and sharp language, and the relationship between the girls immediately become very difficult.

2. Ghost 1990

Molly and Sam – happy in love coming home in the evening. During this trip they are attacked by a robber. Trying to defend himself, the young man dies and becomes a Ghost.

After a while Sam discovers that he died not by chance, but his girlfriend is in mortal danger. Trying to warn his beloved, the Ghost begins to search for the best of the medium, and as a result of his searches were unsuccessful.

Sam found a woman who is truly able to communicate with the spirit world, but she absolutely doesn't want to help him and believes the Ghost is too annoying.

1. The Bridget Jones's Diary 2001

Bridget Jones is an ordinary woman, whose age is just over 30. She has no husband, but there are some very funny girlfriends with whom she likes to meet, drink and discuss villains-men.

Bridget the complex because of excess weight, a smoker, keep a journal and spends holidays in his parents ' home. They introduce the girl with a rich but dull mark Darcy, but she is in love with her "dangerous" and a great boss Daniel cleaver. All the important events in the life of Bridget writes in her diary, doing it in his inimitable style.

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