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10 great men that had very strange habits


It is amazing how each person is unique and can be interesting for its views on life, habits, quirks.

How little we know about the great people in the history of mankind – mostly feats, acts, and inventions recorded in manuscripts and printed texts.

And who really is interested in what the great scientist lived, what his Hobbies or life's problems by exactly how he was going to his dream.

Today we will get acquainted with remarkable inventors and talented people of several eras, these geniuses who had their strange quirks. This will allow extra time to make sure that we are all humans and each alien not to be a little strange, different from others, and sometimes and to shock society.

10. Victor Hugo

The greatest French writer and the writer created unique works that will be passed from generation to generation. This is a real classic and rich culture heritage of humanity.

And who would have thought that worked in the philosopher the fact that neither has the natural look in a negligee. Yes, that nudity was necessary for Hugo in order to avoid any temptation to go out and spend the whole day in idle in that scene.

He gave the order to the servants that they brought him the garments only on the condition that it was created the agreed number of pages of the work.

9. Stephen King

Writer shocked the minds of many of the most discerning readers – no wonder his creations are not tired to film and release new and new remakes. The imagination of this man surprised a children's fairy tale, horror, Comedy...

And did you know that beloved fiction of actually experiencing the dislike of adverbs as parts of speech. King believes that the grammar of the Russian language invented by people, deprived of mental abilities.

Even in the personal records he mentioned (jokingly or truthfully) that his personal road to Hell is paved with these adverbs. It's a pity the writer has not explained the successors, where such a morbid aversion to these parts of speech.

8. Jane Austen

The famous English writer, author of many famous works, liked to work in fruitful solitude. And if privacy is understandable, the desire to hide the manuscript from prying eyes requires some explanation.

Yes, Austin demanded to make the door to her chambers is always creaked, and she could hear someone coming. We can say that it was the first version of the alarm and the attempt to protect themselves from plagiarism. Or...a Writer motivated other strange motives, is not preserved for the curious public?

7. Nikola Tesla

A genius, a real genius – and how here to do without the quirks? They have the great scientist was enough.

First, the author of the unique inventions all their free time was devoted to science and projects, so deliberately renounced the female sex to the end of the day, having rested a virgin without family and children.

Second, before bedtime Tesla did massage palangov feet, believing that he directly stimulates brain cells.

Thirdly, the scientist did not want to spend valuable hours of life in sleep, so rested just a couple of hours a day.

The fourth peculiarity – the unwillingness to be in the company of people, preferring the company of feathered friends. Also, the scientist for some reason felt antipathy to full women, as well as jewelry.

6. Igor Stravinsky

Famous Russian musician created unique masterpieces, helped him in this specific workout.

Every morning, Igor was doing a headstand for 15 minutes, allowing the blood rushing to the brain and to intensify its work to improve productivity and concentration, enrich with nutrients and oxygen.

Good idea, healthy lifestyle will never regret it, because in a healthy body, healthy spirit.

5. Ludwig Van Beethoven

Speaking of brilliant composers, we can't forget to mention Beethoven, about the strangeness of which was rumored by many. It is known that for writing the masterpiece, the musician had to walk around the room, measured out her steps.

And in order to enhance brain activity, Beethoven (no, not standing on the head) overturned yourself a bucket of cool water. And then the real "cold" head came to the work, because the more the mind has not strayed stray thoughts, distracting from productive activities.

Also Beethoven is not hard to understand the meaning of shaving – too routine, distractions from creativity. The servants complained to the Creator that the house always reigned creative chaos. And to bring the composer had coffee strictly out of 64 grains.

4. Alexander Pushkin

The legendary Russian poet we know from many different perspectives, something true and something is a blatant lie. Rumor has it that while composing Pushkin liked to have a SIP of lemonade – who knows, maybe ascorbic acid helped so well to pick up the rhyme?

It is also known that Alexander was quite superstitious predictions, therefore, from the soothsayer knew in advance that it will die in a duel. That's why he was preparing for a heavy moment, holding the iron stick, which helped to train the hand. So Pushkin, according to rumors, wanted to avoid shivering in the limbs in destined, fateful moment.

3. Pythagoras

Great arithmetic and a brilliant philosopher was one of the first people to officially bring veganism to the masses.

I think scientist got the proteins from vegetable analogues, such as bean? Not at all, them he also can not stand, and followers are forbidden to eat the hateful fruits of the earth. Until now, the cause of the strange preferences are not known.

2. Leonardo da Vinci

About da Vinci there are many various rumors, and not all truthful. But we know the information that the Italian architect and artist was the rare type of people who fit polyphasic sleep.

Da Vinci during the day prefer to sleep in short intervals for greater concentration of mind and, as you can see, this method in his case load.

1. Charles Dickens

The famous English Creator showed pathological passion for his hair, nagasiva it every day over a hundred times.

During the work on the works of Dickens demanded from the servants interesting "rider" of those times: vase with flowers, gold leaf with a picture of a rabbit, a knife for cutting paper and that is also strange, a pair of frogs in bronze with swords. Agree, a truly unique set of creativity.

Here are some interesting features have been geniuses. Think maybe your funny habits that are a surprise to others, this is a hint at a possible genius?

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