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Top 10 false beliefs, which are very much harmful to the success


What is success? Every word perceives in his own way – someone is a paying job, beautiful things around and the opportunity to travel the world.

For some people success means to be happy, regardless of the circumstances. In society success mean rather the goals achieved, but often the hard road under my feet in the way of achieving the desired vystelim we ourselves – the prejudices and misconceptions.

The mental parasites that limit our development, we need to fight. Negative beliefs do not allow us to move forward – find out whether you have these beliefs, and if so, they should get rid of as soon as possible.

10. I'm not worthy

This belief is the opposite of arrogant, "I deserve only the best." Both wrong – we can't be worthy of something or not, if we have something to gain in this life, it will be with us.

But this negative affirmation is holding back from any action conducive to success. For example, you draw great, but hide their talent, because I think that is not worthy to get a job in reputable company.

What will come of this? And what a good place that might take you is anyone else who draws not as good as you. Agree, this is unfair.

9. I have to meet someone else's expectations

If your parents decide for you who you will become – it is only their business. You have the right to make choices and take responsibility for your life. It is possible that you will be what parents wanted, and you will even like what you do, but wouldn't you always be that feeling that you went the wrong way?

If you are afraid to disappoint loved ones – just don't give them hope. When you no one is waiting and does not know about your true goals easier to achieve.

8. And so it goes

If you think that you've done your job or competent in any questions you think. If you will be doing the swinging, and the result will be the same.

Imagine the situation – you have entered into a relationship with a man, but do not communicate with him, don't care and don't pay attention, thinking that relationships are somehow ourselves develop. What will come of this? At least people will not feel love, but if you don't like him, then why engage in a relationship?

If you want to get a good result, always worth to invest – no matter in relationship or in work. And only in this case the result will please you.

7. Blame my problems fate

When a person believes that his troubles are to blame other people or fate – that means he's not responsible for his life and doesn't manage it. This infantile condition leads to crash is as a stop to control your sail and go with the flow... Surely you would agree that that's not the most pleasant.

There are problems in everyone's life – just one solves them and moves on, and the other accuses the whole world, not wanting to do anything. No wonder, looking around, this person is not satisfied with his life, because he is not decided what will happen with him in it

6. I must love

When a person wants to please everyone, then it ceases to listen to yourself. He chooses what to say, what to wear and how to act just regard for the opinion of the majority. Such people usually don't feel fully happy because they made decisions based on what others like.

When man loses the love of the people around him and their approval, it feels lonely – but it is this sense creates something new and brings a person closer to the truth.

5. I can't be wrong

"I must be adequate, competent, and successful person" – at first glance, it is a good affirmation, but when a person has difficulties or he made a mistake, then it start to occur a negative change.

People can't process his mistake, not trying to understand it, and hides away. This can lead to unpleasant consequences – error will accumulate and affect any area of life, and each of them should understand and always try to allow.

4. Nothing is impossible

If you watched the movie "the Secret", 2006, then, most likely, was inspired by the words of the film: "nothing is impossible. This phrase prevents the success, as people begin to spend their time on visualization, and day-dreams.

Where you are now and what you have knowledge and ability – this is what determines your success. Everyone can become successful, but in the case where he is making some attempts – tries, "failed" and starts over...

3. Bad

It is very difficult to find the pros when you think everything is bad, but they always have. Successful people from unsuccessful is characterized in that an unpleasant life situation, not knocked him out of the rut and did not become an obstacle to achieving the desired.

On the contrary, a wise man, seeing that everything goes as he wants, think about what he needs to do to change the situation, and repeats, omits "All bad."

2. I am what others think of me

When we were little, it is still available, because behaving in accordance with his nature. But when you get older, go to school, we start to believe others when they tell us about us.

For example: "Olga, you're spending too much time on the street", and girl Ola will begin to believe that her desire to walk in the yard with friends – bad. Growing up, the girl would be more to sit behind the books, to hear the approval of their parents and to show that it is not so a lot of walking. What is bad? The fact that Oli is stuck in the subconscious the idea that she has the negative side – walk, throwing things, and these things define us. But what others think about us is not the real us.

1. People don't change

This belief does not evolve. The fact that people don't change is a very controversial issue. All the people are very different – one constantly changes under the influence of external events, and the other is not going to change and something big that came into his life.

Of course, with some terms we remain his entire life – they are placed in us with the genes, childhood and upbringing, but life is motion, so in man all the time changing. If any man says to you, "I'll change, give me a chance" – try to do it, risk – it boldly.

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