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10 best movies with Rachel McAdams


Rachel McAdams successful Hollywood actress, performing the most diverse roles. She gives good images bitchy and selfish girls, soft and dreamy persons, and fatal beauties.

And let early in his career, this babe with a charming smile played pretty mediocre Comedy films, with time, proving that it has more dramatic talent, she participated in the films by such recognized masters of cinema and how guy Ritchie and Woody Allen.

Now 40-year-old Rachel is a role model for so many women, and her fans are eagerly waiting for the next Prime Minister involving favorite actress.

We present the 10 best movies with Rachel McAdams.

10. Night games 2018

Max and Annie met through his passion for intellectual games. Now they are married, but continue to regularly gather with buddies and spend the evening for these games.

Most often, these gatherings took place at home, max and Annie, but recently emerged on the horizon of max's brother, Brooks, offers the following session to hold him, because he recently acquired a mansion in an upscale neighborhood, and he is also willing to offer all the participants to play not a trivial charades or Scrabble, and into something really fun.

On that day, the players gather at Brooks. The host of the party tells everyone that this game guests will long remember. The thing is that in the current hour of one of those present was kidnapped, and the rest of the guests will have to find him before it will kill you. The winner of the Brooks prize promises expensive your new car

9. Midnight in Paris 2011

This story is about a young couple of Americans, who flew to Paris to get their portion of positive emotions. Gil and Inez fall in the real world of unfulfilled dreams where all their dreams to acquire quite real.

Gil, who loves everything to do with 20 years on the streets of the night city suddenly meets all those whom he idolized. If it gets to the time, a world in which freely walked the streets Picasso or Hemingway.

8. Hello family! 2005

The family Stone is a rare example of a soul connection and understanding And when favorite son Everett stone brings home a bride, Meredith, and all the noble family decides to show that they are against such things.

The lovers then turn to the sister of Everett Julie, but only adds fuel to the fire. The situation is not easy not hearing brother is gay Ted, despite the fact that he was the only one in this family has a positive attitude towards Meredith

7. Good morning 2010

Young and full of energy Becky Fuller is engaged in the production of the news program. Unexpected dismissal becomes the cause of a succession of troubles and problems. The spoon of tar in a difficult situation and adds not existing personal life Becky, that very much has the self-assertive and proud proud women.

After some time Becky finds another job, also related to the TV. It's a morning show, which to put it mildly not a great success among the public and in need of serious change. Becky activates their talents and creative thinking to make this boring TV show on a leading position in the media

6. The vow 2012

During the honeymoon, Paige and Leo get in a car accident. While the woman was in a coma, Leo was always there for her. But when his beloved wife wakes up, Leo realizes that his beloved no one and did not remember about their romance. Now newly minted spouse will have to re-conquer the heart of Paige

5. Wife of the time traveler's 2008

This painting is about the Chicago librarian Henry and his wife Claire, the artist who has been creating sculptures out of paper. They met when she was only six and he was thirty — six. Their wedding took place when she was twenty-three and he thirty-one

When 20-year-old Clare meets 28-year-old Henry at the Newberry library, he never before her was not familiar, although she knew him almost my whole life.

4. Lefty 2015

Professional boxer Billy known as the Grand lives in new York. For the fourth year in a row he becomes the holder of the title of champion in his weight class. He reached the Olympus of fame and gained worldwide recognition.

The life of a guy who spent his childhood in the orphanage, managed he built a wonderful career, and beside him a beautiful loving wife Maureen.

What more could you want? But it so happened that the battle for the title defense ended boxer eye injury and he succumbed to the entreaties of his wife, decides to leave his athletic career.

Being present as a guest at a charity event, he publicly talks about his retirement from the sport. Fight with another boxer Miguel Escobar ends the fight in which the brother of Miguel Hector accidentally kills his beloved wife of Billy and hiding from the crime scene..

3. Night flight 2005

Two strangers to each other people. A chance encounter at the airport. Nascent sympathy...But this meeting proved fatal. Today flight 1019 to arrive in time, but, quite possibly, without one passenger. Lisa was always afraid of planes, but the fear of height is nothing compared to what she would have to endure on Board the air ship.

Her charming neighbor is a cold-blooded criminal who is going to use his new friend to the famous murder of a businessman. He threatens to kill her father, she's on a plane and she had nowhere to go

2. The notebook 2004

This is a poignant love story of boys and girls from different social strata. Noah and Allie met at the amusement Park, then spent two unforgettable summers. But, but the rich girl's parents didn't want their son-in-law was the guy from a simple family, and later began the Second world war and Noah went to serve.

Years later, fate once again make them meet. But how strong their feelings still or young people will once again listen to the voice of reason, drowning out the call of the heart

1. Sherlock Holmes 2009

The most famous in the history of detective Sherlock Holmes, together with his faithful companion Watson come into confrontation that requires a remarkable physical and intellectual training, because their enemy is a threat not only for them but for the whole of London.

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