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10 star moms who pay child support


Many people think that the international judicial system is corrupt and unfair. Admittedly, it is, and besides, she is more focused on protecting the female, and what are the ill-minded woman.

But abroad, the court may do very unexpected for the public, for example by awarding the payment of elementow the mother, not the father.

And besides, we can talk about the famous personalities who theoretically could draw connections and acquaintances, as well as a lot of money to turn things in their favor.

Nevertheless, Hollywood and other celebrities often appeared in court after a divorce, where the child handed the children to her husband, and mothers were prescribed the maintenance to the fullest extent of the law.

We present you 10 star mothers, who are forced to pay child support for their children.

10. Jane Seymour

The story of popular actress rather contradictory. Spouse Jane oligarch Flynn threw one wife with 2 children, but thanks to connections managed to achieve 2.5 million compensation, and another top-10 thousand dollars on the contents.

No, not the contents of the common children, and on his personal. At that time, the actress changed for the worse – she was diagnosed with a serious illness, which even led to a coma, but she was able to overcome it.

Over time, Seymour decided for the fourth time in her life marriage, however, and he collapsed. But the former spouse did not qualify for any payments, and the conscience contains actress.

9. Morena, Baccarin

Attractive actress of "Deadpool" is now quite happily married to Ben McKenzie.

But her first marriage has not worked – in 2011, she signed with Director Chick, and after 2 years the son was born.

3 years later, the pair fled, while at the time of the official breakup, Morena managed to give birth to daughter Mackenzie.

This fact is Austin chick and used in court, resulting in the received joint custody of son and alimony for its content. The reason for the divorce from his side was the truthful – cheating wife.

Now, Baccarin pays the ex-spouse for 20 thousand per month, which allows him to feel confident even without work.

8. Scarlett Johansson

Blonde with plump lips in full use of his appearance and had Affairs with Hollywood's eligible bachelor: Hartnett, Summer, etc.

Married in the end, the actress married Ryan Reynolds, also an actor. In 2010 their marriage ended in divorce after just 2 years of life.

After 4 years, she has overcome the trauma and decided to marriage with Doriana – from this marriage was born a daughter. Unfortunately, not long ago, the couple fled, and the former husband argues that the busy actress is absolutely not finding time for her daughter.

So in court, he demanded sole custody of their daughter and child support for its content. Lawsuits are still ongoing, and the end is uncertain.

7. Melanie Brown

The soloist of the Spice Girls Mel b also managed to quarrel with her husband Bellafonte because old as the hills – he raised a hand to her.

As a result, the court banned the ex-spouse to get closer to Melanie, but, interestingly, ordered the singer to pay him a monthly allowance in the amount of 40 thousand dollars.

You see, to live poor Steve was nowhere and nothing to eat, but he's willing to pay attention to their child.

I wonder what Melanie did a great career, now its fees are not so great, but still has debts to tax authorities.

6. Anne Heche

In the past, the famous Hollywood actress was married to a work colleague – the operator Laffoon. The family lasted 6 years, after which over a noisy divorce.

General son of the couple with the ancient Greek name for Homer on the order of the court, left to live with his father. Ex-husband had spread about Ann pretty vile information, with the result that she almost lost the right to see my son.

Also, the authorities Heche ordered to pay child support for training and medical care of the child in the amount of 15 thousand dollars.

Over time the actress has won in court, "discount" now the content is 3700 dollars, after that unfortunate period, she also lost their jobs.

5. Jennifer Lopez

With all of the tabloids we see information that J. Lo approximate a single mother. But why she has to pay second ex-husband dancer Judd alimony, if they don't even have children together.

Awkward marriage even a year did not last – an ambitious dancer couldn't handle the popularity of the famous wife, and later have decided to cash in on her fabulous fees.

But Lopez did not give up without a fight, so after a one-time payment of "penalty" in the amount of 18 million former dumps, and have signed all necessary contracts to disclose information about personal life of stars.

4. Gwen Stefani

Bright pop-singer Gwen went with her husband for a long time and anxious. Gavin Rossdale also wanted to cash in on former glory, so claimed 50% of her fees.

And the alimony on the maintenance was announced sickly – 50 thousand dollars! But confident Stephanie went on about the quirky hubby, especially since divorced him because of his regular infidelity, in which even children were.

Lawyers of the singer quickly explained to Rossdale, that with such queries it is also an opportunity to see the children lose, so I had to put out their ambitions.

3. Kim Basinger

The beautiful and popular old blonde is from a famous actor Baldwin's daughter Ireland, but despite the divorce, successful Alec did not require any alimony and "waste".

This can not be said about the first of the former Kim, the makeup of Britton, who tried to destroy the spouse. The reason for the divorce of the pair was a pathological jealousy of the faithful.

The court, unfortunately, went on about the man and awarded him monthly maintenance from Actresses in the amount of 12 thousand dollars, as well as the opportunity to demand from it payment for the mortgage.

With such income after the divorce, Britton quit the job, and even decided to write an autobiographical book.

2. Halle Berry

A talented actress and a great mother was officially married to a Aubrey model, but the relationship had a daughter.

At parting, the man took advantage of this and sued berry child support in the amount of 16 thousand on a monthly basis. The daughter of Nala doesn't live with him constantly.

Tuition daughter Holly also pays on their own and careless daddy so be it lays on health insurance.

His work Aubrey dropped, as there is an opportunity "to ride on the back of the former" until Nala turned 19 years old.

1. Britney Spears

Went wrong marriage and cute girl Britney, who managed to get married very early for the dancer Federline.

A young guy took advantage of her popularity, nastrogal children, and then hung out at parties, forgetting about work.

Britney could not stand this lifestyle and filed for divorce, which was followed by litigation.

During the period of abuse singer alcohol and drug Federline managed to seize custody of the common children, the one-time waste of $ 1 million, and also 20 thousand child support monthly.

The quirky guy took to write a book that is in detail described life with a famous singer, earning more and it.

Here such unpleasant moments waiting for successful women. Not all men have stood the pious success, wanting to "pinch off" a solid piece of "cake" of their fees.

Unfortunately, the issue of child custody often was just a cover.

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