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10 anime series, similar to the "Wolf and black Prince", 2014-...


Eric claims that he is in a romantic relationship, and shows classmates a picture of his boyfriend.

One thing: this young man is not her lover. Erica just used her photo of an unknown boy.

It turned out that it's very popular in school, personality, and deceit threatens to reveal. The girl urges SATA kyoya, the guy, play a loving couple, but the young man is not nice. He decides to blackmail her.

This article presents 10 anime similar to the animated series "Wolf girl and black Prince".

10. Hey, chick!2011

Women in the family, Sakamoto was very severe. Kinjiro, the only son to my mother and sister were wrestling dummy and a punching bag.

From this life to the age of 17 he was wiry, tough and very strong. However, Kinjiro there was a big problem: if it was touched by women, there is a shock reaction, began nose bleeding.

Other seniors did not approve of the behavior of the guy who avoids girls. Some considered him weak, others quite traditional.

9. To get through to you 2009-2011

Schoolgirl Sawaki kuronuma is a very soft, sweet and kind girl. She never wanted anything bad to people.

However, the peers do not trust Sawako, because it looks very much like the girl Ghost from the ring. About it even began to compose various ominous stories.

One day she meets a popular school guy, and classmates begin to perceive it differently.

8. Host club Ouran high school 2006-...

A person's life can be very hard to change, if he will break the expensive vase. That's what happened with Haruhi, a poor girl.

Because she was a good student and was very diligent and had the opportunity to attend an elite school.

Families of all students who attend this school are very rich, and for Haruhi such a society is quite unusual.

She believes classmates disorderly, noisy and fussy. To retire and enjoy the peace, Haruhi hiding in the music room.

7. The monster sitting beside me 2012-...

You Mizutani absolutely not interested in social interaction with peers only care about her grades in school.

However, the nature of the girl changes when she meets a troublemaker Haru Aside. Shizuku helps a guy to keep up with other students.

The girl is cool, calm, and her new friend, naive and simple. He immediately begins to consider their friends, which greatly discourages You.

After some time the friendship progresses, and the girl realizes that begins to feel a guy totally unfamiliar to her emotions.

6. It was us 2006

"It was us" anime about the exciting adventures related with the first romantic feelings.

Becoming a high school girl, Nanami Takahashi even had no idea that soon her life will change very much.

Along with it is learning popular Motoharu Yano, who has a very attractive appearance and like almost all the girls in school.

However, Nanami indifferent to it, and she doesn't understand that there are others. Soon the situation begins to change. This works the girl magic charm Motoharu?

5. Moving complex 2007

Iusi, Otani and Koizumi. Rice walk to school together, like the same drinks, they like the same singer. Even kidding, they are practically the same.

Friends of the children no doubt that this couple is perfect, but there is one discrepancy. Rice above the other by as much as 14 inches!

If young people are to forget about a significant difference in the growth and feel free to enjoy the company of each other?

4. Toradora! 2008-2009

Ryūji Takasu discovers that in the new academic year will take classes together with kousidou Miori, his lover, and yūsaku Kitamura, his best friend.

Minori is friends with Taiga Aisaka, which many consider the most dangerous girl in school. At the first meeting with her main character defeated.

Aisaka is friendly and quite rude in responding to any comments of others. Ryūji finds out that this bully has a tender feelings for his friend, and she Taiga finds out that guy is in love with her friend.

They decide to join forces to achieve the objects of his love, and very much closer together. Their classmates are surprised and start to put various rumors.

3. Don't give up! 2008-2009

Kyoko Mogami is always very much liked the fairy tale about Cinderella. The girl strongly believes that we need to be like Cinderella, a lot of work, hope for the best and then fate will give the wedding with the Prince, balls and fabulous outfits.

A contender for the role of the Prince is already there: it is CE Fuwa, a former classmate of the protagonist. He went to the capital to become a star. The girl goes with the Prince.

While Se is trying to achieve their goals, Kyoko works two jobs to provide for them and also do cleaning and cooking.

Soon she realizes that it's not really like a fairytale, and the Prince sees her only as a submissive maid.

2. Mischievous kiss 2008

Kotoko Aihara in love with one of the most popular guys in school. To get attention and love Naoki Irie, the girl tries to get in his classes that teach only the best, but significant progress is seeking.

Desperate, poor woman writes to the beloved a message of recognition, but he is not a very nice person and makes her laugh.

After that, the girl thinks that the worst of her life will be gone, but there are problems in the family, and she has to move to a friend of his father.

1. The President of the student Council – maid! 2010-...

Saka – male private school, from the antics of students which shuddered all around.

To pacify the bullies at this school were allowed to study the girls, but it didn't help.

Misaki of Ayuzawa, intelligent and diligent student, an excellent student and athlete, I decided to take the events under control.

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