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10 popular sites that burned


The recent fire in the Cathedral of Notre Dame was a real tragedy not only for the French in General and residents in particular and for the world.

This monument of culture and architecture is as much a landmark as the Eiffel tower or the Louvre.

Unfortunately, this case far not the only one when the fire completely or partially destroyed monuments of history.

10. The Palace Of São Cristóvão

Palace in Rio de Janeiro, built in the late classicism style, was founded in 1803, and belonged to the Portuguese merchant Elias Antonio Lopes.

When 5 years later the Royal court of Portugal moved to Brazil, he gave the estate to them as a gift, who fell in love and Royal personages long remained there until 1822. Then Brazil gained independence, the Palace became the residence of the local rulers.

September 2, 2018 in San Crisovan, which had already for many years was the National Museum, there was a fire that destroyed almost the entire collection (there were about 20 million exhibits on different cultures) and the building itself.

9. "Shelter eleven"

The hotel on mount Elbrus was built in 1929 and was originally a large cabin for approximately 40 people.

Later, after modernization and completion, it is the comfort level could be compared with a first-class hotel.

Located at an altitude of over 4 km above sea level, she was 60 years old "highest" in the USSR and one of the highest in Europe.

During the war it was occupied by the Germans, perched on the top of the mountain the Nazi flag, and after the second world war it became a Museum and a place where climbers ascended to the top of the mountain.

By 1998, the building was virtually abandoned and derelict, and visited him only the rare tourist groups. Presumably, it was their fault (violation of fire safety rules) suffered a fire completely destroyed the building, which was never recovered.

8. National Museum of natural history (new Delhi)

The construction of the Museum began in 1972 and was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of India's independence. The ceremonial opening took place 6 years later, and since then this place has become one of the most popular among tourists in the Indian capital.

Unfortunately, the Museum did not last long: 26 April 2016 there was a fire, which in theory was supposed to neutralize the internal fire suppression system, but it was faulty.

7. Plasko (shopping complex)

The building height of 17 floors, located in the Iranian capital city of Tehran. Built in the early 60-ies of the last century, it some time was the tallest in the country.

It was located in residential and commercial property, and on the first floor was a large shopping center, which was visited by all tourists.

The fire started on 19 January 2017 at the 9th floor, when the building is occupied. Fortunately, there were only 8 in the morning, so people were relatively few, but dispersed the flames that led to the collapse, you still took a human life. So, during the fighting killed 16 firefighters.

6. Ekateringofsky Palace

The Italian architect Domenico Trezzini, was founded in 1711 by Peter the great, belonged to the Imperial family.

With original exterior and interior, it is very little used, so the decline started coming already in 1779.

Second life was presented to him in 1825, opened a Museum of the era of Peter I (by the way, the first in Russia Museum-Palace), but the Palace did not last long: already in 1848 he began to gradually take out the exhibits.

The first fire happened in 1923 and was not catastrophic, but then the fire was returned twice: in 1925 and 1926. After the last of the fire remains of the Palace were dismantled for firewood.

5. The Library Of Celsus

The oldest architectural monument in our list, built in 135 year. In the library building, according to various estimates, was kept about 12,000 scrolls, making it the second largest in antiquity: it was second only to the library of Alexandria.

In the middle of the III century in territory of modern Turkey, where he was building that clashes with the Goths, during their next RAID was on fire.

Despite the fact that the facade is intact, everything inside was completely destroyed, was thereby destroyed a unique record.

Completely remodeled landmark only in the 70-ies of the last century, making it a pretty popular place.

4. Glass Palace (Munich)

The Palace, made of glass and cast iron was built in 1854 on the site of the Old Botanic garden, and for the sample taken Crystal Palace in the English capital.

During a fire that occurred on June 6, 1931, the facility was completely destroyed, but some of the exhibits were rescued.

However, about 3,000 objects of art were destroyed, and thousands more suffered serious damage.

It is noteworthy that the Crystal Palace in London, which served as the basis for the Munich, also burned out after 5 years.

3. Cypress Senator

Florida Park Longwood grew a huge cypress tree, named in honor of Overstreet, a state Senator. The tree had a height of 38 m and a diameter of 5.5 m, and due to the age of 3 500 years was one of the 5 oldest on the planet.

A living relic was annually visited by thousands of tourists until 16 January 2012 a local resident lit a fire, which burnt it to the ground in a few hours.

At the moment on the site of cypress-shaped plaque, and the Park staff are working on growing a new tree, which has already received the symbolic name of Phoenix.

2. Namdaemun

The monument was built in 1398 and has been one of the national heritage of the Republic of Korea.

The oldest building in Seoul, gates has experienced a lot of troubles, including the Korean war 50 years, but even then they escaped with only injuries.

To destroy them it could only fire on the night of February 11, 2008, when a wooden structure was set on fire by a local resident, angry at the government.

1. Notre Dame de Paris

Let us finish where we started, namely Notre Dame Cathedral, the fire which occurred on 15 April 2019.

Fortunately, well-coordinated work of firefighters managed to save the building from complete destruction, but the damage is still considerable, due to the fire collapsed the spire and part of the roof.

Now there is a campaign to raise funds for the restoration of wishing to help is more than enough: for instance, a businessman and the husband of actress Salma Hayek has agreed to donate from his Fund of 100 million euros.

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